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** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: does the dawning of the Age of Aquarius signify a natural transcendence beyond NWO programming?

According to technocrats, mobile learning is about cultivating self-awareness, leadership, creative problem-solving skills and acceptable citizenship behavior. In the washout from all the mea culpas which have dominated recent educational technology articles purporting to analyze how nascent mobile learning has been implemented across different organizations, the technocrats now appear to be claiming that citizen indoctrination strategies should involve more than the simple delivery of content to intended subjects.

While early examples of mobile learning focused on delivering small bits of content designed to help people perform a variety of everyday job tasks — thereby making people more efficient on the job and eliminating some of the cost associated with formal learning — many instructional designers now consider their responsibilities to include acting as so-called Change Agents. Delivering relevant content isn’t enough anymore, not in the era of behaviorism. Apparently, mobile learning needs to help mold the ideal self-aware-citizen-of-the-world, to manufacture the Age of Aquarius and its consequent Tavistock Institute New Age memes about unity, harmony, love and the new, spiritual mankind.

The concept of time periods known as “ages” is found in astronomy, one of the Seven Liberal Arts of antiquity. An age is approximately 2150 years, the time it takes for the sun to move through one sign of the zodiac. Ages proceed through the signs of the zodiac in reverse order (or retrograde) of how we consider the zodiac signs in a calendar year. According to various scholars who spend their time looking up, Earth is now in the transition period from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The concept of cosmological ages is significant to NWO luciferians qua sun worshippers, and in true luciferian style, they have been announcing their most serious messages about the “dawning” through mass programming mantras that masquerade as entertainment.

Hair musical poster
“This is the setting of the Age of Pisces” just doesn’t have the same ring to it

Does anyone consider it a coincidence that the theater’s address adds up to 9-11, or that the phone number reduces to 9? In any case, the Age of Pisces has as its symbol two fish, and has featured as its dominant theme the allegory of Jesus being sacrificed as “the Lamb of God” to end the previous Age of Aries. As a “fisher of men,” the Jesus character came forth in stories offered as teachings for men (likely any non-Roman) who wanted to mark the beginning of the Age of Pisces with hope and change. Mankind would need to be in tune, so to speak, with the emergent age once the only age they had ever known (Aries) came to an end. Other important themes associated with the Age of Pisces, besides the stories of Jesus, have been science, technology, power, faith, and divinity — and it is those themes that the NWO, in its various guises, has been propagandizing above any considerations of allegorical and other grammarian interpretations of the universe.

The Age of Pisces saw the rise of organized religious ritual, universities with their scholar-guilds, and Monistic-Newtonian invention. In language and learning, the ongoing tension between the three arts of the Classical Trivium — grammar, dialectics, and rhetoric — experienced a deliberate elevation of dialectical exegesis over any grammarian equivalent. Dialecticians, with their emphasis on logic and structure, came to dominate universities … and as a consequence robbed people of grammarian scholarship — the ability to interpret and describe the world around them through metaphor, analoy and allegory. As linguist and scholar of modern media Marshall McLuhan noted:

“For a while the historians repeated the views of fifteenth and sixteenth century humanists that during the Middle Ages nobody read the classics. When it became obvious that, on the contrary, the classics had been widely read in the Middle Ages, then historians said that they were read but not loved or understood.”

Grammarians in antiquity interpreted scripture as allegory, not as historical interpretations of actual events. Those who understood grammar could offer another exegesis of scripture that was just as accurate as a dialectical interpretation — often more so. Most modern cosmogonists, though, want people to read scripture as a literal historical analysis of a couple called Joe and Mary and their son. Dorothy Sayers understood the consequences of being deprived of grammar and our ability to understand the esoteric lessons from classical texts.

The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), created to help implement the luciferian Tavistock Institute’s strategy for enslaving people in a socialistic future, detailed within a propaganda piece called Changing Images of Man its desire to control Age of Aquarius society. Released as a research publication in 1974, and published as a book in 1982 (becoming as well as the basis for Marilyn Ferguson’s popular book Aquarian Conspiracy), the propaanda declared that themes and images of man associated with the Age of Pisces were not only outdated, but also harmful to humanity. Self-styled illuminati, acting on behalf of no one but themselves, commissioned Change Agent agencies to create new images that would represent the shift in society for the coming Age of Aquarius. Get a taste of the blather from the following excerpt:

“As society moves toward achievement of the goals inherent in the image, the congruence increases between the image and the development of man and society: the promise of the image is explored, needs are satisfied. Then, as with paradigms and myths, there may come a period in which the evolution of the society goes beyond the adequacies of the image. Policies based on the dominant image then become consequently faulty, even counterproductive, precipitating a period of frustration, cultural disruption, or social crisis and the stage is set for basic changes in either the image of man or the organization of society.”

First, Change Agents create “cultural disruptions” and “social crises” — traumatic events (e.g. the JFK & RFK assassinations) alternating with collective celebrations (e.g. myths of men landing on the moon), all staged against fabricated backdrops of cultural phenomena (e.g. counterculture movements) which are designed to provoke shock and outrage. Then they blame the ensuing upheaval on the psychological side effects, so called, of entering a new astrological age. And their solution? Leave behind the outdated images and their corollaries such as advanced technologies, higher standards of living and improved health (the Age of Pisces king is dead), replacing them with new images of spiritual man meditating his problems away and escaping into pharmacological bliss, as Aldous Huxley envisioned in Brave New World (the Age of Pisces king is dead … long live the Age of Aquarius king). According to the Change Agents of We ProgrammingFAKE-TM within Changing Images of Man, the slightest failure to accept the new indoctrination can lead only to societal breakdown:

“Science, technology, and economics have made possible really significant strides toward achieving such basic human goals as physical safety and security, material comfort, and better health. … many of these successes have brought with them problems of being “too successful” — problems that themselves seem insoluble within the set of societal value premises that led to their emergence. Improved health, for example, has caused population increases which exacerbate problems of social organization, food distribution, and resource depletion. Our highly developed system of technology leads to a higher vulnerability to breakdowns. Indeed, the range and inter-connected impact of societal problems that are now emerging pose a serious threat to our civilization.”

How’s that for trying to convince pepole that pink has turned to blue? Make no mistake, though. The malevolent sorcery of Changing Images of Man and its fantastical eugenicist night emissions are nothing new. The Age of Aquarius parade (aka the New Age movement) is just a continuation of socialist fraud, covered with a glittery “original” paint job. It’s socialism and eugenics wrapped in peace signs and butterflies.

New age literature is littered with evidence of the NWO’s ultimate goal: enslavement of those outside the NWO. The Age of Pisces, apparently, brought overpopulation and greed, problems which need to be “fixed” with Aquarian-style population control measures (e.g. poisonous vaccinations, forced birth control) and wealth redistribution (say goodbye to commodity-backed currency and hello to fiat scrip inflated to the goddess moon). Terms like “collective unconscious,” “community-based,” “interconnectedness” and “group dynamics” privilege the imagined group over actual individuals — and there is only one way to force individuals to imagine the existence of a greater collective. The whole is, of course, no greater than the sum of its parts, but according to self-styled gurus there is a “we” that has a “collective responsibility” to “save Mother Earth.” We, ahem, paved paradise to put up a parking lot. Right?

Not that anyone should worry, though. Those changing faces promised nothing but rainbow smiles and a dove of peaceful relations within Gaia reborn. Recall that posters for the mass psy-op called Woodstock called it “an Aquarian Exposition”.

Woodstock poster
All you need is love to give peace a chance to imagine the world can live as one

Suddenly, attending a weekend concert in a poorly organized, overcrowded farmer’s field with unsanitary conditions became the litmus test for the newly-programmed counterculture generation.

Woodstock poster
No food or toilets … but sheets and sheets of free CIA-distributed Orange Sunshine!

Since its creation in the early 1900s, the Tavistock Institute has played a large role in promoting socialism with a New Age veneer. As a social science research institute funded by the British monarchy through its myriad of NWO front organizations, the institutue’s primary goal has been to manipulate society from within to accept socialism — to create environments and situations by which people learn, through brainwashing and reprogramming, to willingly accept their enslavement.

Woodstock poster
Hermes Trismegistus is summoning you to a Human Be-In (don’t forget your flowers and feathers)

Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud who became known as the “father” of public relations, was — along with Walter Lippmann — associated closest with the Tavistock Institute’s work in America. They were responsible for introducing Tavistock’s method of polling as a make-believe test of actionable public desire. Such polls were never designed, however, to measure public opinion, but rather to fabricate public opinion. Refined later into mind control tactics like the Delphi Technique, more and more subjects of PR operations started becoming convinced that whatever the NWO happened to want them to do or refrain from doing was exactly what they were hoping for in the first place. Soon enough, those same subjects started believing that the NWO programming to which they were being subjected was an indication of their ability to transcend NWO programming … and the trap door slammed shut. Welcome to Bluepillville.

One of the Tavistock Institute’s early programs aimed to convince the British and American public that it was in the best interest of their countrymen to die in what would come to be known as World War I. Prior to the trigger PR stunt known as the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, people on both sides of the Atlantic pond believed that conflicts affecting Hungary and the Balkans didn’t require their input, and they possessed little animosity toward either “side” of the manufactured struggle. Tavistock programming helped change that attitude, by way of littering newspapers that were oh-so-conveniently in the pocket of the NWO with cartoon images disparaging Kaiser Wilhelm (referring to him as a brute and a butcher of Baghdad).

But, hey, why have just one World War when there are so many numbers that follow? As one of the earliest modern media propaganda spectacles, Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” radio show aired on CBS in 1938, featuring performances so realistic (or at least so never-before-encountered) it scared some listeners toward believing that there was an actual alien invasion taking place.

Woodstock poster
“The Martians are coming!”

From there it became a small matter to convince Americans a few years later that the Japanese had launched a super-secret surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Welles created his radio show of infamy as part of the Princeton Radio Research Project, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to investigate the effects of mass media on society. The results of such research projects (25% of “War of the Worlds” listeners became convinced that it was real) were used to shape propaganda strategies for World War II.

Tavistock researchers who were associated with the Frankfurt School underwrote and oversaw The Princeton Radio Research Project. They were responsible for spreading Cultural Marxism to university campuses, propaganda and tactics that included methods for mass programming and brainwashing. They played a significant role in programming Baby Boomers by way of long con tactics known future shocks: staged events and phenomena designed to shock, disgust, scare, and entice. In the years following World War II, such events jammed a deliberate wedge between generations, and another wedge between genders. All those wedgies fomented a phony generation gap and gender gap, which spawned a devilishly unitarian counterculture movement just in time for the rise of convenient musicals and aquarian festivals.

Theodore Adorno, who worked on the Princeton Radio Research Project, specialized in the use of music and rhythm for mass programming. Adorno’s music and lyrics brainwashed a significant demographic when a bunch of long-haired youth from the UK became tools for a music and cultural revolution called the British Invasion. By the mid sixties, millions of kids were in awe of a sophisticated programming psy-op. Parents, not exactly unprogrammed themselves, were repulsed. For the Tavistock would-be philosopher kings … mission accomplished.

Sgt. Peppers album cover
Aleister Crowley hanging out with the Beatles

The academic field of Educational Technology emerged around the same time, in the late 1960s, when the Frankfurt School’s Cultural Marxists seemed to command the dirty tricks heights for programming a generation of Baby Boomers to become Change Agents for the New Age. Educational Technology has its roots in the National Training Labs, a “behavioral psychology center” which Cultural Marxist Kurt Lewin established in 1947 to carry out research in group-level training. Subtle mind control was to be both method and outcome for a carefully-trained generation of official educators and influencers — complete with herding techniques for obtaining artificial group consensus, such as T-Groups & the Delphi Technique (also known as bullying people into accepting the desired opinion), that are still in use today.

Many of the first generation of Age of Aquarius Change Agents migrated to the Esalen Institute in California, where notable names from the NWO-commissioned pseudo professions of Sociology and Educational Technology gave lectures to the bespelled:

  • B.F. Skinner
  • Carl Rogers
  • Abraham Maslow
  • Margaret Mead
  • Gregory Bateson
  • Aldous Huxley
  • Julian Huxley

Skinner, for his part, focused his research on how to train humans to perform like lab rats. The wonders of behaviorism, through operant conditioning, asserted that men and women could be programmed to respond to certain cues or stimuli, automatically and consistently, with little to no input required from the conscious mind. Independent analysis and critical thinking, mere relics of the Age of Pisces, were to have no place in the Age of Aquarius.

Socialist programming continues to permeate almost all literature from Educational Technologists. Here’s how the talking points go: soon people will learn only online (no more teachers to get between the State agenda and the kids). Somehow cyberspace will “democratize” education by making it available any place, any time (how that makes a democracy is anyone’s guess). Public schools will distribute laptops and mobile devices and will produce batallions of tech-savvy kids ready for whatever future employment the school-to-work programs running on those devices decide is best for the future of caste-based society.

In reality, online learning as it is promoted by those Tavistock-trained so-called Educational Technology experts is a Trojan Horse. The NWO’s ideal for online learning means that kids will be plugged into State-sponsored programming for anywhere up to a “learn while you dream” 24 hours out of each day. Does anyone care to say “matrix?” Computers will remove parents and teachers from the learning process because adults will no longer educate their offspring. It’ll take a village to not raise a child, because somewhere among the background noise of standard autocratic surveillance the State’s learning management software will log into its database every keystroke, every page, every blink of the eye … and that’s a PROMIS.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: was The Dirty JewFAKE-TM once again responsible, or ever responsible at all?

The MO has been similar throughout history: use a majority of your contemporaries as a collectivized scapegoat for your criminal agenda, then call people crazy if they don’t believe stories about “them is fightin’ words” backlashes against the scapegoats-turned-victims. Support the troops and all that.

