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Here is a NWO canard (paraphrased): “Consumption is the engine of economic production & growth — and if individuals won’t comply by emptying their wallets then bureaucrats must step in to rob them for purposes of spend spend spend”

Honest people categorize s-a-v-i-n-g-s as fuel for the actual economic engine: entrepreneurship. Consumption, by comparison, always comes at the end of the production process, thereby exposing Keynes as a Mystery Religion tool.

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Stop falling for the “international trade” myth

It will never be possible for one geographic region to engage in praxis, so get it out of your head that one place could trade with another place. Such grifter mythology represents a rhetorical trick designed to get ignorant people to buy into the collectivism long con that Mystery Religion tools have been running for purposes of gaining artificial control over the proverbial masses.

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Expect no less from a charlatan

Make no mistake: artificially elevated stock market levels are no indication of economic health — and what’s more, so-called Free Trade Agreements represent socialist schemes of a mercantilist/corporatist nature, designed to siphon wealth from the typical worker to the typical crony until the downward pressure on designated serfs gets to be too much and, subsequently, government becomes even larger (which is never ever a good thing).

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What Beijing just announced (to paraphrase): “When socialism, meaning fraud, comes home to roost … just commit more socialist fraud for purposes of pretending that all along you’ve been doing right by society”

Such has history’s longest long con been for tens of thousands of years across every conceivable country. Don’t ever let NWO operatives trick you into a false impression that they possess the authority to do anything at all with various elements of an economy.

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Yes, Mr. “Durden” — the so-called bottom of the pyramid is indeed trapped within a false dichotomy

The pyramid, by the way, is also false, imagined by those who can’t help but pretend that climbing atop material aggregation sets one above others. The pyramid is the pile of gold, the Smaug hoard, the ruthless relinquishment of self respect for the sake of maximized self esteem. Most of those who see themselves at the so-called bottom are desperate to believe that they are not affected by any kind of Mystery Religion grift but rather are justified in playing a victim-of-money card — and as a result they waltz right into their designated serf cage, and thereby end up suffering from a lack of both self esteem and self respect.

Still, Mr. “Durden” is correct about the implication that low self esteem coupled with low self respect leads to extreme and often violent outbursts (enabled by Mystery Religion lackeys known as politicians & pundits). When blood starts running through the streets, those currently on the underdog side of the false dichotomy call it revolution, while those pretending to be the current Top Dog Smaug insist that a Civil War is dividing what would otherwise be a perfect Union …

… and thus is the Mystery Religion cycle renewed like the Ouroboros, as designated serfs get culled while blaming “the other side” and self-styled Philosopher Kings/Queens pretend that Nature is doing its thing. If you want to break the cycle, never forget the most important lesson of your life: political activism is inherently immoral — only economic activism is ever justified or effective.

Addendum: don’t make the mistake of thinking that economic activism involves maximizing your return on investment by going along with financial grifts which are merely embedded within the Mystery Religion long con — invest only in those things which you conclude will counter the schemes of self-styled Philosopher Kings/Queens who pretend to possess the authority to create laws and define everyone’s medium of exchange and control the supply of that medium (e.g. got gold?).

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The term Capitalist Nationalization is an oxymoron

Keep one thing straight in your mind: there is no practical difference between Soviet-style command socialism and “Nazi”-style zwangswirtschaft socialism. Socialism is about nothing more than the fantastical attempt (indeed psychotic) to use government as a tool for getting more out of economic activity than is possible without government intervention. As such, it doesn’t matter whether a person is calling for government to enact rent controls or so-called living wages or tariffs or bailouts — it’s all socialism, and it always leads toward worse economic conditions. Worse than the worse economic conditions, those responsible for enacting it all will eventually (when the long con becomes too obvious to conceal) try to kill two proverbial birds with one fraudulent stone by tricking people whom they designate as serfs into blaming everything on “others” (e.g. “The 1%” or “Foreigners”) while simultaneously mongering by way of slick propaganda for a serf cull disguised as revolution or war.

NWO operatives throughout the centuries have accepted the task of creating an artificial dichotomy among designated serfs before using kayfabe theater to keep them interested only in eliminating the “other” side of that artificial dichotomy. Donald Trump, for example, is a s-o-c-i-a-l-i-s-t (of the corporatist/mercantilist variety).

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Attention website owners: please stop unwittingly aiding & abetting the NWO

You might not know you’re doing it. The Intern is here to help.

Nothing has changed about the fundamental warning that keeping your browser’s Javascript setting enabled for every page you visit is dangerous to the entire internet’s security. Nevertheless, more & more website owners are expecting visitors to do exactly that.

Example: (toggle off Javascript and then refresh the page)
Example: (toggle off Javascript and then refresh the page)
Example: (toggle off Javascript and then refresh the page)

NWO operatives are accelerating their efforts to trick everyone into volunteering information — on a perpetual basis — about their computers and their very lives1. If you consider what Mystery Religion adepts posing as German National Socialists did during the 1930s and early 1940s for purposes of categorizing data about everyone under their bloodthirsty pretend-rule (with help from fellow travelers within corporatist entities like IBM) to have been heinous, you are left with no excuse about being a 21st Century equivalent. If, contrary to history’s warnings, your web site’s static content (i.e. pages containing content which is merely text) requires visitors to have Javascript enabled within their browsers, then one of two things is going on:

  • Your web development team includes members who are less than competent
  • Your web development team includes members who are corrupt.

Please, get your sh*t together.

1 Proxies and “HTTPS Everywhere” provide less than satisfactory protection from prying NWO one-eyes — sure, you might be able to hide your computer’s identifying information (e.g. the current IP address it is using to access the internet) from the web server from which you requested content, but at each hop between your computer and that particular server the intermediary node must unencrypt and otherwise de-obfuscate pertinent routing data for its own processing functionality (note that fronts like TOR lull users into a false sense of hop-protected security).

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