** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: when pointing fingers of blame, are you still following NWO orders?

Anyone who believes that proof of fraud within the term “private central bank” is either the word “private” or the word “bank” is someone who has been swindled NWO-style. Try looking instead at the other word.

Has the NWO tricked you into claiming that capital wields influence? Capital itself? Those inanimate objects?

Has the NWO programmed you to believe in the existence of “public” anything? Or even — and what’s more — that such a thing could ever possibly exist?

Try this thought experiment …

  1. Picture a hypothetical terrorist bombing inside some cafe somewhere in the world.
  2. Picture a hypothetical mass murder happening somewhere by way of a car plowing through a crowd of pedestrians.
  3. Picture a hypothetical stabbing fatality in some dark alley.
  4. Picture a hypothetical movie theater shooting with consequent funerals.

If you are NWO-programmed, you would consider one of those hypothetical scenarios as being fundamentally different. You would be demonstrating that you have been tricked successfully into confusion about what’s what.

That’s not even the half of it. A woman or man who insists that there are too such things as “public” this or that is demonstrating that they have been tricked successfully into confusion about what’s what. All wealth, all property, is always under the control of p-r-i-v-a-t-e hands. Every word ever uttered about “creating a public <insert here>” has been either an admission of intent to defraud or an admission of having taken to heart something that would-be fraudsters proposed.

That Park Ranger over there, he’s a private security guard under contract to protect private property from unwanted intrusion. He performs the exact same function as that woman over there wearing the mall cop uniform. A constable on patrol? A bouncer at a nightclub? A soldier with someone in the cross-hairs of her rifle scope? All things are private interests at all times — it’s merely a conjured magnitude of ancient deceit which makes one or another of us lose sight of the bigger picture.

Such is the gossamer veil that protects the NWO and its minion horde. NWO members want control over all wealth. The only way to achieve such a wretched goal, as they themselves concluded many centuries ago, is to convince as many people as possible that the NWO and its corresponding horde are simply stewards of property and not owners to whom the benefits of ownership accrue.

But hey, that’s also not even the half of it. Do you think you own anything whatsoever? You do, of course, own each thing you acquired without defrauding anyone, but the self-professed stewards still claim to have legitimate dibs over it all. Your labor, your house, your gold — your very life — are subject to fabricated confiscation if certain individuals declare that some other things they desire are more important. Your private property becomes a bureaucracy’s private property and then gets redistributed into yet other private hands. The names of the bureaucracies & bureaucrats might change over time, just like there might be changes to the storefronts or the security personnel at the mall. The difference between a bureaucracy and a mall is as follows: only one pretends to be in a position to demand a transfer of property between you and it.

Confused? That’s an indication of how well the programming is doing its job. All cult members will deny that they have been programmed, and the “New World Order” gets programmed into every individual from the time that each is old enough to comprehend words. Recall the previous thought experiment, and consider the following brief discussions:

The hypothetical bombing
“Did you hear about the bombing?”
“I know, who could ever do such a cowardly thing?”

The hypothetical pedestrian massacre
“Did you hear about the guy who ran down all those people?”
“I know, what was that maniac thinking?”

The hypothetical stabbing
“Did you hear about the woman downtown who got stabbed?”
“I know, what kind of scumbag resorts to mugging others?”

The hypothetical mass shooting
“Did you hear about the guy who shot up that movie theater?”
“I know, when are guns going to be banned?”

The programming achieves similar results elsewhere. American “Tea Partiers” and “Occupiers” are outstanding examples. Those who are programmed tend to seek different stewards instead of addressing the actual fraud enslaving them. The “one percenters” and the “ninety-nine percenters” want the same thing — they differ merely on which of them should be empowered to force conformity from others.

Freedom is in no way empowering, and only freedom counts.