For dozens of centuries, variations on a common script have been useful to those wishing to maintain artificial power while providing a theatrical production that appears to demonstrate how “revolution” can succeed — if only ever in a messy way. Whether based on fantastical notions of civil strife or mass culls remembered as international conflict (and agreed upon beforehand by both so-called sides of such artificial conflict), the bad guys and the victims always amount to scripted roles filled by naive amateur actors who almost never comprehend that they are filling such scripted roles.

Wounded German

“Call them kaiser, call them kraut, never have a single doubt.”

Nothing, of course, is that cut & dry. Those krauts, as the “democratic alliance” called them, were just people who for the most part had no idea what they were getting into when they answered the NWO’s proxy-call of programmed bellicosity. The same holds true for so-called inhuman “enemies” from other wars, as demonstrated among the following abbreviated list of invectives:

  • “Barbarians!”
  • “Heathens!”
  • “Mohammedans!”
  • “Savages!”
  • “Rebs!”
  • “Bourgeois!”
  • “Tojos!”
  • “Nazis!”
  • “Reds!”
  • “Gooks!”
  • “Cheese eating surrender monkeys!”

Ok, that last one was an example of how some people view their supposed allies. Perhaps “frenemies” extend beyond high school? In any case, self-professed heroes on “God’s side” will claim that those French started it all by calling someone’s mother a hamster. Yes, the psy-op propaganda to dehumanize people who are doing no one any harm includes hundreds of years during which English and French peasants knew no better than to obey feudal impositions.

An interesting label to consider is “Nazi.” Those role-playing criminals and their millions of duped “helpers” were, obviously, national socialists. It was only within countries opposing those particular national socialists that the term “Nazi” took hold. So why is that same term still in use more than half a century after the war’s end while few call native veterans of the Korean or Vietnamese wars “Gook?”

The problem is, and always was under one guise or another, socialism. The Soviets were allies of WWII’s precious “democratic alliance,” and they claimed to be a republic every bit as legitimate as the one on the other side of the Atlantic — and they were just as legitimate, considering how republicanism is merely a rebranded variation on inherently fraudulent democracy. The Soviets were frenemies, to be sure, but socialist frenemies whose authoritarian agenda was a tailored Slavic fit courtesy of NWO stooges. Indeed, the national socialists in Germany were fond of the same authoritarian agenda and followed a zwangswirtschaft version of the same NWO script, while the Soviet proletariat considered themselves to be as nationalist and patriotic as any German — all of which happened to play into the dialectic that the NWO had been setting up since long before the start of the twentieth century.

By the end of its second successful world war, there was more for the NWO to consider. Its fabian-style push for a one-world socialist dictatorship was more or less on schedule, but not enough people in the so-called free world had taken the pre-war public relations bait whereby assets posing as researchers visited the Soviet Union and returned with ever more bombastic rhetoric about the marvels of everything collective. The one-worlders even tried to cover all faux-ideological bases, with FDR praising “fascists” in Germany and Italy alike, just as they praised him — all done because every single one of them including Stalin was working the entire time on behalf of the NWO and its plan to enslave mankind. Liars they were, and liars the fabians remain, and hence there is one dehumanizing lie that persists to this day: the tendency to call German veterans of WWII “Nazi.”

Adolf Hitler and his Mystery School gang of Nazis National Socialists didn’t use the term, nor did they much like it (has any enemy on either side of any bloodline ever enjoyed being called names?). There were, however, precisely six million reasons to perpetuate such a nickname for those socialist scum of the black and red.

Try saying this tongue-twister three times, fast: “Six million victims.” That’s what it’s all about, innit? The Hegelian dialectic — a scripted problem (start murdering until someone can stop all the murdering) followed by a programmed reaction (trauma-based reflection on the horror of it all) and a predetermined solution (internationalism) — demands countering historical accounts of genocidal victimization campaigns with soothing if fictional assurances regarding so-called Great Men whose professed constitutional superiority enables forever-justice. Is there any other reason for the existence of one-world institutions like the United Nations?

There is no longer any doubt that every government ever has been willing to sacrifice subjects (which government and its programmed subjects call “citizens”) for the sake of more effective mind control. The NWO now commands every government on Earth, and as a consequence the NWO controls every gullible mind. Towers fall. Fires rage. It’s Babylon and Rome all over again — or to be accurate, it’s a continuation of ancient and primitive rituals.

Those aspiring tyrants, though, can’t just bully their way toward absolute slave ownership. Their ultimate victims must be willing to walk into that ultimate trap. The NWO must use an Alinsky-ized Delphi Technique to trick the global masses into the false impression that they are reaching a consensus to save mankind from enslavement. The desired result? Thus spake each Useful Idiot as a manufactured evangelist of moral relativism.

Eat Michael Moore

Don’t worry, Comrade Multimillionaire has your back

Hope and Change

Hope & Change

According to the NWO, every script needs a villain, every villain needs a victim, and every victim needs a hero. The key to its one-world plan is widespread gullibility. Following WWII, the term “socialism” became reserved for fabian propaganda that was spreading wide the gullibility within industrialized countries. Soviets became “Red” while other socialist countries became “Communist” or “Marxist-<insert dictator here>” or “Fascist.” Wartime Germans, though existing only in the forms of memories and movie characters, remained Nazis. The NWO still needed to make the idea of socialism popular among those who hadn’t yet fallen for Mystery School spellcasting, so it conjured a Cold War apparition about how socialism was a manifestation of peace and love which never once had a single thing to do with Lenin or Stalin or Hitler.

It wasn’t long before “westerners” started noticing anomalies in the supposed black and white script. Teenage Baby Boomers saw television accounts of people who called themselves socialists and who appeared to be vanquishing what their programmed juvenile minds took to be fascist dictators. By and large, these liberated countries started aligning themselves with the Soviets, the Reds. Were the Reds the good guys after all?

The NWO, ever nimble, tried to turn this development into a false-teaching opportunity for captives on the “right side” of the iron curtain. Its MKULTRA program was in full swing, so it patted naive Boomers on the head, called them brilliant (a luciferian term), and proceeded to swindle the vast majority of them with a timely adjustment to its script.

NWO Operative: “Oh, sure, those heroes you’re hearing about are true socialists. The problem is, Western countries aren’t socialist enough to appeal to such heroes, who then make the mistake of turning toward the Reds. One way to defeat the Reds is to make our own countries more agreeable to socialism.”

So there it went. The NWO turned the historical definition of socialism on its head, just in time for the generation with the most numerous individuals to reach that age where each of us enjoys a brief period pretending to know a lot about the world. Instead of being a type of fraud whereby an individual or association of individuals tries to get government to legislate advantages for them at the expense of others, suddenly socialism attained a false definition of being all about groupthink and what others owe the generation with the most numerous individuals.

Recall that Baby Boomers were still quite young back in the 50’s and 60’s, and therefore most of them were more gullible than they are today (while a few rare individuals never did fall for the fabian strategy). The NWO had an easier time with them than it did with existing generations whose individuals had lived through one or two world wars, managing to trick millions of bobby-socksers around the world into becoming advocates for buy now pay later programs of socialist unsustainability. All the NWO needed was a traumatic event or two to sear the Great-Men-Great-Ideas-Great-Society programming into those vulnerable minds.

Seatbelt Violation

Sacrifice along the 33rd parallel

The NWO sacrificed two brotherhood-initiated brothers back then, of course, as well as unaffiliated individuals like Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz). It was all for purposes of mind control, for traumatizing the most “inclusive” generation in world history. TV told them that they were special. TV told them that special people accomplish mighty accomplishments as long as there are special “leaders” to “follow.” TV told them that certain individuals spoiled their sure-thing collectivism just as easy as bang, bang, bang. TV told them to demand change and to hope that space travel would help them transcend icky mankind.

Gus and Barry

33rd degree freemason Gus Grissom frolics with “space kid” Barry Soetoro

Sacrifice by fire

1 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 33 (January 27, 1967 = sacrifice by fire)

Misplaced loyalties

He certainly was a traveler

The fantasy NWO outcome, obviously, has always been to steer not-knowing-any-betters toward transhumanist concentration camps. As the NWO understands and fabricates into recurrent nightmares spanning multiple centuries, proverbial marches for “social justice” are guaranteed to turn into trails of tears for the targets of such so-called justice — so what remains for its fantasy of one-world totalitarianism is implementing mind control automation. Already there are apps for controlling every decision in a dumbed-down life, with millions of people taking orders from their electronic devices. Among the emerging binary overseers are psy-apps for ordering Useful Idiots into the streets of protest regarding everything under the big circus tent of “the personal is the political,” for driving everyone insane by way of impossible-without-enslavement attempts to live at the expense of others.

All those “progressive” socialist programs, once Baby Boomers and the more “with it” types among their parents had forced them onto all those industrialized countries, devastated economies and worsened poverty. The NWO, though, pressed its modern propaganda with multimedia calls for several kinds of imaginary rights that are based on programmed-to-be-faulty memories about how forcing some to provide for others constitutes slavery.

You owe me water

Let Michael Moore the Michigander pay for his comrades’ self-professed right to free service

There is no such thing as a right, of course, but rather there are times when one might be obligated to remind someone else that they have no right to interfere with anyone’s life. Those protesters in Detroit weren’t saying that water is a right, they were saying that having water delivered to them is a right — with someone else, apparently, paying for the pipes and the pumps and the treatment plants. Totally not slavery, though, apparently.

See, so-called rights are mere claims to power. That is NWO programming, the constant quest for power and the corollary claim of undeniable entitlement to the kind of power that will show everyone just what powerful people can do.

Philosopher King

“How could you have it your way when nothing even exists without my permission?”

It is baked into the nature of society that its inhabitants are by and large indifferent toward one another. That’s why the NWO is obligated to create artificial strife, known in recent decades as Cultural Marxism, another fabian approach of gradual usurpation. According to “don’t call us either Nazi or Commie” international socialists, interpersonal relations are both verboten and запрещенный, replaced through a seemingly unstoppable march-of-progress force by caste assignments and collectivized identities. Don’t even think about thinking anything that doesn’t feature a stamp of group approval.

White Sea Canal Work Camp

“Something something ho, it’s off to the work camp I go”

That picture above could just as well be depicting a bunch of kidnapped people somewhere in “Nazi” Germany or “Nazi” Poland. Same sh*t, different canal. The NWO’s transient goal in every such case is artificiality, manufacturing a perception of a Brave New World Order.

The long-term goal, recall, is total dominance over all living things, an actual New World Order complete with the kind of psychotropic-sacrificial bravery that one might expect from matrixized victims. As more people start pretending that they can exist online and start obeying commands from screens & speakers & haptics, the tools become figurative users and start turning former users into literal tools. From beginning to end, from alpha to omega, it’s all about programming tools.

Case in point.

Certain people are programming the nascent matrix to program other people to perform roles out in meatspace that will help produce a familiar victimization script, one that the NWO is hoping will blossom into a final global work camp in which so-called guests pine for the escapism of pharmacology and immersive virtual reality — their new and preferred reality and ultimate matrix prison. Jack the Ripper wasn’t some Jewish Pole, of course. Jack the Ripper was a small gang of self-styled elites whose hooker-hacking members included a surgeon-turned-author by the name of Arthur Conan Doyle. Jack the Ripper was an illuminated specter.

Elementary Evidence

This picture provides an early clue, now go do some independent legwork

All that JTR stuff pushes a theme which is nowhere close to being uncommon amid the teens of this century. So why is The Dirty JewFAKE-TM once again to blame, supposedly, for everything that’s ever gone wrong with the world? Could the propaganda be aiming toward another mass-murderous head fake, a trauma so much more damaging than all previous wars combined that subsequent sh*t will get as unreal as possible?

Stay tuned for additional updates until there aren’t any more because the doctor, having declined to become one of the illuminated, becomes one of the eliminated.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: when it comes to NWO machinations, how awake do you think you are?

Wow. At this late hour of one-world encroachment, it appears that everywhere one cares to look, including the mirror, one can find Useful Idiots pretending to know what’s going on. Indeed, everyone is a Useful Idiot about at least one or two NWO agendas — the problem is that far too many have gone “all in” on what Goebbels would call the biggest panoply of lies ever to be scripted.

“The banksters are behind it all.”
“Snowden is a hero.”
“More market regulation will help.”
“Putin is a hero.”
“Closing borders protects those within.”
“Paul is a hero.”

Note the tendency among that tiny sample of Useful-Idiot-speak. It’s a clue for comprehending how the NWO operates its programming factory: deliberate falsehoods about big picture things like markets and banking and Nation States, interspersed with deliberate falsehoods about so-called people’s heroes whom the NWO wants you to consider as champions of the downtrodden, as demigods known to be proletarian supermen who can defeat all titans and gorgons. Just turn those few quotes above into thousands, and then mix them with some fava beans for a guarantee that the vast majority of people will be tricked into believing at least half of the lies. Then you have yourselves the makings-believe of a thing called Social Contract.

In the fictionalized universe of NWO mind control, during an era that promises only a subsequent era of absolute dominance over all lives for those who pretend to have veins coursing with dragon blood, Zeus will always defeat Kronos. This is the way that the NWO lies to the masses about being able to achieve permanent stability: by stopping time. Hey, what serf wouldn’t want such a caste arrangement, with no opportunity ever for self-improvement or for shaping a future that their descendants might appreciate? The NWO expects each of us to rely on the Great Man theory to win, without even trying, the everyprize for the everyman.

Moving on, there are bound to be reactionary assurances from those who claim to see through all Great Man swindles.

“Be sure to homeschool.”
“Be sure to grow your own.”
“Be sure to vote out ‘dem bums.”
“Be sure to pump the economic engine with appropriate purchases.”
“Be sure to avoid economic speculation.”
“Be sure to use encryption.”

