An email to the doctor asks “what” the doctor is going to do “about GPDR [aka (*cough*) Right (*cough*) To Be Forgotten] regulations in the EU” (recall that there are no such things as rights but rather there are meatspace avatars living lives with occasional obligations to remind others that they have no right to interfere in anyone’s life — it is only through the so-called convenience of the NWO’s bureaucrats-are-here-to-help marketing sleaze that designated serfs enable those bureaucrats to seize more & more control over everything)

The doctor is not, of course, going to e-do anything different, although it’s looking more & more likely that the doctor’s closest meatspace avatar acquaintances will be forced (recall that socialism can exist only through force) to e-evict Doctissimus @ Port Urla from the domain (bottom line: a relevant article’s assertion that “GDPR will strengthen the position of well-regarded news organizations within the online advertising ecosystem” implies that corporatists/mercantilists are running a standard NWO grift designed to preclude upstart competition at the expense of those consumers naive enough to pretend that bureaucrats are offering convenient-to-self-esteem help for them to dismiss the individual boycott-anyone-pretending-to-have-a-right-to-gather-and-sell-personal-information responsibilities which comprise self respect).

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 525 of WWIII