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Topic: are the FMSM and EMSM selling you quality Putin products?

Quick, name the other “hero,” besides the manufactured Snowden character, whom the FMSM (Former Mainstream Media) and EMSM (Emerging Mainstream Media) have been touting lately. His name is a part of the subheading above, so it’s not much of a test.

The FMSM/EMSM are in a bind. Their parade of lies no longer works very well, yet they must continue to grovel to the NWO with make-believe news and green-screen “live reports.” The desperation has become palpable. The marathons have become movie sets.

Somehow, Vladimir Putin of the KGB has become a “hero.” He disagrees with Barack Obama. He pretends to disagree with Barack Obama. The FMSM/EMSM know that people are disillusioned with the one phony, so they reworked a standard election-cycle script to trick people into believing that the other phony is some kind of potential savior. It’s a one-world extravaganza of Hopey-Changey, during which — this time and for what the NWO hopes is the “end of history” last time — the main plot device promises to be a blue helmet.

The NWO handlers agree on a script behind closed doors, and then either hire or hijack talent to perform those scripted “hero” and “villain” roles. The actors themselves aren’t always self-professed leaders of so-called Nation States — sometimes important characters don’t even know that they’ve been scripted onto the Big Lie stage. Jessica Lynch comes to mind, as does David Koresh.

The scripted-hero-scripted-villain strategy is by no means a modern phenomenon. Conquerors always write their own stories for posterity, which is why revisionist historical scholarship remains so vital. Churchill? Lincoln? Others? Is it likely that Josephus revealed The Christ? Was Plato sincere when he insisted that aristocrats like himself are naturally inclined to hold dominion over other men and women?

In the same vein: is either Putin or Obama your buddy?

Sure, Putin doesn’t mind killing to maximize political mileage. He doesn’t mind stealing pensions to showcase continuity of government. He is a Barack Obama — or a Bush, or a Clinton, or any number of “leaders” whose phoniness throughout the centuries has been exemplified by consistency and completeness (recall that the terms leader and follower are nothing but temporal metaphors).

Here’s the playbook: the NWO stays ahead of you by first anticipating your reaction to scripted frauds known as media leaks, and then trotting out another handled actor from its stable to start portraying, as far as you’re concerned, an alternative, a solution. When people start getting wise to a front nicknamed Spookle, everyone starts hearing about how they simply must switch to this other site over here that is totally trustworthy according to people pretending to be in a position to steer choices. The NWO and its historical crime syndicate ancestors have applied a similar strategy to every government ever — it ends up being the broadcasters, the columnists, the criers, the courtiers, who enjoy a steady commission from their advantageous appreciation of laziness among seekers of news. The internet, however, allows people to become their own investigators, so the institutionalized systems of mind control are busy trying to remind everyone that they must continue to consider info-laziness as a virtue.

As any avatar doctissimus from any century could tell you, Vladimir Putin will remain one thing for life: a NWO stooge. Start giving the FMSM and EMSM all the ridicule they deserve.

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Topic: do you PROMIS to admire those so-called media leakers you’re told to admire?

It’s difficult to read the news these days without being bombarded with headlines about NSA domestic and international spying programs. The FMSM (Former Mainstream Media) continue to portray Edward Snowden as a hero, a blower of whistles, a poster-boy savior of all things … FMSM.

Think about these reasons, offered in ascending order of importance to the NWO, that “The Snowden” was manufactured and disseminated:

  • There were actual leakers like Bradley Manning [note: opinion amended] threatening exposure of never-before-seen scandals. Something else had to “steal the thunder” from those legitimate heroes.
  • The FMSM is now stuck with its “Former” qualifier. That old-school propaganda machine needed a “hero journalist” to bring forth a compelling story from the “real deal” global media which would trick the masses into thinking that adding an “F” to “MSM” had been rash, had been a mistake.
  • Companies with nicknames like Spookle and Facespook couldn’t simply claim “Are not!” when faced with mounting evidence — evidence publicized before anyone had ever heard of any “Snowden” character — about hand-in-glove comradeship with spook agencies. The NWO needed a titillating and sensational “scandal” pointing fingers at those specters known as spooks (who are all but impossible to finger in any corporeal way), in order to give a false sense of credibility to important spooked-up companies which, post-Snowden, have come out with a PR blitz about how they are “standing behind consumers in their struggle against government this-n-that.”

Is Snowden even his real name? Is he even a real person? The FMSM has called him both “Eric” and “Edward,” has portrayed him variously as an employee of the CIA, the NSA, Dell, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Eric/Edward Snowden is no hero — he’s not even a leaker of anything that wasn’t already out in the wild — and any understanding of America’s domestic and international spying history is incomplete without looking into the PROMIS scandal.

PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information System) was software that a company called INSLAW created for the Carter administration’s Department of Justice. PROMIS enabled users to track individual cases within the court system by searching through disparate databases. After the DoJ received initial copies of the software, though, it turned around and stole the code, sold it to overseas intelligence agencies, then drove INSLAW into bankruptcy — but not before inserting a backdoor into the software which allowed it to spy on the activities of America’s so-called allies.

Bill and Nancy Hamilton, owners of INSLAW and creators of PROMIS, did not realize that stolen copies of their software existed until they received a call from the RCMP requesting versions in French. INSLAW never sold software to the RCMP, and its investigation into how a foreign law enforcement agency obtained copies led them to take on the DoJ, the White House, and the CIA.

Ed Meese, under guidance from then-president Reagan, was the DoJ stooge who orchestrated the PROMIS theft, and Dr. Earl Brian, one of Reagan’s close associates-in-nefariousness, brokered sales to overseas agencies using BCCI’s help to facilitate payments (remember the fraudulent Bank of Credit and Commerce International?). A man named Michael Riconosciuto was responsible for programming the backdoor into PROMIS. Riconosciuto was an employee of both the CIA and Wackenhut Corporation at the time of the theft, a whiz-kid in engineering and technology who now rots in a US jail cell on trumped-up drug charges that were his reward for signing affidavits to confirm knowledge of and participation in the alteration of INSLAW’s software. Riconosciuto asserted that he helped reverse-engineer the software at Wackenhut’s facility on the Cabazon Indian Reserve, near Indio, California.

Besides spying on foreign military and intelligence agencies, spooks also used PROMIS to track international money laundering transactions [note: the doctor has since self-corrected historical misinformation regarding the nature of so-called money], as well as internet activity, all to better manage the American government’s crime syndicate assets. Keeping in mind connections between Laurel Canyon luciferianism and the Homebrew Computer Club, plus the rise of the PC computer industry in the 1970s and 1980s featuring “whiz-kids” like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, plus CIA-funded activities at the Stanford Research Institute using LSD and other mind-control pharmaceuticals, plus the MIC’s creation of HIV, Gulf War Syndrome and Mad Cow Disease, plus Riconosciuto claims of biological and chemical weapons research at the Cabazon-Wackenhut facility, plus the sudden rise in “mental health issues,” plus the continuing agenda push for “Common Core” subservience toward computers, it isn’t difficult to surmise that PRISM, the current US government data-mining program, is a continuation of the “promise” of PROMIS, and that music festivals like Coachella — which takes place just outside Indio — are giant eugenicist petri dishes.

Indeed, there are direct connections to The Octopus itself. The PROMIS/PRISM story is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Those main players involved in the theft of PROMIS, the creation of PRISM, and other activities surrounding pharma-technocracy fraud make appearances among the most significant moments and movements of the 1960s through 2010’s, including — just to name a few and in no particular order: hippie “counter culture,” Manson Family, Altamont, Erhard Seminars Training, “444 days plus one October Surprise,” Iran-Contra, BCCI, Lennon’s murder, the murder attempt on Reagan, urban “hip hop culture,” Waco, Heaven’s Gate, Oklahoma City, Whitewater, the invasion of Panama, 9/11, SSRI-cide, “The Cloud,” bitcoin, and the recent ramp-up toward war with Syria, war with Iran, and yet another World War. Do you really think Ben Affleck gave you the straight story about hostages in Tehran? Do you really think Ashton Kutcher channeled Jobsian genius? Do you really think you get what Esalen is all about?

There are no heroes in this latest story, either, no Eric/Edward Snowden, no Julian Sands (alias Julian Assange), no Sibel Edmonds, no Sorcha Faal, no Pepe Escobar — none of the commissioned Change Agents paraded in front of the public as noble (liars) and brave (new world) whistleblowers. There is, however, a long list of dead journalists and others who sit in jail for attempting to expose PROMIS/PRISM, starting with Danny Casolaro, Paul Wilcher, Michael Riconosciuto, and Bill Tyree.

They track you and they drug you, and Aldous Huxley was one of them. They are the NWO.

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Topic: when pointing fingers of blame, are you still following NWO orders?

Anyone who believes that proof of fraud within the term “private central bank” is either the word “private” or the word “bank” is someone who has been swindled NWO-style. Try looking instead at the other word.

Has the NWO tricked you into claiming that capital wields influence? Capital itself? Those inanimate objects?

Has the NWO programmed you to believe in the existence of “public” anything? Or even — and what’s more — that such a thing could ever possibly exist?

Try this thought experiment …

  1. Picture a hypothetical terrorist bombing inside some cafe somewhere in the world.
  2. Picture a hypothetical mass murder happening somewhere by way of a car plowing through a crowd of pedestrians.
  3. Picture a hypothetical stabbing fatality in some dark alley.
  4. Picture a hypothetical movie theater shooting with consequent funerals.

If you are NWO-programmed, you would consider one of those hypothetical scenarios as being fundamentally different. You would be demonstrating that you have been tricked successfully into confusion about what’s what.