That last one is most amusing. Each quote is something that would emanate from an activist, from someone who wants to take action — with or without help from so-called Great Men — to assure a better tomorrow. Since so much criticism about misguided activism focuses on the many NWO-controlled movements advocating collectivism and egalitarianism, this particular part of this particular correction targets conservative types, who as individuals cover a broad range of conservatism from big-government yahoos to minarchist apron clingers. Just as many conservatives would use one of those statements above as would a self-professed leftist. Some self-styled libertarians even pretend to qualify for paradisaical fantasies like Galt’s Gulch: the commune where truly great men and women can reject the Great Man theory.

Then there are those several billion people who simply know that the hippest of the FMSM (Former Mainstream Media) and EMSM (Emerging Mainstream Media) tell the truth about how bad market freedom is for — well, there isn’t anything that such people think could ever be market-friendly. They know such things because the FMSM/EMSM made it all seem so … simple.

“Greed destroys Gaia.”
“Guns kill.”
“Greed is omnipresent.”
“Corporations are trying to steal water supplies.”
“Greed is eternal.”
<Insert desire here> is a right.”

There are, of course, no such things as rights, but rather there are occasions during which one might be obligated to remind someone who is trying to restrict trade in firearms or whatnot that they have no rights on which to base their threatening assertions. Similarly, greed is indeed eternal (which is why “make it nice & legal” government is always less trustworthy than a typical business), while this planet doesn’t even notice the presence of mankind let alone accept a man-made moniker or tragedy-of-the-commons stewardship over its surface blood.

Seriously, step for a moment outside the parameters of autonomic Total Recall mode regarding incessant NWO agitprop about water supplies, and accept the fact that water is like everything else: doomed to rationing and low quality whenever bureaucracy arrogates to itself “important” regulatory services. Water is that very kind of precious commodity which bureaucracies vow either to own in totality or to destroy utterly — hence the impending “Water Wars” between various States. Clarify thinking. Compare private housing with so-called public housing, private distribution of food and clothing with “to each according to his needs.” Do you allow your friend to put his feet up on your car’s dashboard the same way he puts them up when riding transit? Well, then, contemplate the obvious: water supplies are in danger precisely because bureaucrats pretend to be protecting them from some unknowable bogeyman called “greed.” Gordon Gekko was correct and Ayn Rand was incorrect, for self-interest represents good greed (in that markets force the greedy to satisfy consumers while maintaining the quality of their fixed assets for future production) while selfishness (to be merely self-ish is to never know the self at all) remains forever a character flaw of bureaucrats and aspiring bureaucrats and the cronies hoping to hitch their wagon to a luciferian star.

That brings this emendator to the very “star” of the show …

“Money is made up of M1/M2/M3/Mn.”
“Money is created out of thin air.”
“Money is a yoke that ancient meanies inserted into society.”
“Money, or the love thereof, is the root of all evil.”
“Money is the modern god.”
“Money junkies!”

There cannot ever be any such thing as a money junkie. Here’s a kindergartner lesson that will help: no one seeks what they deem to be money in order to sit atop a pile of what they call money. People desire the things that a medium of exchange makes easier to acquire through trade.

After absorbing that remedial lesson, consider the following advanced information: as with the concepts of Divine Right or Social Contract or Intellectual Property, the concept of money is imaginary. All trade is accomplished by way of direct or indirect barter. All tradeable things amount to either commodities or contracts. All potential media of exchange, therefore, whether they are simply the two items being exchanged during a direct barter or some intermediate item that each party to an indirect barter agrees to use for that particular exchange, amount to either commodities or contracts.

As for studying imaginary things, Ludwig von Mises managed to create a spiffy regression theorem to describe the origins of mankind’s tendency to favor one medium of exchange over another. The imaginary nature of so-called money, see, presented a problem for economists of the last few centuries. NWO-controlled economists felt the need to assist Fabianism by denying the existence of earned profit, so they called attention to the apparent double standard whereby “money” supposedly has an impossible set of properties that include both a price for the “money” as commodity/contract and a price for the “money” as medium of exchange. Liberal economists (true liberals as opposed to the Americanized misdefinition of the term), on the other hand (i.e. the right hand), understood that only offers of socialist intervention ever need denying, so they denied the denial of the Fabians and circled the wagons of supposed logic regarding the nature of “money.” As Mises put it down on pages 393-394 of his book Human Action:

Economic analysis cannot help reducing all items of cost to value judgments. The socialists and interventionists call entrepreneurial profit, [as well as] interest on capital, and rent of land “unearned” because they consider that only the toil and trouble of the worker is real and worthy of being rewarded. However, reality does not reward toil and trouble. If toil and trouble is expended according to well-conceived plans, its outcome increases the means available for want-satisfaction. Whatever some people may consider as just and fair, the only relevant question is always the same. What alone matters is which system of social organization is better suited to attain those ends for which people are ready to expend toil and trouble. The question is market economy, or socialism? There is no third solution. The notion of a market economy with nonmarket prices [for example: with government price controls] is absurd. The very idea of cost prices [prices that are real, objective and unchanging] is unrealizable. Even if the cost price formula is applied only to entrepreneurial profits, it paralyzes the market. If commodities and services are to be sold below the price the market would have determined for them, supply always lags behind demand. Then the market can neither determine what should or should not be produced, nor to whom the commodities and services should go. Chaos results.

That didn’t stop the vilest socialists from trying to get away with precisely such fraud. Indeed, Mises needed to go farther in the paragraph above, rather than ending with “Chaos results.” The doctor would recommend a ghost-written revision: “Chaos results, leading often to an authoritarian crackdown.” Just feast your starving Political Economy eyes on what Lenin accomplished after he declared that no prices or media of exchange were necessary in the gloriously non-profit proletarian utopia known as the USSR.

Keep in mind that the NEP represented desperate backpedaling on the part of the Bolshevist criminals who had destroyed so many lives. As Murray Rothbard explained in a 1979 article published within the Libertarian Review periodical:

Until World War II, Soviet Russia was the only example of a Communist regime. And even it had gone through remarkable changes. When the Bolsheviks assumed power in late 1917, they tried to leap into full “communism” by abolishing money and prices, an experiment so disastrous (it was later dubbed “War Communism”) that Lenin, always the supreme realist, beat a hasty retreat to a mere semisocialist system in the New Economic Policy (NEP).

Forgive Rothbard for using the term “money” to describe media of exchange. Until recently no one knew any better — the point being, the concept of money is now known to be imaginary. Mises’ regression theorem encouraged people to trace back anything they thought of as money to its original use as a commodity. Try the reverse direction through history to gain new insight. After centuries of direct exchange, with simple barter trades between people who owned one commodity but wanted another, certain items started becoming more popular than others as in-between exchanges intended to make it a lot easier to acquire the commodity one actually desired. For example, instead of good old Joe spending hours searching the Khan for a vendor who owned a chair that he was willing to trade for the guitar that Joe was carrying, the average modern Joe went straight to the gold merchant to trade his guitar for gold — all because it had become common knowledge that most typical chair vendors would be willing to trade a chair for some gold.

That was the beginning of indirect barter, of indirect exchange. No one invented any commodity for specific and deliberate insertion into society as a mechanism of control, gold (and its equivalents) simply became popular as in-betweens among traders. Here’s the deal, though: at no time since then has it ever been necessary to start referring to even the most popular commodity used for indirect barter (i.e. the most popular medium of exchange) as money.

Sure, market-based prices are irreplaceable for even simple barter, and at least one commodity or contract must become popular as a medium of exchange to realize advanced, indirect barter. That doesn’t mean that a medium of exchange must have utility for people only as a medium of exchange, which would be the sole reason to ever relabel a commodity or contract as money (that is to say: when something becomes a popular medium of exchange its properties become amended but not transformed completely). You could, for instance, use a gold coin to place underneath an uneven table leg, and you could do the same with a dollar bill that you folded in half several times. Each has utility other than as a thing to use for making trade easier, the difference being the illegitimacy of the so-called Social Contract underlying any Legal Tender law.

Even Mises himself, the trailblazer of monetary analysis, struggled on page 395 of Human Action to convince people about the nature of so-called money:

A medium of exchange which is commonly used as such is called money. The notion of money is vague, as its definition refers to the vague term “commonly used.” There are borderline cases in which it cannot be decided whether a medium of exchange is or is not “commonly” used and should be called money.

No, Lu, there are no such borderline cases, because referring to even the most popular medium of exchange as money is never appropriate. You might offer to trade that dollar bill in your pocket to someone who uses only gold for exchange, simply because that person needs kindling to light their stove for supper and you fancy their cooking. That’s a fair trade, a piece of paper for a promised meal — but was any money involved?

Nope. In that particular transaction, one commodity and one contract remained a commodity and a contract until each was consumed utterly (by fire and by receipt of a promised meal). For one brief moment, at the exact point of exchange, each had its properties amended to include “medium of exchange,” but right after the exchange each reverted to being a mere commodity or contract (a piece of green-ish paper and a promise to provide one meal).

Mises suspected as much. Almost immediately, on page 395, he demonstrated that he had a better clue.

But this vagueness in the denotation of money in no way affects the exactitude and precision required by praxeological theory. For all that is to be predicated of money is valid for every medium of exchange.

… which is why the term “money” is superfluous. There’s a big lesson to glean from this emendator. Think about “public” anything. “We all own it” is how the typical excuse for plunder goes. That means, of course, that no one owns it and no one takes on the responsibility of ownership and the “public” thing in question deteriorates with neglectful rapidity. Well, it’s similar for so-called money. If money’s properties are the same as those of any medium of exchange, then everything is potential money (e.g. the dollar bill to light afire as well as the promise to use that fire to provide a meal). If everything is potential money, then nothing can be removed from that aggregate set of commodities and contracts to be categorized as the money — unless government uses its coercive mechanism of Social Contract fraud to invent a make-believe Legal Tender law representing “public money,” which by extension would be just as fraudulent and would experience the same rapid deterioration as any imaginary “public” thing.

Aspiring A++ scholars must appreciate how the commendable reliance that old-school Austrian scholars continue placing on time and time preference also applies to the nature of barter and optional intermediary media of exchange. Yeah, there’s the key term: intermediary. As in, one has confidence that a thing one just traded for another thing will be accepted almost everywhere else in trade for something else. That is, as in, you just got some silver for your day’s work, you’re pretty sure you can use that silver to buy most things you might care to buy, and therefore you automatically suspend disbelief for a period of time regarding the question of whether that silver stopped being a medium of exchange at the completion of the earlier trade (i.e. after the boss gave you your day’s pay).

A final thought, or rather, a correction within a correction. Recall a hypothetical quote from an earlier section of this emendator about how “Money is a yoke that ancient meanies inserted into society.” Well, guess what. That quote is on the money, so to speak. Oh, to be sure, the existence of indirect barter and media of exchange stem from the natural progression of society and in no way represent artificial tools of those seeking to enslave and control. What the control-seekers desire is to program people with all sorts of imaginary concepts, such as IP or Social Contract or Divine Right or … money. Society, for example, is a real phenomenon, but the concept of Social Contract is a deliberate canard. The exact same analysis applies to media of exchange versus so-called money.

So, who’s awake? There’s more to be said about this topic … for a price.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: is travel one of life’s great teachers?

You’re young. You don’t have many skills or much experience. The economy is infested with bureaucracies and guilds and similar political usurpers of legitimate market activity. Sure enough, travel starts seeming like a good way to figure out what the future might hold.

Anyone who travels, though, learns precisely one thing: people are people. Indeed, the people of Europe who migrated to the Americas did so largely because they were trying to escape the economic devastation of Europe’s guild-bureaucracy. The earliest of those migrating Europeans met native inhabitants who hadn’t seen many Europeans before, but those natives were still people — not some “noble savage” romanticized fantasy, but rather real people with all the same motivations to praise or to blame as any of the pale newcomers.

Centuries ago, explorers learned quite a bit through travel. They learned new routes, and passages, and things about the cultures they encountered that others from their homeland hadn’t yet discovered — or even, in hindsight, things they never would have wanted to bother discovering. Same goes for those native cultures and the wonders, both real and fraudulent, that they witnessed with the arrival of each new explorer.

Native hunting buffalo

Relevant Caption #1: “About that horse … you’re welcome”

Relevant Caption #2: “You can use how much of that carcass?”

It wasn’t always “please” and “thank you,” of course, as attested by anyone who did time in a Residential School. Check out this cool song from a band called Slim: Cortez & Pizarro (CC: by-sa).

Remember, though, that people are people. Those Aztecs who shivered at the sight of Conquistadors, as well as the Incas who shook, were themselves blood sacrificers. They had simply never seen horses before, or felt the pierce of sharpened steel. So some plunderers found themselves plundered, although that’s hardly an excuse for uncivilized behavior from either side of any ocean.

The exploration of this planet’s surface is about as complete as it’ll ever get. There are no more big surprises from previously undiscovered cultures, and despite the lingering effects of ancient aristocratic propaganda, there are no supermen anywhere.

Who needs a reminder that plunder is the bread and butter of NWO “superman” pretense? Didn’t think so. Here’s the deal: NWO insiders want their children to have all the best opportunities later in life for plundering the so-called profane, so they trick other people’s children into spending vital early-adult years chasing after entertaining “life lessons” abroad. Those travelers tend to return with the life lesson that they are a step behind, primed for the subsequent nice & legal plunder of whatever workaday nonsense career income they happen to grasp from their position of “I’ve saved nothing for retirement” desperation. All too often, such desperation drives young adults toward government jobs where they actually aid and abet the plunderers.

Savage Dragon

Initiation by fire — that’s how pretend dragon-bloods roll

Entertainment is one of the obvious keys to swindling a massive population. How many people out there have proclaimed a willingness to do “whatever it takes” for a better tomorrow, but only if it doesn’t inconvenience today? That comic book “Green Man” depicted above (Savage Dragon is the character’s actual name) is famous for programming young minds to embrace moral relativism — to do wrong while pretending to be a hero (see also: Time of the Season). Then there are television and film, both well-understood distractions from impoverishment as well as instruction manuals for moral relativism. Video games, ditto. Also, there is travel — heck, even the NWO’s mind-numbing NBA entertainment league encourages traveling:

How many steps was that?

