Here’s a better idea: ignore both libertarianism and early cybercurrency crops

To get a handle on the muddleheaded commonality within rhetoric such as that at the other end of this post’s external link, just recall that no one among “those who trusted in it [tulipcoin] early” is “enjoying the rewards it has been sewing” unless they have already taken profits and that no blockchain has an “ability to mine wealth” (recall that the term cryptocurrency represents a NWO mind control talisman intended to trick the gullible into a false sense of cryptography-can-too-make-unsound-currency-more-sound financial security … and recall as well that the first valid cybercurrency will be the one that comes out as the equivalent of an e-certificate for a sound currency that has already become popular as a real-world currencey … and recall as well that the cash you have in your wallet — though unsound as currency — is as encrypted as any cybercurrency by virtue of it being tucked away in your wallet).

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 401 of WWIII