From the department of Untrue But In Any Case Irrelevant: “Governments are Corporations”

Both governments and corporations (as well as sports teams, musical groups, unions, etc.) are mere labels for this or that group of associative meatspace avatars, which is fair enough as far as such freedom of association goes — it is only the pretense of nice & legal authority which makes bureaucratic praxis (and the “persons” those bureaucrats try to protect from market-based consumer regulation) utterly illegitimate (recall that no meatspace avatar or group of individual meatspace avatars could ever possess the requisite authority to create even one binding law … and recall as well that a so-called official Gold Standard has been and would always be just as fraudulent as any Legal Tender regime for the same no-authority-to-create-law reason … and recall as well that gold has no price because all conceivable goods/services are priced in terms of gold weight).

The doctor posted this entry on Day 592 of WWIII