Setting aside evidence of deliberate, NWO-sponsored universalism fraud within the entertainment industry (e.g. “Support the troops and disarm the rest!”), perhaps young adults might be able to count the steps of those make-believe heroes if they ever managed to acquire “accredited” education from “official” institutions. Don’t hold your breath, though, because the people who perpetrate such universalism fraud are exactly that: deliberate. In fact, the so-called principles behind “official accreditation” for centers of education constitute a type of trans-generational fraud which subsumes mere tricksterisms like Common Core. The war to dumb you down is the same war that dumbed down your grandparents, and their grandparents. Even that war is just one battle within the greater conflict by which aspiring Iterum Romanus has been trying to destroy Trivium-based education for the sake of cradle-to-grave dominion over all souls.

Somehow, receiving a sheepskin is supposed to make up for time spent doing something other than establishing a professional reputation — that something being little more than learning how to follow instructions and obey bureaucracies and favor political intimidation over economic entrepreneurship. The very act of submission to schooling has become a ritual that more and more people expect to be both entertaining and practical, a sure-fire magical ticket toward replacing skills or experience with travel anecdotes and coincident assertions that diplomas represent authorized permission to demand something from the world. In school you learn all about your “rights” and stuff. In other words, you learn to lie your way toward a pretense of magical gain, which is the very self-defeating behavior that the NWO programmed into you from birth.

Baby Predictions

“I sense a future in which you claim to be just doing your job”

It isn’t enough, though, for the NWO to trick billions of people into shutting off their minds. The entertainment and the bureaucratic hoop-jumping merely produce a type of man-child or woman-child that can’t sustain the production levels necessary to keep NWO members in a lifestyle to which they defrauded their way into becoming accustomed. Those masses who suffer from permanent arrested development need ongoing carrot-and-stick stimulation, as far as the NWO is concerned, to whipsaw them between feelings of false superiority and false inferiority. Chief among these stimuli are enticements to travel (carrot) and guilt trips about imaginary environmental concerns (stick).

People, being people, will try to look for ways to convince themselves that there is nothing but superiority emanating from their presence in the world. The NWO takes advantage of that tendency, releasing the Ifrits of We to make cowardly individuals feel gang-banger strong, reducing all those outside the one-world guild to a common denominator of forced impoverishment, setting a stage for artificial conflict that seeks to pit one group of dialectical “We” against another “We” group.

What does all of that mean for the average gullible person grasping at a scripted carrot whereby “Travel will pay off later in life” or the average gullible person avoiding a scripted stick whereby “NWO media outlets tell me that the planet is simultaneously frying and freezing and that it’s my fault?” It means that the Ifrits of We will be able to swindle every one of those children lurking inside adult bodies about the intricacies of a thousand different narcissistic unrealities.

Speaking of unrealities: does anyone dream the dream-on dream that they start existing online by way of tagging an avatar with their meatspace name? Is reality now a conflation which includes volunteering to suspend disbelief in fiction? As transhumanism encroaches upon what’s left of mankind, does the proverbial blue pill start tasting better and better?

Sure, the typical person who chooses to extend childhood by way of travel-based substitutes for engaging the unknown (as opposed to what actual explorers once accomplished) doesn’t care so much about online avatars. They’re keeping it real, or so they claim. Chances remain good that no matter where they land they’re still seeking better signal strength than just one bar. In any case, they are faced with the unreality of doublethink: the psychological imperative compelling them to believe that their opportunity to travel is as important to them as protecting the planet by preventing others from traveling.

Tomorrow’s technocracy will demand such doublethink from everyone, or else it plain won’t work. Among the petty bureaucrats rat-racing their way between early morning self-hatred and early evening sports highlights, there will be “official experts” who will look after everyone’s best interests, no fooling, with regards to everything from macroeconomic planning to floral arrangement licensing. Among those petty bureaucrats will be the former travel-jockeys, claiming their own reduced-energy fiefdom and salvation from youthful folly by embracing the technocratic title “Worldly Expert” and expressing sincere remorse about the number of places that they alone among the crowd have been able to visit.

Worldly. That word has never been a compliment, but rather and always an affirmation of someone’s obvious character flaw — and with that, ’nuff said.

Emendator Postscript

Travel is a luxury that is enjoyable for people of all ages. Travel is indeed an experience, every single time. Just don’t ever think that you’re gaining wisdom by hiking toward some mountain village to visit some old man who apparently gained wisdom by never traveling more than ten kilometers from where he was born. People are people, the word vacation is not synonymous with the word vocation, and all opportunities to travel are l-u-x-u-r-i-e-s.

Bottom line: don’t be a shut-in, and don’t pretend either that travel is an automatic life-enhancer.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: is it the time … of the season … for loving … Lucifer?

Most people don’t pay much attention to the passing seasons, other than to express an opinion about their “favourite time of year.” Spring sproings from the depth of winter’s frigid darkness, followed by the heat of dog-days summer. Fall sees those days get shorter, as the sun “falls” toward its December low, and then the cycle starts again with another winter.

For sun worshipers, however, as well as their fellow travelers from now-occulted Mystery School religions, the arrival of the four seasons and the sun’s daily routine were blessings from the heavens. The sun’s transit across the sky gave life, in terms of literal growth for edible plants and also in metaphorical terms representing the ups and downs of mankind’s mortal existence (“As above so below”). The sun’s disappearance below the horizon and the consequent darkness tended to cause ancients no small amount of anxiety until the warmth and the light rose again in the east several hours later. People measured, worshiped and ritualized the sun’s movements, all coordinated for a better understanding of how to give thanks for its generous return to their lives following each night and following each “death” for three days at the nadir of the winter solstice.

Societies often erected monuments in honor of their sun deities, and created elaborate grammarian parables to explain the effects of celestial events on Earth and its inhabitants. December 25, for example, the third day after the yearly “death” of the sun, finds three stars comprising Orion’s belt (described in certain parables as Three Kings) lining up with Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky (the “eastern star”), to point at a spot on Earth’s equatorial horizon where the sun will dawn after being “born again.” Another example: people gather at the Temple of Kulkulkan, named after the Mayan serpent god, at Chichen Itza at dusk on the spring and fall equinoxes to see a serpent-shaped shadow descend down the corner of the nine platforms of the pyramid. While we wonder at their architectural prowess (How did they move those massive stones? How many people did it require?), few question the astronomical/astrological significance.

Kulkulkan serpent at Chichen Itza

Ride the feathered snake

Even today, sun worship remains a widely-practiced ritual. Modern-day sun worshipers, those who call Lucifer the light-bringer — the angel descended from heaven as their lord and savior — continue to honor him by way of ancient ceremonies involving fire and blood. The month of April is a particularly significant time of year for luciferians, specifically the Season of Sacrifice days between March 22 and May 1.

Winter begins on December 22, the winter solstice. That date is when the sun appears to stop moving (i.e. die) for three days before a December 25 resurrection on a cross, the Southern Cross constellation visible from Earth’s southern hemisphere. The vernal (spring) equinox occurs three months later on March 22, a span of days which luciferians consider analogous to December’s three-day entombment of the sun: winter, which started at the bottom of the sun’s “fall,” ends up lasting for three months, until the world is “reborn” just as food stores start to dwindle.

Spring, of course, means planting season, which means honoring sun and fertility deities to secure a bountiful harvest. During the first half of spring, from March 22 (the date sitting half-way between winter and summer solstice events) until May 1 (the date sitting half-way between March 22 and the summer solstice), luciferians perform rituals involving fire and human sacrifice to honor Baal, the sun and fertility god of ancient Phoenicians/Canaanites. Some luciferians believe that the thirteen days preceding May 1 are the most significant days of the year in which to offer sacrifices to Baal. This helps explain why many ritual events are clustered around April 19-20, at the very start of those thirteen days. 4/20, anyone? Hello? Stoners? Fools?

May 1 is also known as May Day, the holiest day for Druidic witches. Many cultures still celebrate the eve of May Day as Walpurgis Night. In Edinburgh, Scotland, for example, over 10,000 people celebrate Walpurgis Night with Beltane Fire rituals. Beltane is derived from Baal, and in honor of them both the May Queen and Green Man lead a procession of performers around a huge bonfire as they pronounce the birth of summer. With that fire ends the thirteen days of unintended assistance that all those foolish stoners provided — yet again — to the luciferian NWO.

Fire is a significant feature of Baal worship. At Bohemian Grove, a retreat held for elite luciferians every July in northern California, members participate in a ritual called the cremation of care. The ritual occurs at the foot of a 40 foot stone owl, and features members wearing hooded robes while celebrating the burning of a coffin in effigy. Participants believe that this ritual absolves them from all crimes they commit during the year, as they have been released from caring about the suffering of non-luciferians.

March 22 means start the killing
Oh, those cherubic Yalies — note that “322” stands for “March 22”

Evidence exists to suggest that ritual human sacrifice, often involving fire and children, occurs on a regular basis during the first half of spring. Explosions, school shootings, and armed conflicts unfold before us year after year. The Former Mainstream Media (FMSM), those luciferian court jesters who provide rapid-fire doses of programming, tell everyone that the prevalence of early-spring tragedies is coincidental. They are unforeseen tragedies. Tragic accidents. Appropriate law enforcement engagements. Necessary wars. Lone-wolf murder rampages. All coincidences, dontcha know. But are they really coincidences? The FMSM and its programmed believers accuse those who believe otherwise as being conspiracy theorists, as though such conspiracies are best kept secret (“Shh, don’t tell me about Enron shenanigans”). The luciferians want everyone to believe that so-called conspiracy theorists are wacky, untrustworthy unibomber-ish types who refuse to fall in line with normal establishment beliefs.

Review the evidence for yourself, taken just from an incomplete cross-sample of the last century or so. Can all that be a coincidence?

  • April 19, 1904 — 1 person killed, over 104 buildings destroyed in the Great Fire of Toronto
  • April 18, 1906 — over 3000 people killed in the San Francisco earthquake and fire
  • April 14, 1909 — Turkish massacre begins of mostly Christian Armenians
  • April 23, 1910 — 18 people killed from an explosion at a coal mine in Ohio
  • April 14-15, 1912 — 1512 people, including John Jacob Astor, killed when the Titanic sinks
  • April 23, 1913 — 96 miners killed from an explosion at a coal mine in Pennsylvania
  • April, 1918 — approximately 100 million people killed from the Spanish flu epidemic
  • April 23, 1940 — 198 people killed from a fire at a dance hall in Natchez, Mississippi
  • April 23, 1942 — 1549 people killed from an explosion at a coal mine in Manchuria
  • April 14, 1944 — over 800 people killed from an explosion at the Bombay docks in India
  • April 30, 1945 — Adolf Hitler kills himself on the Eve of Beltaine
  • April 18, 1946 — 12 miners killed from a coal mine explosion in Virginia (virgin sacrifice)
  • April 16, 1947 — 576 people killed from an ammonium nitrate explosion at the Texas City port
  • April 17, 1961 — start of the Bay of Pigs invasion against Cuba
  • April 4, 1968 — The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • April 29, 1970 — US begins the Cambodian Campaign, leading to the rise of the Khmer Rouge
  • April 17, 1975 — The fall of Phnom Penh to the Khmer Rouge, and the start of the Cambodian genocide
  • April 22, 1980 — approximately 1,000 killed when the ferry Don Juan sinks off Mindoro Island, Philippines, after colliding with the Tacloban City barge.
  • April 26, 1986 — 31 people killed from explosions and fire at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine
  • April 19, 1995 — 168 people killed in Oklahoma City bombing
  • April 28, 1996 — 35 people killed by a lone gunman in Port Arthur, Australia, which leads to gun confiscation laws)
  • March 26, 1997 — 39 people kill themselves as part of the Heaven’s Gate cult in San Diego, CA
  • March 24, 1998 — 5 people killed at a school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas at Westside Middle School
  • April 26, 1998 — 1 person killed at a school shooting in Pennsylvania
  • April 20, 1999 — 13 people killed at a school shooting at Colorado’s Columbine High School (honours the ancient goddess Columbia)
  • April 19, 2000 — 131 people killed when Air Philippines Flight 541 crashes
  • April 27, 2002 — 18 people killed at a school shooting in Germany
  • March 19, 2003 — Iraq war begins with the military strategy called “Shock and Awe”, which translates into the occult “shakinah” (invocation of the destructive feminine force)
  • April 16, 2007 — 32 people killed at the University of Virginia (virgin sacrifice)
  • April 2009 — release of the H1N1 swine flu
  • March 29, 2009 — 8 people killed in a shooting at the Pinelake Health and Rehab nursing home in Carthage, North Carolina.
  • April 3, 2009 — 13 people killed in a shooting at an immigration center in Binghamton, New York.
  • March 29, 2010 — 40 people killed, hundreds injured in subway bombing in Moscow
  • April 20, 2010 — 11 people killed (or declared missing) from an explosion at a BP offshore drilling rig off the Louisiana coast
  • May 1, 2011 — Osama Bin Laden is “killed” in Afghanistan
  • April 16, 2013 — 3 people killed from explosions at the Boston Marathon
  • April 18, 2013 — 15 people killed from an explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco, Texas (the twenty year anniversary of Waco)
  • April 24, 2013 — 1,129 people killed when the Rana Plaza, an 8-storey commercial building, collapses in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • April 2, 2014 — 3 people killed and over a dozen injured during a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas
  • April 11, 2014 — 10 people killed in California when a flaming truck hits a school bus
  • April 14, 2014 — at least 71 people killed from explosions at a bus depot in Abuja, Nigeria
  • April 16, 2014 — over 100 people killed and hundreds missing after a ferry sinks off the South Korean coast
  • April 29, 2014 — 6 injured, shooter dead after gunfire erupts at a Georgia FedEx facility
  • May 1, 2014 — another explosion in Abuja, this time killing at least 9 people

In addition to literal blood sacrifice, the NWO also tries to trick individuals into committing economic seppuku for the benefit of one-world crime syndicates. That is why April is “tax season,” and that is why during the Great Depression the following “Public Service Announcement” surfaced in all NWO-handled newspapers and on bulletin boards across America:

All your gold are belong to us

“All your non-base are belong to us”

Programming that is designed to make everyone believe preposterous coincidence theories starts during public schooling, which is little more than 12-odd years of intensified Marxian-Humanism “education” delivered using Tavistock Institute techniques for long term mind control. Luciferian-developed public schooling also robbed people of the ability to recognize signs of occult-inspired activity. Few learn the language of symbols that the NWO uses to communicate its desires, and thus few understand all the symbolic language as being anything more than cool slogans and brand logos.

