[CHN] Filthy, filthy socialism (all your data are belong to Benefactor edition)

Truth be e-told, only naive consumers would be customers of the company nicknamed Applebyte or store anything sensitive on The So-Called Cloud — this post is more of a disclosure regarding standard bureaucratic market usurpation, the filthyfilthysocialists (recall that no meatspace avatar or group of individual meatspace avatars could ever possess the requisite authority to […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 627 of WWIII

An email to the doctor asks “what” the doctor’s “meatspace avatar friends” are going to do now that “Alfresco got sold off to a venture capital firm”

They decided as business managers to turn the organization’s back on the product for internal consideration while maintaining the IT chops to act as knowledgeable implementation/customization consultants for any client which might choose Alfresco as part of their own vendor supply chain (recall that The Cloud represents both a retooling of the NWO’s thin-client swindle […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 582 of WWIII

Since the heyday of the BBS era, the thin-client computing swindle has always been about tricking newbies into a false impression that they would benefit from inexpensive dumb-style terminals the use of which requires subscription-style payments to external parties for any non-trivial processing & data storage

Corporatists with political connections want nothing more than they want gullible consumers to mistake standard server functionality for something which makes the corporatists seem like they are in control of all computer networking: The [so-called] Cloud (recall that long con against consumers known as subscription pricing for non-periodicals — picture as an example the dearth […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 582 of WWIII

Here’s another left unsaid moment (two in actuality)

Left unsaid: The Cloud is a retooling of the NWO’s thin-client scam, and the term “content services” describes the exact same program/process as “content management” (the imaginary difference being part & parcel to the marketing efforts behind the NWO’s thin-client scam known as The Cloud). https://www.cmswire.com/information-management/why-enterprise-content-management-is-giving-way-to-content-services

The doctor posted this entry on Day 571 of WWIII

This is for all the PGP/GPG users out there

Around a decade or so ago, the doctor’s closest meatspace avatar acquaintances adopted a best practice of using no encryption at all for email, which encourages them to think twice before sending sensitive information over the internet (note that the doctor e-rushed this post to the top of the drafts because timeliness … and recall […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 554 of WWIII

Here’s another reason to distrust outsourced data storage/processing and The Cloud

In this particular example, the vendor involved isn’t committing any direct tort against consumers — but among computer users newbies outnumber veterans to a large and dangerous extent, which happens to be exactly what corporatists who have gone all in on The Cloud are anticipating (as proof of that large and dangerous extent: try counting […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 553 of WWIII

The doctor’s closest meatspace avatar acquaintances just informed the doctor that they are rethinking their consumer loyalty toward the vendor named Alfresco

Time will tell, but it looks like the conspiratorial grift known as The Cloud is about to compromise yet another CE (Community Edition) product and thereby leave artists (which include entrepreneurs) with few alternatives to the deliberate NWO trap that is outsourced data storage/processing (recall that bureaucrats pretending to be qualified business managers tend to […]

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Sure, although the doctor’s closest meatspace avatar acquaintance said similar things upon the e-emergence of PayPal

BBS-style user credits are never going to become much of anything useful — but NWO operatives will try to force them upon designated serfs as a kind of Jekyll Island 2.0 (recall that the term cryptocurrency represents a NWO mind control talisman designed to lull the gullible into a false sense of encryption-can-too-make-unsound-currencies-more-sound financial security […]

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