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Topic: grunt much?

At last, evidence of a deliberate NWO plan to dumb down modern generations has entered the sphere of common knowledge. Throughout history, those who claimed Philosopher King status have only ever differentiated themselves from the rest of mankind by tricking as many people as possible into volunteering for a lifetime of ignorance. Today the cheaters continue to cheat, and most of the cheated carry on still not knowing much more than to agree that things ain’t right.

Some ancient texts from the Roman Empire detailed instructions — instructions that by Roman times were ancient already — about how to keep serfs under control: make sure they never get enough education to recognize themselves as victims of fraud. Charlotte Iserbyt wrote, and speaks these days, about how such fraud continues to affect the modern world, how the modern incarnation of a Roman “Bread & Circus” incantation keeps the vast majority of men and women under a kind of impoverishing spell. The programming begins as soon as a person is old enough to understand words, continues throughout the schooling years, and culminates in a caste system which benefits the NWO at the expense of those who have become convinced that “total yards gained” and “fifty shades of this-n-that” are important considerations for adult study and discussion.

Ms. Iserbyt represents a good point of reference for discovering the historic criminal agenda, a locus of thoughtfulness wedged between a past and near-future of determined idioticrization. The ongoing audacity of the scams she exposes is a kick-in-the-teeth reminder of how those who fail to learn from something something…

Here’s the thing: the dumbing down of mankind has been going on for many centuries, with the Prussian system of schools as indoctrination centers being only the most recent revision of a long-standing crime. Whenever you hear “School to Work” or “Common Core,” recall a simple rhyming aphorism: it’s the Trivium schism.

The dialecticians worked long & hard on their grand swindle. They used rhetoric, a third element of the Trivium concerned with eloquent persuasion, to trick people into the erroneous impression that an “enlightenment” had come about (a luciferian term if ever there was one), that grammar was antiquated and that future big shots would concentrate on interpreting the universe with dialectics. They presented a mirror image — another luciferian trick — as their so-called improved universal model, calling the abstraction known as dialectics “clear and precise” while dismissing grammar’s concreteness as “theism poetics.”

The results have been devastating. Very few people today have an adequate comprehension of the Trivium. Many are barely literate at all, and those who can read have either taken the bait about “more science at school and less art” or have taken the bait about needing to react to dialectical bullying by insisting that a “New Age” has dawned in which icky scientists will go away forever and everything will become one big sing-along love-in. The bottom line goal for the NWO, as it is with its similarly manufactured gender “struggles” or race “struggles” or lifestyle “struggles” or national “struggles,” is plain old divide & conquer.

Richard Mitchell recognized the scam, as did Marshall McLuhan and John Henry Newman before him. They demonstrated that arguments against grammarians are as damaging to the Trivium as arguments against dialecticians have always been, that comprehensive education starts with a solid foundation of all three elements: grammar, dialectics and rhetoric.

Charlotte Iserbyt, a contemporary of Mitchell, applied such theoretical lamentations to the specifics of American schools around the turn of the 21st Century. Even Ms. Iserbyt, though, wasn’t able to anticipate what the NWO was preparing for the “connected generation.”

The new pablum

“This is so much better than breastfeeding”

Thumb Goes Up

It’s like ringing a bell for a salivating dog

Try to cut one another some better slack than the NWO pretends to offer through its handbooks of universal compliance. Each of us suffered targeted programming during childhood that was intended to throw us back toward the basics, language-wise. The so-called official education now requires little more than an ability to follow a set of instructions, while the so-called official day in court still involves hostages being on the receiving end of an attack from a dead language. There’s your fair hearing, serf, you reached the end of that slack the NWO promised and now the rope is going to break something.

Words are getting the simplification treatment, lowering expectations, lowering abilities. Soon enough, governments will manage to secure trillions more in plunder-funding for the MIC through a covert encouragement of homeschooling (without lowering taxation robbery), a double-plus good win for the NWO as such fundamental changes also guarantee a one-world caste system where tomorrow’s kids learn best the things their parents learned during childhood — while both parents and children still seek government permission for so-called official worker certification (which the serfs call “diplomas” and “degrees” within an institutionalized system of accreditation fraud).

Lack of proper Trivium preparation leads to a society of literal half-wits. To click “like” is to grunt. People pretend to have real relationships with avatars they encounter online. They allow machines to establish a first-name basis. They insist that clicking “like” is inconsequential after the NWO has already changed their behavior pattern.

They, the typical products of modern programming, none of them is a Borges, and not one can even become an Einstein anymore because being either of those things requires being full-witted. So don’t be typical. Deprogram yourself, and then enrol in grammar school.