As a result, modern society exists in a state of arrested development: adults stuck permanently with intellectual childishness, eager to please all self-proclaimed luciferian authority figures — going along with the program, or at least turning a “blind eye” to it, in order to get along. Each of us is a desperate teenager trying to find acceptance within the clique of bureaucratic sycophants. Hellbent on gaining acceptance by the so-called philosopher kings and maintaining positive self-esteem (as opposed to self-respect), people are losing the ability to think critically.

Fear is what prevents most people from considering a sinister, dark-occult connection between the events listed above. Fear of colouring outside the designated lines. Fear of letting luciferians know that someone is calling bullshit on them. Fear of not being seen as “normal” in the eyes of increasingly fearful peers. Fear of being declared a conspiracy theorist. The typical head remains in the clouds — reciting mantras, holding yoga poses, fondling prayer beads, chanting sutras and ignoring the truly horrible, destructive events that unfold like the seasons, as predictable as the sun’s rise and fall, as sure as spring sproings into summer, as certain as “death and taxes” (in case anyone is wondering: yes Benjamin Franklin was one of them and coined the phrase “death and taxes” as a reminder to those he considered profane that he and his Mystery Religion co-conspirators would always be willing to commit financial destruction and even physical murder for the sake of enabling their psychosis).

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: is attending public school like being sent to prison?

Almost all of the sob stories about public schooling are true. At least one of them is a serious error.

Public schools are not prisons. Not only are they not literal prisons, they are not even figurative prisons. A figurative prison is something that someone claims to be “pretty much the same” as a prison. Here’s the thing, though: how many prisons allow inmates to go home at the end of each day?

Indeed, do convicts get weekends off and a vacation every summer? “I’d rather not be here” does not a prison make. Not even “government tries to force me to be here” makes public school a prison — such an observation merely provides more evidence that governments are able to sustain their existence only through fraud.

Governments also try to force people in the military to never be AWOL. Soldiers are not in prison either, of course, although they have as little freedom as a typical public school student (or teacher for that matter). It is public school students and soldiers who have the most in common. Parents could choose to take their kid out of a public school, or the kid might simply skip class, while soldiers can always choose to go after Cacciato. Heading off to public school is like being inducted into the military, and that’s no coincidence.

Dialecticians certainly have done a number on civilization over the past thousand years. Are you wondering what a dialectician is? It’s someone who interprets the physical and metaphysical universe in a logic-based comparative way that ends up being less concrete but also more flexible than a grammarian’s interpretation. What’s a grammarian? It’s someone who interprets the physical and metaphysical universe in a logic-based eloquent way that makes careful use of both existing and invented words as well as their meanings and their perceived context — including not only the appropriate usage of parts-of-speech, but also metaphors and analogies and etymologies and other mechanisms for language-based analysis.

So, then, how is a dialectician associated with modern public schooling or the military? It all has to do with the regimentation of dumbed-down serfs. Any legitimate education requires a study of equal parts dialectics and grammar, plus rhetoric to learn how to “put it all together” in a way that will persuade others about the dialectical and grammarian interpretations. The NWO, obviously, wants no serf to earn a legitimate education of the type that Vincent of Beauvais described as offering the only possible remedies for the spiritual and material effects of each person’s ignorance, concupiscence (horniness) and knowledge of inescapable death:

For the obtaining of these three remedies [Wisdom as remedy for ignorance, Virtue as remedy for concupiscence and Economy as remedy for the scarcity of resources necessary to remain alive] every art and every disciplina was invented. In order to gain Wisdom, Theorica was devised; and Practica for the sake of Virtue; and for Need’s sake, Mechanica…. For the end and aim of all human actions and studies, which reason regulates, ought to look either to the reparation of the integrity of our nature or to alleviating the needs to which life is subjected…. Last found of all is Logic, source of eloquence, through which the wise who understand the aforesaid principal sciences and disciplines, may discourse upon them more correctly, truly, and elegantly; more correctly, through Grammar; more truly, through Dialectic; more elegantly, through Rhetoric.

No, life for an average man or woman in this New Age is to be as unchallenging as a diaper poop. Dangerous, perhaps, but unchallenging to the point of being preprogrammed, and therefore unfulfilling. One noted critic of NWO schoolmasters, Charlotte Iserbyt, summed up things well in her book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America:

To repeat the theme of this book: We are human beings, not animals. We have free will. We can choose and build our futures, something animals are not capable of doing. Animals are justified in blaming their environment for their behavior! We, as human beings, with intellect, soul and conscience, do not have such justification.

Dialecticians and grammarians have been history’s ultimate attention-seekers. Each waxes or wanes as the other gains or loses influence. Neither dialectics nor grammar, though, could ever eliminate the other — it is impossible to be grammarian without making an effort at least to form coherent statements that bob on waves of interchanging praise and blame (otherwise everything is just stream-of-consciousness gibberish), and it is impossible to even describe dialectics without becoming grammarian about it all.

That hasn’t stopped the NWO from trying. All hail the “Enlightenment,” a luciferian term if ever there was one. What’s their point, their agenda? They want, simply, to turn everyone except themselves into worker drones who are incapable of independent analysis or any kind of thinking that might lead toward questioning NWO dominance. To be sure, their own children will continue to receive private tutoring that covers the entire Trivium (grammar, dialectics and rhetoric), but everyone else’s children are ripe for processing through a standardized factory system of churning out subservient instruction-followers.

Marshall McLuhan knew what was going on, even while he himself was still a student. His dissertation covered the Trivium and its key players from Antiquity through the Middle Ages. Yes, even centuries ago they were debating the merits of grammar vs. dialectics. The NWO was around all along, too, under various guises, forever preaching the so-called virtues of a school to work education that emphasizes dialectics over grammar.

The Grand Renaissance which traditionally is associated with Petrarch is, in the first place, the reassertion of the claims of grammar against the goths and huns of learning at Paris. From the point of view of the medieval grammarian, the dialectician was a barbarian. Thus it was Petrarch the grammarian glaring at the dialectical triumphs of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries who provided the modern journalist with his cliche, “the barbarism of the Middle Ages.”

Yes, McLuhan knew. That’s probably why most other academics disliked him, hated him even, and why the University of Toronto professor spent so much time traveling to extracurricular events and appearing on television and making cameos in films and generally trying to stay away from the Ivory Tower. Here is more from his dissertation:

Whereas, in the case of grammar and dialectics there is a poverty of scholarly studies, quite the reverse is true of ancient rhetoric. The field has been adequately explored but there has been no effort to perceive the central facts of the tradition as they were transmitted to the Middle Ages, and as they were handed on to the men of the Renaissance. This is partly owing to the lack of study of medieval rhetoric, but even more the result of failing to see that the matter becomes intelligible mainly in terms of the strife between grammarians and rhetoricians, dialecticians and grammarians, and rhetoricians and dialecticians.

Later, McLuhan added:

It is worth pausing to inquire who were the enemies of poetry and learning in the fourteenth century, if only because there are the same enemies bringing the same charges in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. First there are the ignorant “so garrulous and detestably arrogant that they presume to shout abroad their condemnation of everything that even the best men can do” (page 18) [from Boccacio on Poetry as edited by Charles Grosvenor Osgood]. The second group consists of “those who, without learning or taste, pretend to do both” (page 19). “They call the Muses fools and babblers, while Helicon, the Castalian spring, the grove of Phoebus and the like are the raving of lunatics, or mere elementary exercises in grammar” (page 21). Third comes a powerful and important class known to the Italian humanists alone: the civil lawyers. “Clients swarm at their heels, and they are conspicuous and influential men…by their help innocence is exalted, each man gets just rights, and the State is not only maintained in its natural strength, but, through an increasing tradition of justice, grows stronger and better. These men therefore deserve special reverence and honor” (pages 21-22). However, these men despise the muses because “poetry does not get wealth, thus hoping, as one may easily see, to separate it from all things worthy of imitation” (page 23). Medical men in Italy likewise despised grammarians and poets for their poverty, but Boccaccio passes them over. The fourth and very formidable class consists of the philosophers, the dialecticians, who scoff at the frivolity and mendacity of poets: “Thee enemies of poetry further utter the taunt that poets are liars” (page 62). This class of men, the Schoolmen, so powerful at Paris, was but little known in Italy, for Italy had never cultivated dialectics during the Middle Ages.

So there you have it, dialecticians, grammarians, and even rhetoricians (who claim that the interpretation is less important than creating a perception of wisdom through speechifying and who can often be found practising as attorneys-at-law and politicians) have always tried to one-up one another.

Thus, law, which shuns logic, but needs grammar and fosters rhetoric, paradoxically helped to produce the renaissance of dialectics [in the Middle Ages]. This emphasizes once more the complex bonds which join together the rival sisters of the Trivium.

The NWO, that nebulous syndicate of crime syndicates which once was called the Mystery School Tradition, has always provided a full-Trivium education for those within its own concentric circles while bankrolling the “Schoolmen” dialecticians to guide everyone else — even to the extent of creating “modern” universities at places like Paris and Oxford where “special” instructions would allow masses of “profane” students to matriculate and graduate with almost magical timeliness. Again, McLuhan provides insight:

A third reason for the decline [in medieval times] of ancient grammatica was the renewed interest in science, brought about by contact with the east during the Crusades. With extension of the subjects of interest the time available for the teaching of the big subject of the classics was steadily diminished. As in our own day, the substitution of handbooks for the classical texts was an inevitable resource. There thus arose a series of versified “new grammars” which supplanted Priscian and Donatus. Mnemonics became an important branch of learning in an age which produced rhymed charters, chronicles, sermons, and even Bibles. [As Paetow explains on page 35 of The Arts Course At Medieval Universities With Special Reference To Grammar And Rhetoric] “The following gloss, found in one of the new grammars, clearly states the demands of those times: ‘The metrical form which this author follows is better than prose which Priscian uses, and for these reasons: the metrical form can be more easily comprehended, it is more elegant, it is briefer, and can be remembered more easily.'”

What were the consequences of such dumbed-down handbooks? The NWO of the day loved them, that much is certain, because those simplified sets of instructions offered less concrete interpretations of the universe, which helped malignant secret societies hide well their secrets of malignancy. Even Plato admitted that by the time he was born the grammar vs. dialectics debate had been going on for more centuries than anyone could guess, and through the centuries between Plato and Paetow the NWO managed to trick enough people into ignoring the classics that entire generations became scholarly half-wits. Things got bad enough that Thomas Carlyle, writing in the early nineteenth century, considered it necessary to satirize the entire European university system and its insistence that aspiring professionals learn to wear the prescribed uniform of the dialectician.

Had you, any where in Crim Tartary, walled in a square enclosure; furnished it with a small, ill-chosen Library; and then turned loose into it eleven hundred Christian striplings, to tumble about as they listed, from three to seven years; certain persons, under the title of Professors, being stationed at the gates, to declare aloud that it was a University, and exact considerable admission fees, — you had, not indeed in mechanical structure, yet in spirit and result, some imperfect resemblance of our High Seminary. I say, imperfect; for if our mechanical structure was quite other, so neither was our result altogether the same: unhappily, we were not in Crim Tartary, but in a corrupt European city, full of smoke and sin; moreover, in the middle of a Public, which, without far costlier apparatus, than that of the Square Enclosure, and Declaration aloud, you could not be sure of gulling.

And gullible they were, and gullible they remain. That means kids are learning how to be dumbed-down instruction-followers by making sure to follow the instructions of adults who once themselves were kids learning how to be dumbed-down instruction-followers by making sure to follow the instructions of the previous generation’s dummies.

The dumbed-down instructors of dumber-by-the-year student bodies don’t particularly enjoy being told that they are dumb. That’s why they become political activists. No one is dumb, apparently, if everyone has the same amount of carefully-regulated sh*t floating between their ears. Dialectical analysis is, after all, about the regulations, about the rules, about the logic, dammit — but it still cannot exist, in reality, as a lone wolf discipline that excuses any person from knowing how to put words into reasonable analogical order for extended language-based analysis.

Here is what the Underground Grammarian himself, Richard Mitchell, recounted in his book Less Than Words Can Say regarding the logic of dumbed-down dialectical dummies trying to sound important:

There you sit, minding your own business and hurting no man. All at once, quite insensibly, the thing creeps into your brain. It might end up in the storage shelves of the subjunctive or the switchboard of the nonrestrictive clauses, of course, but in your case it heads for the cozy nook where the active and passive voices are balanced and adjusted. There it settles in and nibbles a bit here and a bit there. In our present state of knowledge, still dim, we have to guess that the active voice is tastier than the passive, since the destruction of the latter is very rare but of the former all too common.

So there you are with your active verbs being gnawed away. Little by little and only occasionally at first, you start saying things like: “I am told that . . .” and “This letter is being written because . . .” This habit has subtle effects. For one thing, since passives always require more words than actives, anything you may happen to write is longer than it would have been before the attack of the worm. You begin to suspect that you have a lot to say after all and that it’s probably rather important. The suspicion is all the stronger because what you write has begun to sound — well, sort of “official.” “Hmm,” you say to yourself, “Fate may have cast my lot a bit below my proper station,” or, more likely, “Hmm. My lot may have been cast by Fate a bit below my proper station.”

