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Behold another way that regulations kill

The only ethical society is one which no one ever attempts running at all — laissez faire, or else you’re guaranteed to end up supporting something that makes eugenicists giddy with serf-sacrifice anticipation.

Recall, though, that there is no such thing as altruism because people weigh the costs & benefits of donating kidneys in the same way they make any economic calculation — they will proceed if and only if they conclude that they will earn psychic profit in the form of feeling better about themselves in the future. This is why it is imperative to include not only the variable of self esteem in your economic calculations, but also the variables of self respect and an estimation of what this or that action might do to your reputation — grifters & thugs do immoral things because they consider only the bling or the celebrity that they will gain by defrauding someone while dismissing from their mind any potential damage to their reputation or sense of self respect.

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Medical nihilism

Do no harm doesn’t mean (to paraphrase quackery) “It’s modern times so everything is legitimate.” There are indeed 21st Century equivalents to bloodletting & mercury treatment.

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Exposing the Twelve Steps of AA

The doctor also e-posted something about AA, so this is a reminder: if you are trapped within that particular cult, flee toward AA apostasy.

Recall as well history’s slickest piece of propaganda for AA.

Recall as well Hollywood Hospital, where many MK-style experiments took place using LSD and mescaline and also, probably, immortalizing-Illuminati adrenochrome — and if adrenochrome reminds you of vampires, you are not alone (note that people like Aldous Huxley and Timothy Leary and Hunter S. Thompson and even the 19th Century’s Johnny Appleseed were spooked-up stooges — while Cary Grant might very well have been a celebrity spokesperson who never once dropped).

Addendum: it looks like the sleazy Hollywood Hospital legacy is being reanimated — and by “reanimated” The Intern e-implies Mystery Religion dark sorcery (recall that Sir Stooge Bob Geldof spent time during the 1970s working at The Georgia Straight).

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Not quite, Lu

The state of Nature is just that, and animals will make of it what they can within the parameters of their natural marketplace. Lions, for example, will either be wealthy (good hunting success and plenty of newborn cubs) or poor. Likewise, humans will either be wealthy or poor in their state of Nature known as free market enterprise (which is to say: any conceivable deviance from free market enterprise represents an affront to Nature).

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Is garlic a dangerous toxin?

Don’t worry about being a vampire like so many of history’s NWO lowlifes — consuming garlic in moderation is likely to be just fine for you.

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