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Topic: was The Dirty JewFAKE-TM once again responsible, or ever responsible at all?

The MO has been similar throughout history: use a majority of your contemporaries as a collectivized scapegoat for your criminal agenda, then call people crazy if they don’t believe stories about “them is fightin’ words” backlashes against the scapegoats-turned-victims. Support the troops and all that.

For dozens of centuries, variations on a common script have been useful to those wishing to maintain artificial power while providing a theatrical production that appears to demonstrate how “revolution” can succeed — if only ever in a messy way. Whether based on fantastical notions of civil strife or mass culls remembered as international conflict (and agreed upon beforehand by both so-called sides of such artificial conflict), the bad guys and the victims always amount to scripted roles filled by naive amateur actors who almost never comprehend that they are filling such scripted roles.

Wounded German

“Call them kaiser, call them kraut, never have a single doubt.”

Nothing, of course, is that cut & dry. Those krauts, as the “democratic alliance” called them, were just people who for the most part had no idea what they were getting into when they answered the NWO’s proxy-call of programmed bellicosity. The same holds true for so-called inhuman “enemies” from other wars, as demonstrated among the following abbreviated list of invectives:

  • “Barbarians!”
  • “Heathens!”
  • “Mohammedans!”
  • “Savages!”
  • “Rebs!”
  • “Bourgeois!”
  • “Tojos!”
  • “Nazis!”
  • “Reds!”
  • “Gooks!”
  • “Cheese eating surrender monkeys!”

Ok, that last one was an example of how some people view their supposed allies. Perhaps “frenemies” extend beyond high school? In any case, self-professed heroes on “God’s side” will claim that those French started it all by calling someone’s mother a hamster. Yes, the psy-op propaganda to dehumanize people who are doing no one any harm includes hundreds of years during which English and French peasants knew no better than to obey feudal impositions.

An interesting label to consider is “Nazi.” Those role-playing criminals and their millions of duped “helpers” were, obviously, national socialists. It was only within countries opposing those particular national socialists that the term “Nazi” took hold. So why is that same term still in use more than half a century after the war’s end while few call native veterans of the Korean or Vietnamese wars “Gook?”

The problem is, and always was under one guise or another, socialism. The Soviets were allies of WWII’s precious “democratic alliance,” and they claimed to be a republic every bit as legitimate as the one on the other side of the Atlantic — and they were just as legitimate, considering how republicanism is merely a rebranded variation on inherently fraudulent democracy. The Soviets were frenemies, to be sure, but socialist frenemies whose authoritarian agenda was a tailored Slavic fit courtesy of NWO stooges. Indeed, the national socialists in Germany were fond of the same authoritarian agenda and followed a zwangswirtschaft version of the same NWO script, while the Soviet proletariat considered themselves to be as nationalist and patriotic as any German — all of which happened to play into the dialectic that the NWO had been setting up since long before the start of the twentieth century.

By the end of its second successful world war, there was more for the NWO to consider. Its fabian-style push for a one-world socialist dictatorship was more or less on schedule, but not enough people in the so-called free world had taken the pre-war public relations bait whereby assets posing as researchers visited the Soviet Union and returned with ever more bombastic rhetoric about the marvels of everything collective. The one-worlders even tried to cover all faux-ideological bases, with FDR praising “fascists” in Germany and Italy alike, just as they praised him — all done because every single one of them including Stalin was working the entire time on behalf of the NWO and its plan to enslave mankind. Liars they were, and liars the fabians remain, and hence there is one dehumanizing lie that persists to this day: the tendency to call German veterans of WWII “Nazi.”

Adolf Hitler and his Mystery School gang of Nazis National Socialists didn’t use the term, nor did they much like it (has any enemy on either side of any bloodline ever enjoyed being called names?). There were, however, precisely six million reasons to perpetuate such a nickname for those socialist scum of the black and red.

Try saying this tongue-twister three times, fast: “Six million victims.” That’s what it’s all about, innit? The Hegelian dialectic — a scripted problem (start murdering until someone can stop all the murdering) followed by a programmed reaction (trauma-based reflection on the horror of it all) and a predetermined solution (internationalism) — demands countering historical accounts of genocidal victimization campaigns with soothing if fictional assurances regarding so-called Great Men whose professed constitutional superiority enables forever-justice. Is there any other reason for the existence of one-world institutions like the United Nations?