That worm is the handbook. That worm is the bureaucracy. That worm is the guild. Worse, that worm is the insecurity within each of us, tricking us into studying the handbooks and joining the guilds and kneeling before the bureaucracies. The NWO is trying to trick everyone into volunteering for serfdom by calling grammar “mere parts of speech” and dialectical handbooks “everyone’s reliable guide to obtaining a diploma, otherwise known as a permission slip for a job.”

Peer pressure helps with all the trickster dishonesty, the fabrication of existential insecurity by way of external browbeating that leaves each of us desperate to fit in with some artificial extension of ourselves called The Group. Such compartmentalization of the individual man or woman, the stuffing of each person into a “group” that is to become their very sense of identity, is an ongoing agenda of the dialecticians and their NWO taskmasters, an agenda that in recent centuries has become known as Cultural Marxism. Marx was a fraudster and a scumbag, of course, but detailed analysis of Marx the bourgeois parasite and his legacy of Cultural Marxism is beyond the scope of this particular emendator — for additional information about the subject, try starting here.

Recall that this emendator’s subject is public schools, and prisons, and the military, and their common — if imaginary — denominator: the State. Just where does the NWO intend to steer mankind as it attempts to enslave everyone? It’s not toward any prison. It is, instead, toward a cradle-to-grave system of military regimentation, preparing kids by way of public schools and their schoolmaster handbooks for a lifetime spent serving the one-world government as soldiers in domestic and cross-cultural affairs.

Oh, the State. Thousands of years of calling thousands of criminal enterprises either this or that kind of State in order to put a two-faced facade to the bald-faced falsehood that something called Divine Right or Social Contract could ever exist. Worse, those make-believe States always manage to bribe gullible people, using the gullible people’s own money [note: the doctor has since self-corrected historical misinformation regarding the nature of so-called money], all the while skimming more than a bit off the top, into accepting an all-too real government into their midst, a monster that “groupthink” Frankensteins stitched together from the metaphysical corpses of their former free will.

Freewill – by Rush

Forgive that youtube uploader for mistaking an instrumental bridge for a “cool long solo.” That is just another indication of how much people are being dumbed down with dialectics and commanded to ignore other elements of the Seven Liberal Arts — which include both the Trivium and Quadrivium (music, astronomy, arithmetic and geometry). Modern education is about learing how to follow the instructions of those who, as Thomas Carlyle put it, know which types of clothes to wear among the masses, who know how to follow instructions and fit in.

Around two hundred years ago, the NWO started granting this thing called a Ph.D to men who demonstrated that they understood how to “play the game,” so to speak. As Thomas Carlyle lamented, such career-path bureaucrats chose to wear the red and black of dialectics, to become those brazen Professors who shouted “University!” and looted entire populations of despairing parents. Ph.Ds created new Ph.Ds, conjuring a self-professed authority for granting titles of Professor, and like a mold they spread.

North American members of the NWO, with their spiffy new States, sent to Prussia shipfuls of sons of sons-of-bitches, who returned with ample training to train others in the craft of manipulating all aspiring students either toward the guild of that preprogrammed craft or toward the four winds. Entrepreneurs and other artists resisted the siege of these black-robed usurpers, but the NWO had its monstrous governments ready to intervene on behalf of its connected brethren. The rest has been a slippery slope toward today’s reality show gazers.

While I marvelled at these things in turn, now recognizing some earthly object, now lifting my soul upwards as my body had been, I thought of looking at the book of Augustine’s Confessions, the gift of your love … I opened the little volulme, of handy size but of infinite charm, in order to read whatever met my eye, for nothing could meet it but what was pious and devout. I opened it by chance at the tenth book, while my brother stood intent to hear Augustine speak by mouth. I call God to witness, and my listener too, that these were the words on which my eyes fell: “Men go abroad to admire the heights of mountains … and themselves they neglect.” I confess I was amazed: and begging my brother, who was eager to hear more, not to trouble me, I closed the book, indignant with myself that at that very moment I was admiring earthly things.

Petrarch, being a poet and grammarian, had many more important things to say about the differences between reality and the matrix, but it’s economist and historian Murray Rothbard who tipped off recent generations with his book Education: Free and Compulsory, so he gets to provide a final breeze of refreshing erudition (if not eloquence — note his common reliance on passive-voice sentence structure):

We need not linger long over the status of education in ancient Greece and Rome. In Athens, the original practice of compulsory state education later gave way to a voluntary system. In Sparta, on the other hand, an ancient model for modern totalitarianism, the State was organized as one vast military camp, and the children were seized by the State and educated in barracks to the ideal of State obedience. Sparta realized the full logical conclusion of the compulsory system; absolute State control over the “whole child”; uniformity and education in passive obedience to State orders. The most important consequence of this system was that it provided the ideal for Plato, who made this educational system the basis of his ideal State, as set forth in the Republic and the Laws. Plato’s “Utopia” was the first model for later despotisms — compulsory education and obedience were stressed, there was “communism” of children among the elite “guardians” who also had no private property, and lying was considered a proper instrument for the State to use in its indoctrination of the people.

It is hardly coincidence that the most notoriously despotic State in Europe — Prussia — was the first to have a national system of compulsory education, nor that the original inspiration, as we have seen, was Luther and his doctrine of obedience to State absolutism. As Mr. Twentyman put it: “State interference in education was almost coincident with the rise of the Prussian state.”

Hand in hand with the compulsory school system [in Prussia] went a revival and great extension of the army, and in particular the institution of universal compulsory military service.

Calvin E. Stowe, one of the prominent American educators of the day, wrote a report on the Prussian system and praised it as worthy of imitation here. Stowe lauded Prussia; although under the absolute monarchy of Frederick William III, it was the “best-educated” country in the world. Not only were there public schools in the elementary and higher grades, for pre-university and pre-business students, but also 1,700 teachers’ seminaries for the training of future state teachers. Furthermore, there were stringent laws obliging parents to send their children to the schools. Children had to attend the schools between the ages of seven and fourteen, and no excuses were permitted except physical inability or absolute idiocy. Parents of truants were warned, and finally punished by fines, or by civil disabilities, and as a last resort, the child was taken from its parents and educated and reared by the local authorities.

By the 1820s, [professional educator] goals of compulsion and statism were already germinating over [these United States], and particularly flourishing in New England, although the individualist tradition was still strong. One factor that increased the power of New England in diffusing the collectivist idea in education was the enormous migration from that area. New Englanders swarmed south and west out of New England, and carried their zeal for public schooling and for State compulsion with them.

Into this atmosphere was injected the closest that the country had seen to Plato’s idea, of full State communistic control over the children. This was the plan of two of the first socialists in America — Frances Wright and Robert Dale Owen. Owen was the son of one of the first British “Utopian” Socialists, and with Robert Owen, his father, had attempted an experiment in a voluntary-communist community in New Harmony, Indiana. Frances Wright was a Scotswoman who had also been at New Harmony, and with Owen, opened a newspaper called the Free Enquirer. Their main objective was to campaign for their compulsory education system. Wright and Owen outlined their scheme as follows: “It is national, rational, republican education; free for all at the expense of all; conducted under the guardianship of the State, and for the honor, the happiness, the virtue, the salvation of the state.”

The major aim of the plan was that equality be implanted in the minds, the habits, the manners, and the feelings, so that eventually fortunes and conditions would be equalized. Instead of the intricate apparatus of common schools, high schools, seminaries, etc., Wright and Owen advocated that the states simply organize a series of institutions for the “general reception” of all children living within that district. These establishments would be devoted to the complete rearing of the various age groups of children. The children would be forced to live at these places twenty-four hours a day. The parents would be allowed to visit their children from time to time. From the age of two every child would be under the care and guidance of the State.

The idea that the school should not simply teach subjects, but should educate the “whole child” in all phases of life, is obviously an attempt [by American bureaucrat-gangsters] to arrogate to the State all the functions of the home. It is an attempt to accomplish the molding of the child without actually seizing him as in the plans of Plato or Owen.

Seriously, if someone within earshot cries that courses in language and arts must be sacrificed for the greater good of teaching math and science to all kids (note the presumption that such a crier would cry with a passive voice — implying that others need to take care of all the proverbial dirty work), tell them to double-time it back to grammar school.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: is a government less real than a football team (or a religion)?

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a bunch of people kicking a round ball across a pitch or a bunch of people running with a pigskin across a gridiron — or even the Australian version thereof — if there’s a game called football in existence then there’s also going to exist a certain thing called a football team. Team, club, whatever. The point is, if the game was just imaginary, nothing but a fantasy that someone dreamed up, then even though creating a thing called a “football team” might be nonsensical such a team-without-purpose would still exist, because the concept of a team is simply the way by which people describe two or more individuals cooperating to reach a desired goal (such as winning by default the trophy for “Greatest Football Team Ever”).

Other examples of individuals teaming up have nothing to do with sport. Musicians start bands, orchestras, etc. Entrepreneurs create businesses, corporations, etc. Wage earners form unions, guilds, etc. Criminals join gangs, syndicates, etc. The general term for all of them, footballers included, is voluntary association. You choose to have associations with other people.

You never stray, though, from the path of being you. Deciding one afternoon to do something that many others chose to do as well doesn’t turn those multiple coincidences into a group action. Whether a person is passing by others while walking down a sidewalk or working at one desk among many in an office, each of us constantly coordinates our individual actions with those of others in an attempt to achieve some kind of goal that each person decided would be best for their future interests (e.g. “I don’t want to collide with any window shoppers here because I have to get to a meeting back at the office to discuss next year’s production targets”).

Much of the time, individual efforts become coordinated without any complex communication being necessary. For every formal office meeting there are a thousand strangers walking down the sidewalk who will use brief moments of eye contact with passersby to help each navigate around the other. Even formal meetings reduce to each person making individual pledges to those present regarding good-faith efforts to complete the different portions of the project under discussion.

Sometimes, regrettably, individuals agree to work in coordination to defraud some others who aren’t present at any kind of meeting where the fraud is under discussion. An example of such conspiratorial behavior is found among members of crime syndicates. Governments, which exist through forced “contributions” called taxes, fees and inflation of the money supply [note: the doctor has since self-corrected historical misinformation regarding the nature of so-called money], are particular examples of such syndicates.

There is no voluntary agreement by which any man or woman claiming to represent a government gets to take your time or your wealth. That doesn’t mean, however, that governments don’t exist. A popular assertion among modern anarchists is that governments are imaginary. They are no such thing.

Governments exist every bit as much as any team or any orchestra. Think of it this way: you might not like other kinds of crime syndicates trying to defraud you, yet those other crime syndicates still exist, pretending like the muggers & extortionists & rapists & murderers they are that an argumentation fallacy known in the vernacular as Appeal To The Stick constitutes sufficient authority over others. As Bowery Boys and bureaucrats will agree: “You don’t wanna cause yourself to get hurt, so just go right on ahead and obey whatever external caprice comes down on you as officialdom.”

No, governments are all too real. What’s imaginary is the so-called Social Contract, as make-believe as the concept of Divine Right. Each man and woman, regardless of age, is in possession of a permanent individual jurisdiction resulting from their birth, a jurisdiction which persists all the way to their outermost layer of skin. That is the territory within which each may pass any law, and within that particular territory the sole inhabitant can hold one person to the lawful standards they create.

Outside all those individual jurisdictions lies the concept of society. Societies are real, each a voluntary association featuring exactly one property: an interplay of reputations. There are no inherent or potential laws, except by way of fraud. There are no inherent or potential rights, except by way of fraud. There are no involuntary contracts, except by way of fraud.

Depending on the set of self-styled laws that a person chooses to impose upon their own actions within their own jurisdiction of flesh and mind, others might accuse them at some point of committing fraud. A reputation is a delicate thing, no one owns the slightest bit of theirs for each is the exclusive property of society — each exists only as part of the ongoing interplay. In turn, a set of reputations that is undergoing constant changes in both size and consequence represents each society’s one and only property.

When a person pays little heed to either the design or the implementation of their jurisdictional authority over themselves, when others consider a person’s actions as dangerous to their reputation, that’s when the person in question starts to exist more and more outside the boundaries of society. Existing outside the boundaries of society is about as dangerous as life can ever get. Society itself cannot punish anyone, because there is no such thing as group action, but plenty of individuals exist who would be willing to face the consequences of their decision to hunt down and kill someone who they feel is no more a part of society than any other animal. Hatfields and McCoys are incapable of genocide, but a succession of President Hatfields and Prime Minister McCoys is guaranteed to “give it the college try” after concluding that “citizens” are not “behaving properly.”

How, then, do fraudsters wanting more properties for themselves — but not wanting to be hunted down like an animal — manage to trick others into believing that some Social Contract nonsense turns certain people into legitimate stewards of society’s misnomered commonwealth? There is only one possible way: behavioralist mind control.

As far as mind control swindles go, inventing a government to claim rulership under a pretext of something like Divine Right or Social Contract is right up there with any blind-faith ministry. Governments, though, while real, are not religions.

“Government is a religion” is another popular misconception among well-intentioned anarchists. Both governments and religious insitutions claim certain rights to the properties of others, and both show as purported evidence of those invented rights some additional claim that approaches Divine Right, and both trick as many people as possible into believing such claims by way of ritual-based mind control. Where they differ is where all philosophies differ: one invents stories about what will happen to material bodies and the other invents stories about what will happen after death to a spirit or a soul. To put it in secular terms, one tries to force you to obey its commands by threatening you with punishment while you’re still alive and the other tries to force you to obey its commands by threatening you with punishment in the unknowable afterlife.

Neither is the same as the other. Each is half of a one-two combination that beats up opponents of social engineering with cheap shots of terror to the body and the spirit. One deals in syllogism, the other in song, and in sequence the two pillage reputations — but the two are not the same.

