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Another email e-arrived, this one asking The Intern about Ray Dalio’s call for reforming what he pretends is capitalism

The Dalios of the world would not have nearly so much artificial wealth advantage without political connections to all the bureaucratic intervention hampering market-based exchange. “We rich people need to pay more taxes” is a ruse designed to trick the gullible into a false impression that widening wealth gaps have corresponded with increasing market freedom (when meanwhile the exact opposite of that is always the case). If suckers fall for the dishonest rhetoric and demand more bureaucratic intervention, they will become poorer for the sake of more artificially-acquired wealth for Ray Dalio.

You didn’t think that such people are actually self-sacrificing, did you? Even their ostentatious acts of charity are mere exercises in moral relativism, whereby those who are unethical pretend that doing something good with their ill-gotten gains negates all the ill (i.e. all the socialism) that went into getting the artificial part of those gains.

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 888 of WWIII

Another email e-arrived, this one mentioning the video about the Joe Program Experience and asking whether The Intern watched the series on The Royal Society

After e-receiving this email, The Intern started e-watching that particular series — but had to e-stop in disgust when the hosts steered their third installment toward the NWO-programmed dialectic whereby mercantilism gets rhetorically inverted into capitalism (which is nothing more than the freedom to trade with any willing participant amid markets that are unhampered by any bureaucratic pretense of authority — the exact opposite of mercantilism) as a way to keep everyone on both ignorant sides of the consequential false dichotomy insisting that bureaucrats are necessary to help protect them from the so-called other side’s incessant cadging for bureaucratic favor.

Bottom line: anyone who tells you that they know Logos is committing rhetorical fraud, because Logos is Truth is The Word and none of them is anything that humans will ever know. Indeed, such charlatans are peddling Divine Right, which just so happens to be the meta-dialectic that encapsulates supporting dialectics like so-called right versus left politics — history demonstrates that whenever designated serfs get hip to Rule of Secular Law fraud, Mystery Religion stooges will start to program them with Rule of Natural Law fraud. You can recognize those kinds of gatekeepers by their ambiguity fallacies and “That person is a troll who hasn’t studied the grammar that I claim can be taken at face value” attacks.

None of that is to say, however, that The Royal Society has ever had any credibility let alone epistemological authority. Recall that the doctor was fond of e-ridiculing that particular dog & pony show and the self-proclaimed New Atlanteans who pretend thereby to be something special in the world.

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 878 of WWIII

Another email e-arrived, this one asking The Intern to define socialism

Socialism’s definition is bureaucrats and politicians doing any conceivable thing which they deem to be official. From bassinet to boardroom, from 0.001% to 99.999%, if someone is receiving so-called help from something that society considers to be government, socialism is happening.

Infer away that The Intern considers minarchists to be cheering for just-a-little-bit socialism, and remember that no person or group could ever possess the authority to create even one binding law (those who claim otherwise are committing rhetorical fraud).

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As the emails start e-trickling back in to Doctissimus @ Port Urla, one reader asks what The Intern thinks of the person whom the doctor called “The Snwoden” (note the rearranged letters within the nickname)

The doctor was on the money, so to speak. Think of it this way: if you are trying to defraud billions of people, and you figure you might be able to pull it off within twenty years if you can minimize exposure, it is in your best interest to set up and promote a stooge to work in tandem with you as the definitive whistleblower through whom you will allow small fragments of information to escape — none of it in a timely enough manner to jeopardize your agenda — and thereby keep the masses complacent about the existence of a savior who is doing more than any of them could ever do to blow that proverbial lid.

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