Stooges agree: “It’s your so-old-as-to-be-new-again normal, serf!”

<sardonicism>Seriously, what all y’all are gonna accomplish within the multigenerational home of the future will be just as glorious as what medieval serfs accomplished — which (*cough*) proves (*cough*) that (*cough*) free markets (*cough*) have been screwing over meatspace avatars for several centuries</sardonicism> (recall that the reason why poverty & homelessness have been worsening in […]

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 539 of WWIII

<sardonicism>It’s not at all that inflationary socialist fraud is about to decimate averagejoeandjosephine’s standard of living</sardonicism>

<sardonicism>It’s a conscientious lifestyle choice</sardonicism> (note the source … and recall similar NWO coverups of lower living standards such as — to e-paraphrase — “Tiny Houses are totes cool!” and “Riding bicycles everywhere is super Progressive!” … and recall as well that inflation’s definition is a veiled tax against consumers by way of an increase […]

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 524 of WWIII

“Economy of Less” is, of course, a euphemism for lower living standards (as those participating in the interview at the other end of this post’s external link acknowledge)

Meanwhile, NWO operatives have been priming the gullible with Delphi Technique inversion propaganda about how their cashless future of riding bicycles everywhere and bathing once per week and eating no meat and buying local and living in Tiny Houses isn’t indicative of lower living standards but rather reflects the wisdom of their conscientious lifestyle choices. […]

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This might be a praiseworthy innovation

If it’s not a way to get designated serfs accustomed to lower living standards, and if it’s not likely to cause environmental problems in the 22nd Century or beyond, the doctor is all for it (note that this is an example of repurposing rather than recycling — the former being a potential source of sell-it-direct-to-construction-companies […]

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Here’s what the “track record” will be for so-called Tiny Houses

As with similar NWO swindles, the tactical goal is to have the designated serfs of two or three generations hence become adapted & acclimated to their new normal of lower living standards (all likewise tactical goals aiming toward this strategic goal: Continuity Of FeudalismFAKE-TM).

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<sardonicism>Well, okay — but only if We build them Tiny Beehive Houses so they won’t leave such a large techno-footprint</sardonicism>

Make no mistake: this is the transhumanism equivalent of responding to allegations that patented drugs are causing more harm than good with “No problem, there’s a newly-patented drug you can buy for those side-effects” (note the source and recall that IP stands for Imaginary Property).

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File this under Right On Schedule

Along with the so-called legalization of marijuana (recall that no meatspace avatar could ever possess the necessary authority to pronounce anything as being either legal or illegal), the NWO is ready to spoon-feed designated serfs their SOMA & circuses — even as it tricks them into accepting Tiny Houses and bicycle commutes and thrift store […]

Straight from the And If You Believe That One files: “World facing biggest mass extinction since dinosaurs — with two thirds of animals wiped out in 50 years” (left unsaid as part of the obvious scaremongering canard: “… so all y’all had better get on your knees to thank Benefactor for your new normal of Tiny Houses and riding bicycles everywhere and subsistence farming and bathing no more than once per week”)

NWO operatives are becoming more desperate by the minute to cover up their centuries of socialist fraud … and that spells impending genocide — “spell” as in Mystery Religion pretense of I-did-nothing-wrong (note as well the source).