Q: Do you corporatist?

A: Even if you do, you’re an amateur compared with this fu*king parasite (related: walking tautologies known as politician scum destroying local economies for purposes of specious crowing about the advantages of bringing one big corporatist parasite to town). https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2018/01/07/how-jeff-bezos-wp-became-us-military-industrial-complex-chief-propagandist.html

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Speaking of special deals

Central planning guarantees that vote-buying politicians, hoping to market their (to e-paraphrase) “We welcome these certified (*cough*) business leaders (*cough*)” platform to a bunch of voters, will rig things so that those with political connections get the sweetest backroom deal — <sardonicism>all at the low-low cost of several dozen small businesses in the area</sardonicism> (recall […]

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Trudeaudeux the eco-corporatist wants to trick designated serfs into a false impression that he’s from government and he’s there to help himself to some naive voter loyalty

Recall that a key NWO swindle enabling its inflationary long con it to trick as many gullible meatspace avatars as possible into a false impression that (*cough*) awful (*cough*) markets cause prices to rise and that workers must therefore rely on inherently immoral political activism for purposes of begging bureaucracy to (*cough*) help (*cough*) keep […]

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[Pickyourenslavementpoison] Filthy, filthy socialism (bidding for corporatist reelection funds edition)

Make no mistake: whichever bureaucracy (*cough*) wins (*cough*) will be faced with devising new excuses for the multiple bankruptcies that will follow in the wake of such plunder-based redistribution — even as the plundering fraudsters try to market themselves toward voting Useful Idiots as successful planner big shots (recall that voting is an act of […]

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[CAN] Filthy, filthy socialism (We love political opportunism edition)

That’s just the plunderous start … wait until government, possibly of the municipal variety of pretend authority, appropriates a choice location for its new corporatist crony and then starts crying that it needs to increase plunder to provide all the (*cough*) benevolent (*cough*) services for those entrepreneurs & employees who find themselves SOL (Sh*t Outta […]

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