That’s not even the half of it. A woman or man who insists that there are too such things as “public” this or that is demonstrating that they have been tricked successfully into confusion about what’s what. All wealth, all property, is always under the control of p-r-i-v-a-t-e hands. Every word ever uttered about “creating a public <insert here>” has been either an admission of intent to defraud or an admission of having taken to heart something that would-be fraudsters proposed.

That Park Ranger over there, he’s a private security guard under contract to protect private property from unwanted intrusion. He performs the exact same function as that woman over there wearing the mall cop uniform. A constable on patrol? A bouncer at a nightclub? A soldier with someone in the cross-hairs of her rifle scope? All things are private interests at all times — it’s merely a conjured magnitude of ancient deceit which makes one or another of us lose sight of the bigger picture.

Such is the gossamer veil that protects the NWO and its minion horde. NWO members want control over all wealth. The only way to achieve such a wretched goal, as they themselves concluded many centuries ago, is to convince as many people as possible that the NWO and its corresponding horde are simply stewards of property and not owners to whom the benefits of ownership accrue.

But hey, that’s also not even the half of it. Do you think you own anything whatsoever? You do, of course, own each thing you acquired without defrauding anyone, but the self-professed stewards still claim to have legitimate dibs over it all. Your labor, your house, your gold — your very life — are subject to fabricated confiscation if certain individuals declare that some other things they desire are more important. Your private property becomes a bureaucracy’s private property and then gets redistributed into yet other private hands. The names of the bureaucracies & bureaucrats might change over time, just like there might be changes to the storefronts or the security personnel at the mall. The difference between a bureaucracy and a mall is as follows: only one pretends to be in a position to demand a transfer of property between you and it.

Confused? That’s an indication of how well the programming is doing its job. All cult members will deny that they have been programmed, and the “New World Order” gets programmed into every individual from the time that each is old enough to comprehend words. Recall the previous thought experiment, and consider the following brief discussions:

The hypothetical bombing
“Did you hear about the bombing?”
“I know, who could ever do such a cowardly thing?”

The hypothetical pedestrian massacre
“Did you hear about the guy who ran down all those people?”
“I know, what was that maniac thinking?”

The hypothetical stabbing
“Did you hear about the woman downtown who got stabbed?”
“I know, what kind of scumbag resorts to mugging others?”

The hypothetical mass shooting
“Did you hear about the guy who shot up that movie theater?”
“I know, when are guns going to be banned?”

The programming achieves similar results elsewhere. American “Tea Partiers” and “Occupiers” are outstanding examples. Those who are programmed tend to seek different stewards instead of addressing the actual fraud enslaving them. The “one percenters” and the “ninety-nine percenters” want the same thing — they differ merely on which of them should be empowered to force conformity from others.

Freedom is in no way empowering, and only freedom counts.

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Topic: you say you want a revolution?

Try being less gullible. You are blinded, and you are stumbling into a NWO trap.

Do you consider yourself to be awake to the encroaching one-world tyranny? How much would you be willing to bet on that? If you have concluded that the proper way to defeat the NWO is through revolution, through “People Power,” then you are a partner to the very conspiracy you’ve been tricked into thinking you’re opposing.

You wouldn’t be the first. On smaller scales, literally millions of people have fallen for the same ruses about “order,” “authority,” “change,” and “hope.”

  • 1920: “Kill all the Kulaks.” Those Useful Idiots (as Lenin considered them) were quite wrong about their decision to lend a hand toward committing mass murder.
  • 1938: “Get rid of all the hook-nosed merchants.” More Useful Idiots, German in that case, leading to a similar mass-murderous result.
  • 1966: “Destroy all foreign cultural influences.” Members of the Red Guard were young, they were naive, they were indoctrinated, and they became mass murderers.
  • 1975: “March them all out of the cities and into the killing fields.” The Khmer Rouge understood that by recruiting the youngest teens capable of wielding Kalashnikiovs, it would be that much easier to commit mass murder against intellectuals both real and imagined (pretty much anyone wearing eyeglasses).

Those don’t even cover every example from the 20th century, and there are dozens more centuries to consider. All who were tricked into becoming Useful Idiots had one thing in common: they were confident in their conclusions about the evils afflicting their lives.

Your revolutionary confidence, like theirs, is misguided. There are those within the NWO who are calling you, word for word, a Useful Idiot. Revolutionaries are u-s-e-f-u-l to the NWO, it wants global revolution.

A con man’s success doesn’t come from taking away your confidence. A con man succeeds because he tricks you into believing that his confidence is a reflection of your own. Agitprop is a tool of trade for NWO con artists. If you believe that current world crises stem from the banksters, or the immigrants, or the corporations, or the stoners, or the Big Pharm pushers, then you have been tricked NWO-style. Crime syndicates like the MIC are mere symptoms of a greater and more terrible crime syndicate.

The very definition of the word revolution guarantees that things will end up right where they started. Try being less gullible.

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