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Out of New Zealand comes the agenda behind the latest false flag shooting

You can set your watch to the predictable dialectical synthesis. Soon you will witness the likewise predictable outcome of encroaching tyranny, then of encroaching one-world tyranny.

Always remember the success rate of any conceivable prohibition: 0%. Never be so naive as to think that prohibiting something makes the something go away — it just makes the something come under the distribution control of vicious murderers (e.g. Al Capone or The Medelin Cartel) who themselves are under the control of so-called intelligence (e.g. CIA or Mossad). Hence false flags featuring mind-controlled patsies.

Additional agenda alert: fomenting a Trumped Up Clash Of Civilizations.

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 860 of WWIII

No, there isn’t any need for replacement-level fertility to “to sustain high living standards and a high quality of life”

Such claims represent yet more socialist canards from bureaucratic tools whose schemes for paying off the massive debt incurred from their pretense of central planning authority necessitate more designated serfs (i.e. debt slaves) in the future than exist in the present. As the author explains, fewer people imply more resources per person — and with increasing automation that means more leisure time for those societies which, as is demonstrated throughout economic history, tend to procreate less as their living standards increase (increases which themselves necessitate a lack of schemes from bureaucratic tools).

Remember the bottom line: at no point will it ever become possible to improve upon free markets by way of make-believe magic known as codified legislation.

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 860 of WWIII

MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) isn’t economics, and it isn’t exactly “new” either

This particular socialist grift has been around for decades, and the underlying long con known as tax (with no actual authority to do so) & spend (on cronyism schemes intended to perpetuate political power) goes back tens of thousands of years. Just remember this fundamental economic fact: at no time could any society use codified central planning to conjure economic conditions which are superior to the unhampered combination of individual labor and owned capital (i.e. to free markets).

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As the emails start trickling back in to Doctissimus @ Port Urla, one reader asks what The Intern thinks of the person whom the doctor called “The Snwoden” (note the rearranged letters within the nickname)

The doctor was on the money, so to speak. Think of it this way: if you are trying to defraud billions of people, and you figure you might be able to pull it off within twenty years if you can minimize exposure, it is in your best interest to set up and promote a stooge to work in tandem with you as the definitive whistleblower through whom you will allow small fragments of information to escape — none of it in a timely enough manner to jeopardize your agenda — and thereby keep the masses complacent about the existence of a savior who is doing more than any of them could ever do to blow that proverbial lid.

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PC stands for Programmed Conservatism

Get your head around the fact that there is no practical difference between Soviet-style command socialism and “Nazi”-style zwangswirtschaft socialism. All manufactured dialectics about socialism v. capitalism disguise the real dialectic: socialism (which includes what most think of as socialism plus mercantilism/corporatism) v. freedom (which necessitates no pretense of authority to create laws — no law is anything other than a manifestation of some person’s or groups p-r-e-t-e-n-d authority).

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 858 of WWIII

Call it the trickle-down effect of socialist attempts to subsidize/bailout people with political connections

As the socialism disease spreads outward from its rotten core, the end result is that certain people get coerced into doing with less for purposes of bureaucrats & politicians pretending that they are the ones who help everyone.

On a related note, recall what Big Bill Broonzy thought of the New Deal’s WPA. As The Intern among others has explained, there is no such thing as workers v. owners, but rather the actual dialectic which NWO operatives disguise with duplicitous care is demand for consumption v. central planning coercion through pretense of lawmaking authority.

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 858 of WWIII

Individualism is synonymous with self, whereas socialism of any kind necessitates forced collectivism and its concomitant self-ish perversion of legitimacy

As you contemplate the civilized world’s worth of difference between laissez faire and bureaucratic coercion, recall what Frederic Bastiat said about self-ishness (translated from the original French): “The State is that great fiction whereby everyone strives to live at the expense of everyone else” (recall as well that the most fundamental of all the Fine Arts is entrepreneurship — indeed all conceivable artistic activity is entrepreneurial).

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That’s something which The Intern learned from the doctor two decades ago

The perversity set in as soon as losers started insisting that web sites need to be revenue generators — and since then it’s been a mass embrace of worst network consumer practices and outright Javascript-is-no-longer-risky marketing charlatanism (related charlatanism: “Privacy is so yesterday” and “This thin client is totally what you want because The Cloud”).

Special note: governments are only capable of harming markets, besides which no person or group could ever possess the authority to create even one legitimate law.

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As the doctor was known to e-say, recall the origins of Young Turks

Get these two things straight: political activism is inherently immoral, and seeking power over other people is a sign of being a failure at life. Indeed, there is dangerous kayfabe crossover among actors (never trust an actor for they have literal training in getting audiences to suspend disbelief), politicians (’nuff said) and professional wrestlers (who are the kayfabe triad’s morality maximum since they admit to being all about superficial entertainment).

Note: America was indeed founded on colonialism — by the time of the NWO coup disguised as revolution there where thirteen c-o-l-o-n-i-e-s.

Special note: no person or group could ever possess the authority to create so-called jurisdictional borders — so all you nationalist failures at life need to either present evidence which proves that some people are authorized to create laws which everyone else must then obey (no one in all of history has been able to do that — instead inherently immoral political activists rely on rhetorical fraud by uttering risible phrases like “Divine Right” and “destiny”), or else get over your weak-minded desire for interpersonal power.

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