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Topic: is travel one of life’s great teachers?

You’re young. You don’t have many skills or much experience. The economy is infested with bureaucracies and guilds and similar political usurpers of legitimate market activity. Sure enough, travel starts seeming like a good way to figure out what the future might hold.

Anyone who travels, though, learns precisely one thing: people are people. Indeed, the people of Europe who migrated to the Americas did so largely because they were trying to escape the economic devastation of Europe’s guild-bureaucracy. The earliest of those migrating Europeans met native inhabitants who hadn’t seen many Europeans before, but those natives were still people — not some “noble savage” romanticized fantasy, but rather real people with all the same motivations to praise or to blame as any of the pale newcomers.

Centuries ago, explorers learned quite a bit through travel. They learned new routes, and passages, and things about the cultures they encountered that others from their homeland hadn’t yet discovered — or even, in hindsight, things they never would have wanted to bother discovering. Same goes for those native cultures and the wonders, both real and fraudulent, that they witnessed with the arrival of each new explorer.

Native hunting buffalo

Relevant Caption #1: “About that horse … you’re welcome”

Relevant Caption #2: “You can use how much of that carcass?”

It wasn’t always “please” and “thank you,” of course, as attested by anyone who did time in a Residential School. Check out this cool song from a band called Slim: Cortez & Pizarro (CC: by-sa).

Remember, though, that people are people. Those Aztecs who shivered at the sight of Conquistadors, as well as the Incas who shook, were themselves blood sacrificers. They had simply never seen horses before, or felt the pierce of sharpened steel. So some plunderers found themselves plundered, although that’s hardly an excuse for uncivilized behavior from either side of any ocean.

The exploration of this planet’s surface is about as complete as it’ll ever get. There are no more big surprises from previously undiscovered cultures, and despite the lingering effects of ancient aristocratic propaganda, there are no supermen anywhere.

Who needs a reminder that plunder is the bread and butter of NWO “superman” pretense? Didn’t think so. Here’s the deal: NWO insiders want their children to have all the best opportunities later in life for plundering the so-called profane, so they trick other people’s children into spending vital early-adult years chasing after entertaining “life lessons” abroad. Those travelers tend to return with the life lesson that they are a step behind, primed for the subsequent nice & legal plunder of whatever workaday nonsense career income they happen to grasp from their position of “I’ve saved nothing for retirement” desperation. All too often, such desperation drives young adults toward government jobs where they actually aid and abet the plunderers.

Savage Dragon

Initiation by fire — that’s how pretend dragon-bloods roll

Entertainment is one of the obvious keys to swindling a massive population. How many people out there have proclaimed a willingness to do “whatever it takes” for a better tomorrow, but only if it doesn’t inconvenience today? That comic book “Green Man” depicted above (Savage Dragon is the character’s actual name) is famous for programming young minds to embrace moral relativism — to do wrong while pretending to be a hero (see also: Time of the Season). Then there are television and film, both well-understood distractions from impoverishment as well as instruction manuals for moral relativism. Video games, ditto. Also, there is travel — heck, even the NWO’s mind-numbing NBA entertainment league encourages traveling:

How many steps was that?

Setting aside evidence of deliberate, NWO-sponsored universalism fraud within the entertainment industry (e.g. “Support the troops and disarm the rest!”), perhaps young adults might be able to count the steps of those make-believe heroes if they ever managed to acquire “accredited” education from “official” institutions. Don’t hold your breath, though, because the people who perpetrate such universalism fraud are exactly that: deliberate. In fact, the so-called principles behind “official accreditation” for centers of education constitute a type of trans-generational fraud which subsumes mere tricksterisms like Common Core. The war to dumb you down is the same war that dumbed down your grandparents, and their grandparents. Even that war is just one battle within the greater conflict by which aspiring Iterum Romanus has been trying to destroy Trivium-based education for the sake of cradle-to-grave dominion over all souls.

