Here’s another headline translation: “Wikipropagandia cries: ‘Shoot the messenger!'”

Are you Useful Idiot enough yet (note the source … and note as well the source’s source … and note as well that the doctor e-declined to offer a link to the originating video because fu*kyoutube … and recall that there is no such thing as either immigration or emigration because no meatspace avatar or group of individual meatspace avatars could ever possess the requisite authority to create even one necessary-for-jurisdictional-boundaries law … and recall as well that pointing fingers of blame toward those whom socialists have impoverished — while insisting on more socialism as a make-believe fix — is a sign of a well-programmed serf … and recall as well that under conditions of 100% free markets very few meatspace avatars would choose to relocate to a region of the planet where they don’t understand the prevailing language because they wouldn’t need to)?

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 582 of WWIII