The individuals themselves, though, are still real, those self-professed authorities claiming personal jurisdiction over others from behind a facade of so-called official existentialism and groupthink fiction (e.g. “You are only as free as the group permits you to be”). Likely, it’s best to concern oneself with affecting the impression that others have of one’s reputation, and to act as though those people out there making claims of extra-dermal jurisdiciton are cruel animals existing somewhere other than society. That might be the key to thriving in the tomorrow following today, the tomorrow following this petty Age, and the tomorrow following each individual’s final, fleeting thought.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: do they know it’s eugenics?

Twenty-nine years ago this month, one of the top songs on radio station playlists was “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid, a collection of British musicians that included Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. Citing the famine that NWO trade restrictions were causing in Ethiopia, Bob and Midge convinced a number of their friends, including members of Duran Duran, Culture Club, and U2, to record a song for the starving Africans. Not to be outdone, American musicians such as Harry Belafonte, Michael Jackson, and Lionel Ritchie produced their own Ethiopian charity song called “We Are The World.” Bryan Adams and David Foster then wrote a little ditty called “Tears Are Not Enough” for Canadian musicians to record. A shiny video accompanied each song, designed to make the adoring public go “Awwwwwwww” as they watched narcissists pretend to put aside their petty differences for one day.

In case the onslaught of holiday-guilt songs wasn’t enough to pry money out of the public’s hands [note: the doctor has since self-corrected historical misinformation regarding the nature of so-called money], promoters set up a concert for July 1985 to keep the [so-called] money flowing. Live Aid featured two concerts on the same day, one in London and one in Philadelphia, with many of the same artists from the recorded songs as well as others who wanted to jump on the narcissist bandwagon. The singles and concerts spawned an entire musical “aid” movement, including Farm Aid, Hear n’ Aid, Sun City and, more recently, Bono’s One charity (the name approximates the percentage of donations that actually go toward helping people). Twenty years after Live Aid, Geldof used the anniversary to promote Live 8, a series of charity concerts to be held around the world in conjuntion with a G8 summit in Scotland, all billed as a celebratory remedy for global poverty. Yeah, exactly.

Meahwhile, a subsequent investigation into the Live Aid concerts revealed that much of the $140+ million dollars raised went to purchase not food but rather weapons for a rebel group engaged in the Ethiopian conflict. Bob Geldof, “please address him as Sir” by this point after being knighted for his toady actions, was vehement about his denial of all accusations. Recently, critics also exposed Bono’s One charity, with revelations that only one percent of funds raised has been going to charity. The remainder goes to employee salaries and oh-so padded expense accounts, and that right there is how the non-profit game is played.

Why do massive fundraising scams for “global poverty/famine/climate” continue to swindle the public? The answer lies in the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control program. Starting in the 1950’s, the CIA began producing slaves with undetectable mind control programming by using many of the torture and trauma-based techniques they gleaned from the success of Germany’s National Socialist scientific experimentation during WWII. Spooks used mind control slaves for a variety of purposes: as assassins, as couriers of sensitive political information, and as sexual servants. Many of these slaves ended up in Hollywood, programmed to perform as propaganda-spouting puppets, completely under the control of their handlers.

USO shows entertaining troops overseas, which for many decades MI6 agent Bob Hope helped to produce and perform, are the most obvious examples of using Hollywood mind control slaves for intelligence activities. Hope not only carried coded messages between NWO agents acting as “leaders” of various nation states, he also controlled up and coming sex kitten slaves including Marilyn Monroe, Ann Margaret, and Brooke Shields.

Now that the NWO has fine-tuned its promotional engine for Celebrity With A Cause-Du-Jour, it bombards everyone with slicker and slicker campaigns to “save” all sorts of things. Bono wants you to hand over [so-called] money for climate change. Geldof insists there’s another famine in Africa. Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz want you to give up guns. Leonardo DiCaprio wants you to pretend that polar bears are sweltering. Angelina Jolie wants you to chop off your breasts. George Clooney wants you to save Darfur from … something.

Remember: each supports an agenda more sinister than what is being sold to the audience.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: grunt much?

At last, evidence of a deliberate NWO plan to dumb down modern generations has entered the sphere of common knowledge. Throughout history, those who claimed Philosopher King status have only ever differentiated themselves from the rest of mankind by tricking as many people as possible into volunteering for a lifetime of ignorance. Today the cheaters continue to cheat, and most of the cheated carry on still not knowing much more than to agree that things ain’t right.

Some ancient texts from the Roman Empire detailed instructions — instructions that by Roman times were ancient already — about how to keep serfs under control: make sure they never get enough education to recognize themselves as victims of fraud. Charlotte Iserbyt wrote, and speaks these days, about how such fraud continues to affect the modern world, how the modern incarnation of a Roman “Bread & Circus” incantation keeps the vast majority of men and women under a kind of impoverishing spell. The programming begins as soon as a person is old enough to understand words, continues throughout the schooling years, and culminates in a caste system which benefits the NWO at the expense of those who have become convinced that “total yards gained” and “fifty shades of this-n-that” are important considerations for adult study and discussion.

Ms. Iserbyt represents a good point of reference for discovering the historic criminal agenda, a locus of thoughtfulness wedged between a past and near-future of determined idioticrization. The ongoing audacity of the scams she exposes is a kick-in-the-teeth reminder of how those who fail to learn from something something…

Here’s the thing: the dumbing down of mankind has been going on for many centuries, with the Prussian system of schools as indoctrination centers being only the most recent revision of a long-standing crime. Whenever you hear “School to Work” or “Common Core,” recall a simple rhyming aphorism: it’s the Trivium schism.

The dialecticians worked long & hard on their grand swindle. They used rhetoric, a third element of the Trivium concerned with eloquent persuasion, to trick people into the erroneous impression that an “enlightenment” had come about (a luciferian term if ever there was one), that grammar was antiquated and that future big shots would concentrate on interpreting the universe with dialectics. They presented a mirror image — another luciferian trick — as their so-called improved universal model, calling the abstraction known as dialectics “clear and precise” while dismissing grammar’s concreteness as “theism poetics.”

The results have been devastating. Very few people today have an adequate comprehension of the Trivium. Many are barely literate at all, and those who can read have either taken the bait about “more science at school and less art” or have taken the bait about needing to react to dialectical bullying by insisting that a “New Age” has dawned in which icky scientists will go away forever and everything will become one big sing-along love-in. The bottom line goal for the NWO, as it is with its similarly manufactured gender “struggles” or race “struggles” or lifestyle “struggles” or national “struggles,” is plain old divide & conquer.

Richard Mitchell recognized the scam, as did Marshall McLuhan and John Henry Newman before him. They demonstrated that arguments against grammarians are as damaging to the Trivium as arguments against dialecticians have always been, that comprehensive education starts with a solid foundation of all three elements: grammar, dialectics and rhetoric.

Charlotte Iserbyt, a contemporary of Mitchell, applied such theoretical lamentations to the specifics of American schools around the turn of the 21st Century. Even Ms. Iserbyt, though, wasn’t able to anticipate what the NWO was preparing for the “connected generation.”

The new pablum

“This is so much better than breastfeeding”

Thumb Goes Up

It’s like ringing a bell for a salivating dog

Try to cut one another some better slack than the NWO pretends to offer through its handbooks of universal compliance. Each of us suffered targeted programming during childhood that was intended to throw us back toward the basics, language-wise. The so-called official education now requires little more than an ability to follow a set of instructions, while the so-called official day in court still involves hostages being on the receiving end of an attack from a dead language. There’s your fair hearing, serf, you reached the end of that slack the NWO promised and now the rope is going to break something.

Words are getting the simplification treatment, lowering expectations, lowering abilities. Soon enough, governments will manage to secure trillions more in plunder-funding for the MIC through a covert encouragement of homeschooling (without lowering taxation robbery), a double-plus good win for the NWO as such fundamental changes also guarantee a one-world caste system where tomorrow’s kids learn best the things their parents learned during childhood — while both parents and children still seek government permission for so-called official worker certification (which the serfs call “diplomas” and “degrees” within an institutionalized system of accreditation fraud).

Lack of proper Trivium preparation leads to a society of literal half-wits. To click “like” is to grunt. People pretend to have real relationships with avatars they encounter online. They allow machines to establish a first-name basis. They insist that clicking “like” is inconsequential after the NWO has already changed their behavior pattern.

They, the typical products of modern programming, none of them is a Borges, and not one can even become an Einstein anymore because being either of those things requires being full-witted. So don’t be typical. Deprogram yourself, and then enrol in grammar school.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: mirror mirror on the … what’s with all the mirrors?

Recently, representatives from the New York Public Library revealed library archives containing a stash of video games that LSD-promoting CIA asset and hippie-counterculture fraud Timothy Leary developed during the 1980s. One game, Mind Mirror, which he based on his Ph.D thesis “The Social Dimensions of Personality,” encouraged players to create, role-play and evaluate different personalities. The CIA was pleased with his theories on personality, so much so that it commissioned him to develop a series of tests based on his research.

Just days before the library announcement, Arcade Fire released a video for “Reflektor,” a single from the band’s latest album of the same name. This video features:

  • a man made from bits of fractured mirrors
  • the mirror house in which he lives
  • disco balls
  • a mirrored pond into which Narcissus band members stare
  • lyrics repeating in hypnotic fashion that it’s all “…just a reflection of a reflection of a reflection”

Earlier in 2013, two other reliable mind-control puppets contributed to this reflective trend: Justin Timberlake with his single “Mirrors,” and Beyonce’s ad for Pepsi, also called “Mirrors,” which features her standing in front of a mirror watching past images of herself.

Pop culture’s fascination with mirrors is not just a random trend, or even a recent one. Mirrors play a significant role in luciferian Monarch Mind Control programming. Such slaves perceive multiple mirror images throughout their mind, representing the fractured remnants of a core identity. Like a broken mirror, none of the fragments reflects the whole. Each fragment can become a separate identity, with some slaves having thousands of alters complete with different talents, skills, and personalities. Images of broken mirrors can represent a slave’s many false personalities, or even — if it’s the slave creating the image — an attempt to break free from programming.

Selected slaves undergo programming from a young age, including games that involve identifying matched items (the childhood “Match Game”) and standing in front of distorted circus mirrors. This regimentation helps to build mirror images in the developing mind, so targets come to see themselves only as reflections of something else. Programmers also use children’s books such as Through the Looking Glass and Snow White as important tools. Disney, obviously, is a big contributor to the system, pretending to own so-called rights to many of those children’s tales, churning out generational “child star” slaves like Annette Funicello, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus.

Hello other me

“Hello, other me”

Discarded mind control slaves who have been “thrown from the freedom train” (killed) often presented posthumous evidence of the use of mirrors in their programming. Marilyn Monroe’s home, according to her former housekeeper, was filled with floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls plus mirrored counters and table-tops. Lyrics to Jimi Hendrix’s song “Room Full of Mirrors” include:

I used to live in a room full of mirrors
All I could see was me
Well I take my spirit and I smash my mirrors
Now the whole world is here for me to see

Hendrix’s former handlers didn’t see fit, of course, to release that particular song until after his 1970 death in London, England. By the end of his life, Hendrix was already afraid of his handlers, claiming that his manager Michael Jeffrey and girlfriend Monika Danneman were not acting with his best interests in mind, to say the least, and that he would only ever see Seattle again from the inside of a pine box (Jeffrey allegedly confessed two days after Hendrix’s death to being involved in his murder). “Room Full of Mirrors” emerged in 1971 on a posthumous album titled “Rainbow Bridge,” which itself is an occulted symbol of passing over (death) as suggested within these lines from Dante’s epic Middle Ages poem The Divine Comedy:

And even as the air, when full of rain,
By alien rays that are therein reflected,
With divers colours shows itself adorned,
So there the neighbouring air doth shape itself
Into that form which doth impress upon it
Virtually the soul that has stood still.

As a matter of fact, Jimi Hendrix was working on a double LP album at the time of his death, an album which would have included the song “Room Full of Mirrors” as well as other occult-like titles such as “Flying Night Bird” (Moloch) and “Belly Button Window” (window to the soul). In 1997, that in-progress album also got a posthumous release, under the occult-like title “First Rays of the New Rising Sun.”

Hendrix wasn’t the only musician to fracture and then get used both during life and after death. Michael Jackson wrote a song called “Man in the Mirror,” and allegedly forbade his children from looking at mirror-image reflections of their true selves. When Jackson began to speak out about “devils” bullying his family and started naming names, he became marked for an early death.

Luciferians also like to use the ancient Atbash cypher to reverse-order letters in a coded message, and sometimes they’ll even present mirrored text as a symbol of their mind control efforts. Often, though, it can be hard to tell the deliberate from the naive. The logo for Madonna’s new Art for Freedom project is the word “REVOLUTION” with “EVOL” portrayed as mirrored text. The Ron Paul “revolution” uses the exact same mirrored text tactic. Luciferian? Go ahead and decide that for yourself.

The most recent collection of songs and videos into which the NWO embedded mirrors as a reminder that the performers are mere puppets includes:

  • Katy Perry, “Wide Awake”
  • Rihanna, “SOS”
  • Lady Gaga & Beyonce, “Telephone”
  • Lil Wayne & Bruno Mars, “Mirror”
  • Sigur Rós, “Fjögur Píanó”
  • Britney Spears, “Girl in the Mirror”

Is Ms. Spears the “girl” to Jackson’s “man?” Is she afraid to speak out, desperate instead to shave her head and rid herself of all those manufactured images? The next time you see mirrors and broken mirrors in popular culture, pity the targets of luciferian Monarch Mind Control.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: are the FMSM and EMSM selling you quality Putin products?

Quick, name the other “hero,” besides the manufactured Snowden character, whom the FMSM (Former Mainstream Media) and EMSM (Emerging Mainstream Media) have been touting lately. His name is a part of the subheading above, so it’s not much of a test.

The FMSM/EMSM are in a bind. Their parade of lies no longer works very well, yet they must continue to grovel to the NWO with make-believe news and green-screen “live reports.” The desperation has become palpable. The marathons have become movie sets.