Somehow, receiving a sheepskin is supposed to make up for time spent doing something other than establishing a professional reputation — that something being little more than learning how to follow instructions and obey bureaucracies and favor political intimidation over economic entrepreneurship. The very act of submission to schooling has become a ritual that more and more people expect to be both entertaining and practical, a sure-fire magical ticket toward replacing skills or experience with travel anecdotes and coincident assertions that diplomas represent authorized permission to demand something from the world. In school you learn all about your “rights” and stuff. In other words, you learn to lie your way toward a pretense of magical gain, which is the very self-defeating behavior that the NWO programmed into you from birth.

Baby Predictions

“I sense a future in which you claim to be just doing your job”

It isn’t enough, though, for the NWO to trick billions of people into shutting off their minds. The entertainment and the bureaucratic hoop-jumping merely produce a type of man-child or woman-child that can’t sustain the production levels necessary to keep NWO members in a lifestyle to which they defrauded their way into becoming accustomed. Those masses who suffer from permanent arrested development need ongoing carrot-and-stick stimulation, as far as the NWO is concerned, to whipsaw them between feelings of false superiority and false inferiority. Chief among these stimuli are enticements to travel (carrot) and guilt trips about imaginary environmental concerns (stick).

People, being people, will try to look for ways to convince themselves that there is nothing but superiority emanating from their presence in the world. The NWO takes advantage of that tendency, releasing the Ifrits of We to make cowardly individuals feel gang-banger strong, reducing all those outside the one-world guild to a common denominator of forced impoverishment, setting a stage for artificial conflict that seeks to pit one group of dialectical “We” against another “We” group.

What does all of that mean for the average gullible person grasping at a scripted carrot whereby “Travel will pay off later in life” or the average gullible person avoiding a scripted stick whereby “NWO media outlets tell me that the planet is simultaneously frying and freezing and that it’s my fault?” It means that the Ifrits of We will be able to swindle every one of those children lurking inside adult bodies about the intricacies of a thousand different narcissistic unrealities.

Speaking of unrealities: does anyone dream the dream-on dream that they start existing online by way of tagging an avatar with their meatspace name? Is reality now a conflation which includes volunteering to suspend disbelief in fiction? As transhumanism encroaches upon what’s left of mankind, does the proverbial blue pill start tasting better and better?

Sure, the typical person who chooses to extend childhood by way of travel-based substitutes for engaging the unknown (as opposed to what actual explorers once accomplished) doesn’t care so much about online avatars. They’re keeping it real, or so they claim. Chances remain good that no matter where they land they’re still seeking better signal strength than just one bar. In any case, they are faced with the unreality of doublethink: the psychological imperative compelling them to believe that their opportunity to travel is as important to them as protecting the planet by preventing others from traveling.

Tomorrow’s technocracy will demand such doublethink from everyone, or else it plain won’t work. Among the petty bureaucrats rat-racing their way between early morning self-hatred and early evening sports highlights, there will be “official experts” who will look after everyone’s best interests, no fooling, with regards to everything from macroeconomic planning to floral arrangement licensing. Among those petty bureaucrats will be the former travel-jockeys, claiming their own reduced-energy fiefdom and salvation from youthful folly by embracing the technocratic title “Worldly Expert” and expressing sincere remorse about the number of places that they alone among the crowd have been able to visit.

Worldly. That word has never been a compliment, but rather and always an affirmation of someone’s obvious character flaw — and with that, ’nuff said.

Emendator Postscript

Travel is a luxury that is enjoyable for people of all ages. Travel is indeed an experience, every single time. Just don’t ever think that you’re gaining wisdom by hiking toward some mountain village to visit some old man who apparently gained wisdom by never traveling more than ten kilometers from where he was born. People are people, the word vacation is not synonymous with the word vocation, and all opportunities to travel are l-u-x-u-r-i-e-s.

Bottom line: don’t be a shut-in, and don’t pretend either that travel is an automatic life-enhancer.