For better or worse, children learn what they’re taught programmed to accept

Here’s an example of the worse: parents who received the same NWO programming when they were children tend to know no better than to teach their own children about the (*cough*) no-foolin’ existence (*cough*) of a reified abstraction known as rights (recall that there are no such things as rights but rather there are meatspace avatars living lives with occasional obligations to remind others that they have no right to interfere in anyone’s life — indeed the whole rights canard amounts to a necessary element of the NWO grift whereby its operatives try to trick gullible meatspace avatars into a false impression that some special philosopher kings/queens have a right to rule over everyone for the sake of portioning out everyone’s so-called rights … and recall as well that liberty bestowed isn’t).

The doctor posted this entry on Day 414 of WWIII