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Ask yourselves why bureaucrats pretending to be business managers for NWO front operations are pushing hard to have ARM-based personal computers be the only nice & legal (*cough*) green (*cough*) consumer option (here’s an e-hint: such underpowered devices would inspire the more gullible consumers out there to cry that they neeeeeed an expansion of The […]

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Be sure to ridicule all who fall for standard savior grifts

It’s not like other avatars haven’t for more than an Earth decade been advising or e-advising (to e-paraphrase) “Abandon internet” (note the source … and cool your jets because the so-called ecosystem of a separate & distinct global network would take years to reach anywhere near the levels of functionality to which consumers have become […]

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 704 of WWIII

If you want to know what DaaS (Desktop as a Service) is, ask Admiral Ackbar

Those behind The Cloud’s thin-client swindle are attacking the e-summit — and with every e-step they take web-surfing consumers find their online avatars e-falling deeper into an e-chasm of third-party dominance (note the preposterous marketing assertion that cloud-based computing is more secure than localized computing … and recall the ultimate e-man in the e-middle swindle). […]

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An email to the doctor asks “what” the doctor e-thinks “of the new iPhones”

The doctor e-thinks that they will be released in reduced numbers to enable sellout hype (recall that so-called smartphones along with server infrastructure marketed as The Cloud represent multi-billion-dollar dovetail gambles for corporatist syndicates and as such feature complementary campaigns of FOMO programming for gullible consumers — everything from bass-ackward “mobile first” web design to […]

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<sardonicism>That’s a positive development</sardonicism>

<sardonicism>You can totally trust vendors pitching The Cloud</sardonicism> (recall that companies whose management takes large & risky capital expenditure gambles will always try to make it seem like any consumers who don’t get on board will fall hopelessly behind their own competitors — so be less gullible).

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[CHN] Filthy, filthy socialism (all your data are belong to Benefactor edition)

Truth be e-told, only naive consumers would be customers of the company nicknamed Applebyte or store anything sensitive on The So-Called Cloud — this post is more of a disclosure regarding standard bureaucratic market usurpation, the filthyfilthysocialists (recall that no meatspace avatar or group of individual meatspace avatars could ever possess the requisite authority to […]

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An email to the doctor asks “what” the doctor’s “meatspace avatar friends” are going to do now that “Alfresco got sold off to a venture capital firm”

They decided as business managers to turn the organization’s back on the product for internal consideration while maintaining the IT chops to act as knowledgeable implementation/customization consultants for any client which might choose Alfresco as part of their own vendor supply chain (recall that The Cloud represents both a retooling of the NWO’s thin-client swindle […]

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Since the heyday of the BBS era, the thin-client computing swindle has always been about tricking newbies into a false impression that they would benefit from inexpensive dumb-style terminals the use of which requires subscription-style payments to external parties for any non-trivial processing & data storage

Corporatists with political connections want nothing more than they want gullible consumers to mistake standard server functionality for something which makes the corporatists seem like they are in control of all computer networking: The [so-called] Cloud (recall that long con against consumers known as subscription pricing for non-periodicals — picture as an example the dearth […]

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 582 of WWIII