There is no longer any doubt that every government ever has been willing to sacrifice subjects (which government and its programmed subjects call “citizens”) for the sake of more effective mind control. The NWO now commands every government on Earth, and as a consequence the NWO controls every gullible mind. Towers fall. Fires rage. It’s Babylon and Rome all over again — or to be accurate, it’s a continuation of ancient and primitive rituals.

Those aspiring tyrants, though, can’t just bully their way toward absolute slave ownership. Their ultimate victims must be willing to walk into that ultimate trap. The NWO must use an Alinsky-ized Delphi Technique to trick the global masses into the false impression that they are reaching a consensus to save mankind from enslavement. The desired result? Thus spake each Useful Idiot as a manufactured evangelist of moral relativism.

Eat Michael Moore

Don’t worry, Comrade Multimillionaire has your back

Hope and Change

Hope & Change

According to the NWO, every script needs a villain, every villain needs a victim, and every victim needs a hero. The key to its one-world plan is widespread gullibility. Following WWII, the term “socialism” became reserved for fabian propaganda that was spreading wide the gullibility within industrialized countries. Soviets became “Red” while other socialist countries became “Communist” or “Marxist-<insert dictator here>” or “Fascist.” Wartime Germans, though existing only in the forms of memories and movie characters, remained Nazis. The NWO still needed to make the idea of socialism popular among those who hadn’t yet fallen for Mystery School spellcasting, so it conjured a Cold War apparition about how socialism was a manifestation of peace and love which never once had a single thing to do with Lenin or Stalin or Hitler.

It wasn’t long before “westerners” started noticing anomalies in the supposed black and white script. Teenage Baby Boomers saw television accounts of people who called themselves socialists and who appeared to be vanquishing what their programmed juvenile minds took to be fascist dictators. By and large, these liberated countries started aligning themselves with the Soviets, the Reds. Were the Reds the good guys after all?

The NWO, ever nimble, tried to turn this development into a false-teaching opportunity for captives on the “right side” of the iron curtain. Its MKULTRA program was in full swing, so it patted naive Boomers on the head, called them brilliant (a luciferian term), and proceeded to swindle the vast majority of them with a timely adjustment to its script.

NWO Operative: “Oh, sure, those heroes you’re hearing about are true socialists. The problem is, Western countries aren’t socialist enough to appeal to such heroes, who then make the mistake of turning toward the Reds. One way to defeat the Reds is to make our own countries more agreeable to socialism.”

So there it went. The NWO turned the historical definition of socialism on its head, just in time for the generation with the most numerous individuals to reach that age where each of us enjoys a brief period pretending to know a lot about the world. Instead of being a type of fraud whereby an individual or association of individuals tries to get government to legislate advantages for them at the expense of others, suddenly socialism attained a false definition of being all about groupthink and what others owe the generation with the most numerous individuals.

Recall that Baby Boomers were still quite young back in the 50’s and 60’s, and therefore most of them were more gullible than they are today (while a few rare individuals never did fall for the fabian strategy). The NWO had an easier time with them than it did with existing generations whose individuals had lived through one or two world wars, managing to trick millions of bobby-socksers around the world into becoming advocates for buy now pay later programs of socialist unsustainability. All the NWO needed was a traumatic event or two to sear the Great-Men-Great-Ideas-Great-Society programming into those vulnerable minds.

Seatbelt Violation

Sacrifice along the 33rd parallel

The NWO sacrificed two brotherhood-initiated brothers back then, of course, as well as unaffiliated individuals like Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz). It was all for purposes of mind control, for traumatizing the most “inclusive” generation in world history. TV told them that they were special. TV told them that special people accomplish mighty accomplishments as long as there are special “leaders” to “follow.” TV told them that certain individuals spoiled their sure-thing collectivism just as easy as bang, bang, bang. TV told them to demand change and to hope that space travel would help them transcend icky mankind.

