File this under Taking Another Step Toward Insolvency: “YouTube Is Fighting Its Extremist, Child Exploitation Problem With Over 10,000 Content Police Officers [sic]”

With all the tactics for massaging viewership metrics, as though taken straight from a FMSM (Former Mainstream Media) sales department tear sheet, it’s a good thing that no one has a right to prevent those bureaucrats posing as business managers from ruining their individual reputations (recall that the problem stems from Master of Business Bureaucracy graduates pretending to be big shot businessmen/businesswomen who possess an accredited power to do things to consumers … and recall as well that the only honest answer to the question “How many socialist lackeys who believe that the system has their back will come to find a long bureaucracy knife sticking out of that very same back?” is “Every single one of them”).

The doctor posted this entry on Day 401 of WWIII