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Topic: does the dawning of the Age of Aquarius signify a natural transcendence beyond NWO programming?

According to technocrats, mobile learning is about cultivating self-awareness, leadership, creative problem-solving skills and acceptable citizenship behavior. In the washout from all the mea culpas which have dominated recent educational technology articles purporting to analyze how nascent mobile learning has been implemented across different organizations, the technocrats now appear to be claiming that citizen indoctrination strategies should involve more than the simple delivery of content to intended subjects.

While early examples of mobile learning focused on delivering small bits of content designed to help people perform a variety of everyday job tasks — thereby making people more efficient on the job and eliminating some of the cost associated with formal learning — many instructional designers now consider their responsibilities to include acting as so-called Change Agents. Delivering relevant content isn’t enough anymore, not in the era of behaviorism. Apparently, mobile learning needs to help mold the ideal self-aware-citizen-of-the-world, to manufacture the Age of Aquarius and its consequent Tavistock Institute New Age memes about unity, harmony, love and the new, spiritual mankind.

The concept of time periods known as “ages” is found in astronomy, one of the Seven Liberal Arts of antiquity. An age is approximately 2150 years, the time it takes for the sun to move through one sign of the zodiac. Ages proceed through the signs of the zodiac in reverse order (or retrograde) of how we consider the zodiac signs in a calendar year. According to various scholars who spend their time looking up, Earth is now in the transition period from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The concept of cosmological ages is significant to NWO luciferians qua sun worshippers, and in true luciferian style, they have been announcing their most serious messages about the “dawning” through mass programming mantras that masquerade as entertainment.

Hair musical poster
“This is the setting of the Age of Pisces” just doesn’t have the same ring to it

Does anyone consider it a coincidence that the theater’s address adds up to 9-11, or that the phone number reduces to 9? In any case, the Age of Pisces has as its symbol two fish, and has featured as its dominant theme the allegory of Jesus being sacrificed as “the Lamb of God” to end the previous Age of Aries. As a “fisher of men,” the Jesus character came forth in stories offered as teachings for men (likely any non-Roman) who wanted to mark the beginning of the Age of Pisces with hope and change. Mankind would need to be in tune, so to speak, with the emergent age once the only age they had ever known (Aries) came to an end. Other important themes associated with the Age of Pisces, besides the stories of Jesus, have been science, technology, power, faith, and divinity — and it is those themes that the NWO, in its various guises, has been propagandizing above any considerations of allegorical and other grammarian interpretations of the universe.

The Age of Pisces saw the rise of organized religious ritual, universities with their scholar-guilds, and Monistic-Newtonian invention. In language and learning, the ongoing tension between the three arts of the Classical Trivium — grammar, dialectics, and rhetoric — experienced a deliberate elevation of dialectical exegesis over any grammarian equivalent. Dialecticians, with their emphasis on logic and structure, came to dominate universities … and as a consequence robbed people of grammarian scholarship — the ability to interpret and describe the world around them through metaphor, analoy and allegory. As linguist and scholar of modern media Marshall McLuhan noted:

“For a while the historians repeated the views of fifteenth and sixteenth century humanists that during the Middle Ages nobody read the classics. When it became obvious that, on the contrary, the classics had been widely read in the Middle Ages, then historians said that they were read but not loved or understood.”

Grammarians in antiquity interpreted scripture as allegory, not as historical interpretations of actual events. Those who understood grammar could offer another exegesis of scripture that was just as accurate as a dialectical interpretation — often more so. Most modern cosmogonists, though, want people to read scripture as a literal historical analysis of a couple called Joe and Mary and their son. Dorothy Sayers understood the consequences of being deprived of grammar and our ability to understand the esoteric lessons from classical texts.

The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), created to help implement the luciferian Tavistock Institute’s strategy for enslaving people in a socialistic future, detailed within a propaganda piece called Changing Images of Man its desire to control Age of Aquarius society. Released as a research publication in 1974, and published as a book in 1982 (becoming as well as the basis for Marilyn Ferguson’s popular book Aquarian Conspiracy), the propaanda declared that themes and images of man associated with the Age of Pisces were not only outdated, but also harmful to humanity. Self-styled illuminati, acting on behalf of no one but themselves, commissioned Change Agent agencies to create new images that would represent the shift in society for the coming Age of Aquarius. Get a taste of the blather from the following excerpt:

“As society moves toward achievement of the goals inherent in the image, the congruence increases between the image and the development of man and society: the promise of the image is explored, needs are satisfied. Then, as with paradigms and myths, there may come a period in which the evolution of the society goes beyond the adequacies of the image. Policies based on the dominant image then become consequently faulty, even counterproductive, precipitating a period of frustration, cultural disruption, or social crisis and the stage is set for basic changes in either the image of man or the organization of society.”