Somehow, Vladimir Putin of the KGB has become a “hero.” He disagrees with Barack Obama. He pretends to disagree with Barack Obama. The FMSM/EMSM know that people are disillusioned with the one phony, so they reworked a standard election-cycle script to trick people into believing that the other phony is some kind of potential savior. It’s a one-world extravaganza of Hopey-Changey, during which — this time and for what the NWO hopes is the “end of history” last time — the main plot device promises to be a blue helmet.

The NWO handlers agree on a script behind closed doors, and then either hire or hijack talent to perform those scripted “hero” and “villain” roles. The actors themselves aren’t always self-professed leaders of so-called Nation States — sometimes important characters don’t even know that they’ve been scripted onto the Big Lie stage. Jessica Lynch comes to mind, as does David Koresh.

The scripted-hero-scripted-villain strategy is by no means a modern phenomenon. Conquerors always write their own stories for posterity, which is why revisionist historical scholarship remains so vital. Churchill? Lincoln? Others? Is it likely that Josephus revealed The Christ? Was Plato sincere when he insisted that aristocrats like himself are naturally inclined to hold dominion over other men and women?

In the same vein: is either Putin or Obama your buddy?

Sure, Putin doesn’t mind killing to maximize political mileage. He doesn’t mind stealing pensions to showcase continuity of government. He is a Barack Obama — or a Bush, or a Clinton, or any number of “leaders” whose phoniness throughout the centuries has been exemplified by consistency and completeness (recall that the terms leader and follower are nothing but temporal metaphors).

Here’s the playbook: the NWO stays ahead of you by first anticipating your reaction to scripted frauds known as media leaks, and then trotting out another handled actor from its stable to start portraying, as far as you’re concerned, an alternative, a solution. When people start getting wise to a front nicknamed Spookle, everyone starts hearing about how they simply must switch to this other site over here that is totally trustworthy according to people pretending to be in a position to steer choices. The NWO and its historical crime syndicate ancestors have applied a similar strategy to every government ever — it ends up being the broadcasters, the columnists, the criers, the courtiers, who enjoy a steady commission from their advantageous appreciation of laziness among seekers of news. The internet, however, allows people to become their own investigators, so the institutionalized systems of mind control are busy trying to remind everyone that they must continue to consider info-laziness as a virtue.

As any avatar doctissimus from any century could tell you, Vladimir Putin will remain one thing for life: a NWO stooge. Start giving the FMSM and EMSM all the ridicule they deserve.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: do you PROMIS to admire those so-called media leakers you’re told to admire?

It’s difficult to read the news these days without being bombarded with headlines about NSA domestic and international spying programs. The FMSM (Former Mainstream Media) continue to portray Edward Snowden as a hero, a blower of whistles, a poster-boy savior of all things … FMSM.

Think about these reasons, offered in ascending order of importance to the NWO, that “The Snowden” was manufactured and disseminated:

  • There were actual leakers like Bradley Manning [note: opinion amended] threatening exposure of never-before-seen scandals. Something else had to “steal the thunder” from those legitimate heroes.
  • The FMSM is now stuck with its “Former” qualifier. That old-school propaganda machine needed a “hero journalist” to bring forth a compelling story from the “real deal” global media which would trick the masses into thinking that adding an “F” to “MSM” had been rash, had been a mistake.
  • Companies with nicknames like Spookle and Facespook couldn’t simply claim “Are not!” when faced with mounting evidence — evidence publicized before anyone had ever heard of any “Snowden” character — about hand-in-glove comradeship with spook agencies. The NWO needed a titillating and sensational “scandal” pointing fingers at those specters known as spooks (who are all but impossible to finger in any corporeal way), in order to give a false sense of credibility to important spooked-up companies which, post-Snowden, have come out with a PR blitz about how they are “standing behind consumers in their struggle against government this-n-that.”

Is Snowden even his real name? Is he even a real person? The FMSM has called him both “Eric” and “Edward,” has portrayed him variously as an employee of the CIA, the NSA, Dell, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Eric/Edward Snowden is no hero — he’s not even a leaker of anything that wasn’t already out in the wild — and any understanding of America’s domestic and international spying history is incomplete without looking into the PROMIS scandal.

PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information System) was software that a company called INSLAW created for the Carter administration’s Department of Justice. PROMIS enabled users to track individual cases within the court system by searching through disparate databases. After the DoJ received initial copies of the software, though, it turned around and stole the code, sold it to overseas intelligence agencies, then drove INSLAW into bankruptcy — but not before inserting a backdoor into the software which allowed it to spy on the activities of America’s so-called allies.

Bill and Nancy Hamilton, owners of INSLAW and creators of PROMIS, did not realize that stolen copies of their software existed until they received a call from the RCMP requesting versions in French. INSLAW never sold software to the RCMP, and its investigation into how a foreign law enforcement agency obtained copies led them to take on the DoJ, the White House, and the CIA.

Ed Meese, under guidance from then-president Reagan, was the DoJ stooge who orchestrated the PROMIS theft, and Dr. Earl Brian, one of Reagan’s close associates-in-nefariousness, brokered sales to overseas agencies using BCCI’s help to facilitate payments (remember the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International?). A man named Michael Riconosciuto was responsible for programming the backdoor into PROMIS. Riconosciuto was an employee of both the CIA and Wackenhut Corporation at the time of the theft, a whiz-kid in engineering and technology who now rots in a US jail cell on trumped-up drug charges that were his reward for signing affidavits to confirm knowledge of and participation in the alteration of INSLAW’s software. Riconosciuto asserted that he helped reverse-engineer the software at Wackenhut’s facility on the Cabazon Indian Reserve, near Indio, California.

Besides spying on foreign military and intelligence agencies, spooks also used PROMIS to track international money laundering transactions [note: the doctor has since self-corrected historical misinformation regarding the nature of so-called money], as well as internet activity, all to better manage the American government’s crime syndicate assets. Keeping in mind connections between Laurel Canyon luciferianism and the Homebrew Computer Club, plus the rise of the PC computer industry in the 1970s and 1980s featuring “whiz-kids” like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, plus CIA-funded activities at the Stanford Research Institute using LSD and other mind-control pharmaceuticals, plus the MIC’s creation of HIV, Gulf War Syndrome and Mad Cow Disease, plus Riconosciuto claims of biological and chemical weapons research at the Cabazon-Wackenhut facility, plus the sudden rise in “mental health issues,” plus the continuing agenda push for “Common Core” subservience toward computers, it isn’t difficult to surmise that PRISM, the current US government data-mining program, is a continuation of the “promise” of PROMIS, and that music festivals like Coachella — which takes place just outside Indio — are giant eugenicist petri dishes.

Indeed, there are direct connections to The Octopus itself. The PROMIS/PRISM story is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Those main players involved in the theft of PROMIS, the creation of PRISM, and other activities surrounding pharma-technocracy fraud make appearances among the most significant moments and movements of the 1960s through 2010’s, including — just to name a few and in no particular order: hippie “counter culture,” Manson Family, Altamont, Erhard Seminars Training, “444 days plus one October Surprise,” Iran-Contra, BCCI, Lennon’s murder, the murder attempt on Reagan, urban “hip hop culture,” Waco, Heaven’s Gate, Oklahoma City, Whitewater, the invasion of Panama, 9/11, SSRI-cide, “The Cloud,” bitcoin, and the recent ramp-up toward war with Syria, war with Iran, and yet another World War. Do you really think Ben Affleck gave you the straight story about hostages in Tehran? Do you really think Ashton Kutcher channeled Jobsian genius? Do you really think you get what Esalen is all about?

There are no heroes in this latest story, either, no Eric/Edward Snowden, no Julian Sands (alias Julian Assange), no Sibel Edmonds, no Sorcha Faal, no Pepe Escobar — none of the commissioned Change Agents paraded in front of the public as noble (liars) and brave (new world) whistleblowers. There is, however, a long list of dead journalists and others who sit in jail for attempting to expose PROMIS/PRISM, starting with Danny Casolaro, Paul Wilcher, Michael Riconosciuto, and Bill Tyree.

They track you and they drug you, and Aldous Huxley was one of them. They are the NWO.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: when pointing fingers of blame, are you still following NWO orders?

Anyone who believes that proof of fraud within the term “private central bank” is either the word “private” or the word “bank” is someone who has been swindled NWO-style. Try looking instead at the other word.

Has the NWO tricked you into claiming that capital wields influence? Capital itself? Those inanimate objects?

Has the NWO programmed you to believe in the existence of “public” anything? Or even — and what’s more — that such a thing could ever possibly exist?

Try this thought experiment …

  1. Picture a hypothetical terrorist bombing inside some cafe somewhere in the world.
  2. Picture a hypothetical mass murder happening somewhere by way of a car plowing through a crowd of pedestrians.
  3. Picture a hypothetical stabbing fatality in some dark alley.
  4. Picture a hypothetical movie theater shooting with consequent funerals.

If you are NWO-programmed, you would consider one of those hypothetical scenarios as being fundamentally different. You would be demonstrating that you have been tricked successfully into confusion about what’s what.

That’s not even the half of it. A woman or man who insists that there are too such things as “public” this or that is demonstrating that they have been tricked successfully into confusion about what’s what. All wealth, all property, is always under the control of p-r-i-v-a-t-e hands. Every word ever uttered about “creating a public <insert here>” has been either an admission of intent to defraud or an admission of having taken to heart something that would-be fraudsters proposed.

That Park Ranger over there, he’s a private security guard under contract to protect private property from unwanted intrusion. He performs the exact same function as that woman over there wearing the mall cop uniform. A constable on patrol? A bouncer at a nightclub? A soldier with someone in the cross-hairs of her rifle scope? All things are private interests at all times — it’s merely a conjured magnitude of ancient deceit which makes one or another of us lose sight of the bigger picture.

Such is the gossamer veil that protects the NWO and its minion horde. NWO members want control over all wealth. The only way to achieve such a wretched goal, as they themselves concluded many centuries ago, is to convince as many people as possible that the NWO and its corresponding horde are simply stewards of property and not owners to whom the benefits of ownership accrue.

But hey, that’s also not even the half of it. Do you think you own anything whatsoever? You do, of course, own each thing you acquired without defrauding anyone, but the self-professed stewards still claim to have legitimate dibs over it all. Your labor, your house, your gold — your very life — are subject to fabricated confiscation if certain individuals declare that some other things they desire are more important. Your private property becomes a bureaucracy’s private property and then gets redistributed into yet other private hands. The names of the bureaucracies & bureaucrats might change over time, just like there might be changes to the storefronts or the security personnel at the mall. The difference between a bureaucracy and a mall is as follows: only one pretends to be in a position to demand a transfer of property between you and it.

Confused? That’s an indication of how well the programming is doing its job. All cult members will deny that they have been programmed, and the “New World Order” gets programmed into every individual from the time that each is old enough to comprehend words. Recall the previous thought experiment, and consider the following brief discussions:

The hypothetical bombing
“Did you hear about the bombing?”
“I know, who could ever do such a cowardly thing?”

The hypothetical pedestrian massacre
“Did you hear about the guy who ran down all those people?”
“I know, what was that maniac thinking?”

The hypothetical stabbing
“Did you hear about the woman downtown who got stabbed?”
“I know, what kind of scumbag resorts to mugging others?”

The hypothetical mass shooting
“Did you hear about the guy who shot up that movie theater?”
“I know, when are guns going to be banned?”

The programming achieves similar results elsewhere. American “Tea Partiers” and “Occupiers” are outstanding examples. Those who are programmed tend to seek different stewards instead of addressing the actual fraud enslaving them. The “one percenters” and the “ninety-nine percenters” want the same thing — they differ merely on which of them should be empowered to force conformity from others.

Freedom is in no way empowering, and only freedom counts.

** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: you say you want a revolution?

Try being less gullible. You are blinded, and you are stumbling into a NWO trap.

Do you consider yourself to be awake to the encroaching one-world tyranny? How much would you be willing to bet on that? If you have concluded that the proper way to defeat the NWO is through revolution, through “People Power,” then you are a partner to the very conspiracy you’ve been tricked into thinking you’re opposing.

You wouldn’t be the first. On smaller scales, literally millions of people have fallen for the same ruses about “order,” “authority,” “change,” and “hope.”

  • 1920: “Kill all the Kulaks.” Those Useful Idiots (as Lenin considered them) were quite wrong about their decision to lend a hand toward committing mass murder.
  • 1938: “Get rid of all the hook-nosed merchants.” More Useful Idiots, German in that case, leading to a similar mass-murderous result.
  • 1966: “Destroy all foreign cultural influences.” Members of the Red Guard were young, they were naive, they were indoctrinated, and they became mass murderers.
  • 1975: “March them all out of the cities and into the killing fields.” The Khmer Rouge understood that by recruiting the youngest teens capable of wielding Kalashnikiovs, it would be that much easier to commit mass murder against intellectuals both real and imagined (pretty much anyone wearing eyeglasses).

Those don’t even cover every example from the 20th century, and there are dozens more centuries to consider. All who were tricked into becoming Useful Idiots had one thing in common: they were confident in their conclusions about the evils afflicting their lives.

Your revolutionary confidence, like theirs, is misguided. There are those within the NWO who are calling you, word for word, a Useful Idiot. Revolutionaries are u-s-e-f-u-l to the NWO, it wants global revolution.

A con man’s success doesn’t come from taking away your confidence. A con man succeeds because he tricks you into believing that his confidence is a reflection of your own. Agitprop is a tool of trade for NWO con artists. If you believe that current world crises stem from the banksters, or the immigrants, or the corporations, or the stoners, or the Big Pharm pushers, then you have been tricked NWO-style. Crime syndicates like the MIC are mere symptoms of a greater and more terrible crime syndicate.

The very definition of the word revolution guarantees that things will end up right where they started. Try being less gullible.