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That’s something which The Intern learned from the doctor two decades ago

The perversity set in as soon as losers started insisting that web sites need to be revenue generators — and since then it’s been a mass embrace of worst network consumer practices and outright Javascript-is-no-longer-risky marketing charlatanism (related charlatanism: “Privacy is so yesterday” and “This thin client is totally what you want because The Cloud”).

Special note: governments are only capable of harming markets, besides which no person or group could ever possess the authority to create even one legitimate law.

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 857 of WWIII

Attention website owners: please stop unwittingly aiding & abetting the NWO

You might not know you’re doing it. The Intern is here to help.

Nothing has changed about the fundamental warning that keeping your browser’s Javascript setting enabled for every page you visit is dangerous to the entire internet’s security. Nevertheless, more & more website owners are expecting visitors to do exactly that.

Example: (toggle off Javascript and then refresh the page)
Example: (toggle off Javascript and then refresh the page)
Example: (toggle off Javascript and then refresh the page)

NWO operatives are accelerating their efforts to trick everyone into volunteering information — on a perpetual basis — about their computers and their very lives1. If you consider what Mystery Religion adepts posing as German National Socialists did during the 1930s and early 1940s for purposes of categorizing data about everyone under their bloodthirsty pretend-rule (with help from fellow travelers within corporatist entities like IBM) to have been heinous, you are left with no excuse about being a 21st Century equivalent. If, contrary to history’s warnings, your web site’s static content (i.e. pages containing content which is merely text) requires visitors to have Javascript enabled within their browsers, then one of two things is going on:

  • Your web development team includes members who are less than competent
  • Your web development team includes members who are corrupt.

Please, get your sh*t together.

1 Proxies and “HTTPS Everywhere” provide less than satisfactory protection from prying NWO one-eyes — sure, you might be able to hide your computer’s identifying information (e.g. the current IP address it is using to access the internet) from the web server from which you requested content, but at each hop between your computer and that particular server the intermediary node must unencrypt and otherwise de-obfuscate pertinent routing data for its own processing functionality (note that fronts like TOR lull users into a false sense of hop-protected security).

The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 848 of WWIII