First, Change Agents create “cultural disruptions” and “social crises” — traumatic events (e.g. the JFK & RFK assassinations) alternating with collective celebrations (e.g. myths of men landing on the moon), all staged against fabricated backdrops of cultural phenomena (e.g. counterculture movements) which are designed to provoke shock and outrage. Then they blame the ensuing upheaval on the psychological side effects, so called, of entering a new astrological age. And their solution? Leave behind the outdated images and their corollaries such as advanced technologies, higher standards of living and improved health (the Age of Pisces king is dead), replacing them with new images of spiritual man meditating his problems away and escaping into pharmacological bliss, as Aldous Huxley envisioned in Brave New World (the Age of Pisces king is dead … long live the Age of Aquarius king). According to the Change Agents of We ProgrammingFAKE-TM within Changing Images of Man, the slightest failure to accept the new indoctrination can lead only to societal breakdown:

“Science, technology, and economics have made possible really significant strides toward achieving such basic human goals as physical safety and security, material comfort, and better health. … many of these successes have brought with them problems of being “too successful” — problems that themselves seem insoluble within the set of societal value premises that led to their emergence. Improved health, for example, has caused population increases which exacerbate problems of social organization, food distribution, and resource depletion. Our highly developed system of technology leads to a higher vulnerability to breakdowns. Indeed, the range and inter-connected impact of societal problems that are now emerging pose a serious threat to our civilization.”

How’s that for trying to convince pepole that pink has turned to blue? Make no mistake, though. The malevolent sorcery of Changing Images of Man and its fantastical eugenicist night emissions are nothing new. The Age of Aquarius parade (aka the New Age movement) is just a continuation of socialist fraud, covered with a glittery “original” paint job. It’s socialism and eugenics wrapped in peace signs and butterflies.

New age literature is littered with evidence of the NWO’s ultimate goal: enslavement of those outside the NWO. The Age of Pisces, apparently, brought overpopulation and greed, problems which need to be “fixed” with Aquarian-style population control measures (e.g. poisonous vaccinations, forced birth control) and wealth redistribution (say goodbye to commodity-backed currency and hello to fiat scrip inflated to the goddess moon). Terms like “collective unconscious,” “community-based,” “interconnectedness” and “group dynamics” privilege the imagined group over actual individuals — and there is only one way to force individuals to imagine the existence of a greater collective. The whole is, of course, no greater than the sum of its parts, but according to self-styled gurus there is a “we” that has a “collective responsibility” to “save Mother Earth.” We, ahem, paved paradise to put up a parking lot. Right?

Not that anyone should worry, though. Those changing faces promised nothing but rainbow smiles and a dove of peaceful relations within Gaia reborn. Recall that posters for the mass psy-op called Woodstock called it “an Aquarian Exposition”.

Woodstock poster
All you need is love to give peace a chance to imagine the world can live as one

Suddenly, attending a weekend concert in a poorly organized, overcrowded farmer’s field with unsanitary conditions became the litmus test for the newly-programmed counterculture generation.

Woodstock poster
No food or toilets … but sheets and sheets of free CIA-distributed Orange Sunshine!

Since its creation in the early 1900s, the Tavistock Institute has played a large role in promoting socialism with a New Age veneer. As a social science research institute funded by the British monarchy through its myriad of NWO front organizations, the institutue’s primary goal has been to manipulate society from within to accept socialism — to create environments and situations by which people learn, through brainwashing and reprogramming, to willingly accept their enslavement.

Woodstock poster
Hermes Trismegistus is summoning you to a Human Be-In (don’t forget your flowers and feathers)

Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud who became known as the “father” of public relations, was — along with Walter Lippmann — associated closest with the Tavistock Institute’s work in America. They were responsible for introducing Tavistock’s method of polling as a make-believe test of actionable public desire. Such polls were never designed, however, to measure public opinion, but rather to fabricate public opinion. Refined later into mind control tactics like the Delphi Technique, more and more subjects of PR operations started becoming convinced that whatever the NWO happened to want them to do or refrain from doing was exactly what they were hoping for in the first place. Soon enough, those same subjects started believing that the NWO programming to which they were being subjected was an indication of their ability to transcend NWO programming … and the trap door slammed shut. Welcome to Bluepillville.

