File this under You Know They’re Desperate When: “In socialist Venezuela, the U.S. dollar becomes king”

Keep in mind that so-called FX (Foreign eXchange) is nothing more than relativism fraud for the so-called Legal Tender which no meatspace avatar or group of individual meatspace avatars ever possesses the authority in the first place to force upon society (note the source … and reall that there is no such thing — private or pretend-otherwise — as a legitimate central bank … and recall as well that for all practical purposes there is not one c-u-next-tuesday hair’s worth of difference between command-style Soviet socialism and zwangswirtschaft-style “Nazi” socialism … and recall as well that empires last only so long as their bureaucratic functionaries can sustain the inflationary fraud & gunboat diplomacy — inflationary fraud being much easier to perpetrate and thereby pretend-fund the gunboat diplomacy when the inflated medium of exchange is some or other by-fiat nothing burger … and recall as well that bureaucratic functionaries within all empires become obligated to trick designated serfs into a false impression that inflationary fraud coupled with gunboat diplomacy reflects verifiable exceptionalism … and recall as well that gold itself has no price which could either rise or fall because all conceivable goods/services are priced in terms of gold weight).

The doctor posted this entry on Day 641 of WWIII