Gus and Barry

33rd degree freemason Gus Grissom frolics with “space kid” Barry Soetoro

Sacrifice by fire

1 + 2 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 33 (January 27, 1967 = sacrifice by fire)

Misplaced loyalties

He certainly was a traveler

The fantasy NWO outcome, obviously, has always been to steer not-knowing-any-betters toward transhumanist concentration camps. As the NWO understands and fabricates into recurrent nightmares spanning multiple centuries, proverbial marches for “social justice” are guaranteed to turn into trails of tears for the targets of such so-called justice — so what remains for its fantasy of one-world totalitarianism is implementing mind control automation. Already there are apps for controlling every decision in a dumbed-down life, with millions of people taking orders from their electronic devices. Among the emerging binary overseers are psy-apps for ordering Useful Idiots into the streets of protest regarding everything under the big circus tent of “the personal is the political,” for driving everyone insane by way of impossible-without-enslavement attempts to live at the expense of others.

All those “progressive” socialist programs, once Baby Boomers and the more “with it” types among their parents had forced them onto all those industrialized countries, devastated economies and worsened poverty. The NWO, though, pressed its modern propaganda with multimedia calls for several kinds of imaginary rights that are based on programmed-to-be-faulty memories about how forcing some to provide for others constitutes slavery.

You owe me water

Let Michael Moore the Michigander pay for his comrades’ self-professed right to free service

There is no such thing as a right, of course, but rather there are times when one might be obligated to remind someone else that they have no right to interfere with anyone’s life. Those protesters in Detroit weren’t saying that water is a right, they were saying that having water delivered to them is a right — with someone else, apparently, paying for the pipes and the pumps and the treatment plants. Totally not slavery, though, apparently.

See, so-called rights are mere claims to power. That is NWO programming, the constant quest for power and the corollary claim of undeniable entitlement to the kind of power that will show everyone just what powerful people can do.

Philosopher King

“How could you have it your way when nothing even exists without my permission?”

It is baked into the nature of society that its inhabitants are by and large indifferent toward one another. That’s why the NWO is obligated to create artificial strife, known in recent decades as Cultural Marxism, another fabian approach of gradual usurpation. According to “don’t call us either Nazi or Commie” international socialists, interpersonal relations are both verboten and запрещенный, replaced through a seemingly unstoppable march-of-progress force by caste assignments and collectivized identities. Don’t even think about thinking anything that doesn’t feature a stamp of group approval.

White Sea Canal Work Camp

“Something something ho, it’s off to the work camp I go”

That picture above could just as well be depicting a bunch of kidnapped people somewhere in “Nazi” Germany or “Nazi” Poland. Same sh*t, different canal. The NWO’s transient goal in every such case is artificiality, manufacturing a perception of a Brave New World Order.

The long-term goal, recall, is total dominance over all living things, an actual New World Order complete with the kind of psychotropic-sacrificial bravery that one might expect from matrixized victims. As more people start pretending that they can exist online and start obeying commands from screens & speakers & haptics, the tools become figurative users and start turning former users into literal tools. From beginning to end, from alpha to omega, it’s all about programming tools.

Case in point.

Certain people are programming the nascent matrix to program other people to perform roles out in meatspace that will help produce a familiar victimization script, one that the NWO is hoping will blossom into a final global work camp in which so-called guests pine for the escapism of pharmacology and immersive virtual reality — their new and preferred reality and ultimate matrix prison. Jack the Ripper wasn’t some Jewish Pole, of course. Jack the Ripper was a small gang of self-styled elites whose hooker-hacking members included a surgeon-turned-author by the name of Arthur Conan Doyle. Jack the Ripper was an illuminated specter.

Elementary Evidence

This picture provides an early clue, now go do some independent legwork

All that JTR stuff pushes a theme which is nowhere close to being uncommon amid the teens of this century. So why is The Dirty JewFAKE-TM once again to blame, supposedly, for everything that’s ever gone wrong with the world? Could the propaganda be aiming toward another mass-murderous head fake, a trauma so much more damaging than all previous wars combined that subsequent sh*t will get as unreal as possible?

Stay tuned for additional updates until there aren’t any more because the doctor, having declined to become one of the illuminated, becomes one of the eliminated.