An email to the doctor, citing this post, interjects that “the bell curve implies government involvement in society”

Sure, that was deliberate for purposes of e-demonstrating the moral decay which coincides with seeking nice & legal guarantees for oneself at the expense of the rest of society, so go ahead and take a look below at a similar bell curve associated with a more civilized society, complete with the standard within-quotation-marks “sweet spot” depicting those who have skills which allow them to do things they consider to be more rewarding than proverbial basket weaving (i.e. jay-oh-bees plotted out on the left-hand side of the curve), yet either have insufficient talent or insufficient desire to engage their creativity to a point where they could strive to be one of the few at the right-hand side of the curve — as illustrated, the majority of meatspace avatars engage themselves with some or other productive hybrid of nine-to-five and artistic process, where that process could include anything from entrepreneurship to singing in the shower to cooking for the family to you-name-it (note that the graph doesn’t depict any kind of remuneration scale but rather it quasi-quantifies the distribution of productive processes whether they be more artistic or more artisanal … and recall this Frederic Bastiat quote: “The State is that great fiction by which everyone strives to live at the expense of everyone else.”).

Artistic bell curve

The doctor posted this entry on Day 627 of WWIII