One of the Tavistock Institute’s early programs aimed to convince the British and American public that it was in the best interest of their countrymen to die in what would come to be known as World War I. Prior to the trigger PR stunt known as the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, people on both sides of the Atlantic pond believed that conflicts affecting Hungary and the Balkans didn’t require their input, and they possessed little animosity toward either “side” of the manufactured struggle. Tavistock programming helped change that attitude, by way of littering newspapers that were oh-so-conveniently in the pocket of the NWO with cartoon images disparaging Kaiser Wilhelm (referring to him as a brute and a butcher of Baghdad).

But, hey, why have just one World War when there are so many numbers that follow? As one of the earliest modern media propaganda spectacles, Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” radio show aired on CBS in 1938, featuring performances so realistic (or at least so never-before-encountered) it scared some listeners toward believing that there was an actual alien invasion taking place.

Woodstock poster
“The Martians are coming!”

From there it became a small matter to convince Americans a few years later that the Japanese had launched a super-secret surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Welles created his radio show of infamy as part of the Princeton Radio Research Project, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to investigate the effects of mass media on society. The results of such research projects (25% of “War of the Worlds” listeners became convinced that it was real) were used to shape propaganda strategies for World War II.

Tavistock researchers who were associated with the Frankfurt School underwrote and oversaw The Princeton Radio Research Project. They were responsible for spreading Cultural Marxism to university campuses, propaganda and tactics that included methods for mass programming and brainwashing. They played a significant role in programming Baby Boomers by way of long con tactics known future shocks: staged events and phenomena designed to shock, disgust, scare, and entice. In the years following World War II, such events jammed a deliberate wedge between generations, and another wedge between genders. All those wedgies fomented a phony generation gap and gender gap, which spawned a devilishly unitarian counterculture movement just in time for the rise of convenient musicals and aquarian festivals.

Theodore Adorno, who worked on the Princeton Radio Research Project, specialized in the use of music and rhythm for mass programming. Adorno’s music and lyrics brainwashed a significant demographic when a bunch of long-haired youth from the UK became tools for a music and cultural revolution called the British Invasion. By the mid sixties, millions of kids were in awe of a sophisticated programming psy-op. Parents, not exactly unprogrammed themselves, were repulsed. For the Tavistock would-be philosopher kings … mission accomplished.

Sgt. Peppers album cover
Aleister Crowley hanging out with the Beatles

The academic field of Educational Technology emerged around the same time, in the late 1960s, when the Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxists seemed to command the dirty tricks heights for programming a generation of Baby Boomers to become Change Agents for the New Age. Educational Technology has its roots in the National Training Labs, a “behavioral psychology center” which Cultural Marxist Kurt Lewin established in 1947 to carry out research in group-level training. Subtle mind control was to be both method and outcome for a carefully-trained generation of official educators and influencers — complete with herding techniques for obtaining artificial group consensus, such as T-Groups & the Delphi Technique (also known as bullying people into accepting the desired opinion), that are still in use today.

Many of the first generation of Age of Aquarius Change Agents migrated to the Esalen Institute in California, where notable names from the NWO-commissioned pseudo professions of Sociology and Educational Technology gave lectures to the bespelled:

  • B.F. Skinner
  • Carl Rogers
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Margaret Mead
  • Gregory Bateson
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Julian Huxley

Skinner, for his part, focused his research on how to train humans to perform like lab rats. The wonders of behaviorism, through operant conditioning, asserted that men and women could be programmed to respond to certain cues or stimuli, automatically and consistently, with little to no input required from the conscious mind. Independent analysis and critical thinking, mere relics of the Age of Pisces, were to have no place in the Age of Aquarius.

Socialist programming continues to permeate almost all literature from Educational Technologists. Here’s how the talking points go: soon people will learn only online (no more teachers to get between the State agenda and the kids). Somehow cyberspace will “democratize” education by making it available any place, any time (how that makes a democracy is anyone’s guess). Public schools will distribute laptops and mobile devices and will produce batallions of tech-savvy kids ready for whatever future employment the school-to-work programs running on those devices decide is best for the future of caste-based society.

In reality, online learning as it is promoted by those Tavistock-trained so-called Educational Technology experts is a Trojan Horse. The NWO’s ideal for online learning means that kids will be plugged into State-sponsored programming for anywhere up to a “learn while you dream” 24 hours out of each day. Does anyone care to say “matrix?” Computers will remove parents and teachers from the learning process because adults will no longer educate their offspring. It’ll take a village to not raise a child, because somewhere among the background noise of standard autocratic surveillance the State’s learning management software will log into its database every keystroke, every page, every blink of the eye … and that’s a PROMIS.