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Artists who are able concentrate on their artistic process more than their income potential (e.g. those who are wealthy or are sponging off others or are agreeable to a life of poverty) exist out on the right-hand side of the bell curve illustrated below, with the smallest subset distributed at the far end of the curve because of their ability to support themselves by selling their completed works of art which happen to be popular with consumers (not that an artist seeking to maximize artistic integrity would care about sales) … whereas artists who care most about maximizing their income potential (e.g. those who apply for grants of redistributed plunder or likewise Oppenheimer-esque opportunities of inherently immoral political activism) exist out on the left-hand side of the curve, seeking bureaucratic privilege from the smallest subset distributed at the near end of the curve (i.e. from self-styled philosopher kings/queens) even if such privilege necessitates subverting otherwise free markets by way of duplicitous claims that “everyone neeeeeeeds government for protection and equality and accreditation and junk” (related: research the Mystery Religion significance of the left-hand path).

Artistic bell curve

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