Swedish Castro says …

… “That forty year old everything is good enough for the likes of you — but don’t worry, We are going to increase the plunder elsewhere in order to trick you into a false impression that promises of tax breaks represent bureaucratic magnanimity” (related: the moronism of allowing the NWO to trick oneself into a […]

<sardonicism>See, Millennials, it’s not deliberately impoverishing socialist policies that are forcing you to live with older generations of your family — it’s a cool new trend imported from parts of the world where they’ve been doing so for centuries … because of socialism-caused impoverishment</sardonicism>

<sardonicism>In a similar fashion, you’re all beyond hipster stylish for embracing things like Tiny Houses and trade protectionism and bicycle commutes and water restrictions and cashless commerce.</sardonicism> http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/south-asian-grandparents-eight-times-more-likely-to-live-with-grandchildren

The doctor half e-expects some Bush or something to throw up a “Mission Accomplished” sign

This does, after all, reflect the desired NWO outcome: Millennial New NormalFAKE-TM (they’ve already bought into related grifts — like parroting the line that riding bicycles everywhere and shopping at thrift stores and flushing two or three times after each trip to the bathroom and air-drying everything from clothes to dishes to hair each represents […]

The doctor overheard this while eavesdropping on an official NWO Continuity Of FeudalismFAKE-TM meeting: “Make ’em think that they’ll be murdering the planet unless they volunteer for a minimized standard of living”

Feudalism never went away, of course, so here’s a hardly exhaustive glimpse at how the NWO’s one-world upgrade is unfolding: energy-rationing trial baloons disguised as scary storm effects, closed-off water valves called drought, agendas that aren’t what they seem which trick Useful Idiots into volunteering to spend life bicycling everywhere and sleeping in a Tiny […]

Intel tries to trick consumers into a false impression that its Skylake Spylake CPU exists to do them favors

The doctor overhears a plethora of such grifter-speak from the NWO: “You waaaaaaaaant your computer chip to listen in at all times and you waaaaaaaaant to ride bicycles everywhere and you waaaaaaaaant more government regulations and you waaaaaaaaant price fixing and you waaaaaaaaant to live in a Tiny House and so on” (the doctor’s standard […]


The doctor has also been warning readers about such problems of deliberate and conspiratorial fraud, including insults to human intelligence such as Tiny Houses and cashless faux-commerce (it goes almost without saying that socialized medicine is never anything other than a bureaucratic rationing disaster — yet desirable nonetheless for NWO agendas of culling & enslavement). […]

Left unsaid: homeownership has zero to do with economic health

Picture those people who choose to rent an apartment so they can pour more of their income into something else (e.g. an entrepreneurial venture), and then clue in to the fact that the whole “you simply must desire to become a homeowner or else others will call you a failure” swindle is designed to keep […]

As Greece Falls, Will Those With Gardens Survive?

Another headline that screams “f*ck you” to Betteridge’s so-called Law … and also, those with gardens will survive, obviously, at a rate consistent with others in society — although any claim that a green thumb is necessary for surviving Agenda 21 is straight-up NWO propaganda along the lines of bike lanes and Tiny Houses and […]