How about not treating physicians like slaves in the first place?

Recall that a small minority of history’s slaves received preferential treatment, ate & slept in the so-called big house, and even dressed in expensive clothing & jewellery, and then go ahead to the other end of this post’s external link to observe the standard “reform” dodge at work, when meanwhile, the only civilized & cost-minimizing option is and always will be free market health care services (be sure to replace the duplicitous car/gas analogy with an analogy about a consumer getting tricked into thinking that the horse which he or she received as unsolicited compensation for the highway robbery impoverishing them is actually a car — which would then dovetail better with the cutting-back-on-the-plunder analogy whereby lessening the amount of gas that one pumped into a horse’s tank would indeed improve its motor functions … with no gas at all being optimal until consumers clued in to the fact that a free market would have provided them with the car they actually wanted but were prevented from having because fauxthority).