** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: you say you want a revolution?

Try being less gullible. You are blinded, and you are stumbling into a NWO trap.

Do you consider yourself to be awake to the encroaching one-world tyranny? How much would you be willing to bet on that? If you have concluded that the proper way to defeat the NWO is through revolution, through “People Power,” then you are a partner to the very conspiracy you’ve been tricked into thinking you’re opposing.

You wouldn’t be the first. On smaller scales, literally millions of people have fallen for the same ruses about “order,” “authority,” “change,” and “hope.”

  • 1920: “Kill all the Kulaks.” Those Useful Idiots (as Lenin considered them) were quite wrong about their decision to lend a hand toward committing mass murder.
  • 1938: “Get rid of all the hook-nosed merchants.” More Useful Idiots, German in that case, leading to a similar mass-murderous result.
  • 1966: “Destroy all foreign cultural influences.” Members of the Red Guard were young, they were naive, they were indoctrinated, and they became mass murderers.
  • 1975: “March them all out of the cities and into the killing fields.” The Khmer Rouge understood that by recruiting the youngest teens capable of wielding Kalashnikiovs, it would be that much easier to commit mass murder against intellectuals both real and imagined (pretty much anyone wearing eyeglasses).

Those don’t even cover every example from the 20th century, and there are dozens more centuries to consider. All who were tricked into becoming Useful Idiots had one thing in common: they were confident in their conclusions about the evils afflicting their lives.

Your revolutionary confidence, like theirs, is misguided. There are those within the NWO who are calling you, word for word, a Useful Idiot. Revolutionaries are u-s-e-f-u-l to the NWO, it wants global revolution.

A con man’s success doesn’t come from taking away your confidence. A con man succeeds because he tricks you into believing that his confidence is a reflection of your own. Agitprop is a tool of trade for NWO con artists. If you believe that current world crises stem from the banksters, or the immigrants, or the corporations, or the stoners, or the Big Pharm pushers, then you have been tricked NWO-style. Crime syndicates like the MIC are mere symptoms of a greater and more terrible crime syndicate.

The very definition of the word revolution guarantees that things will end up right where they started. Try being less gullible.