Of course they are

Such a mind control agenda is the very raison d’etre for media fabrications like The SnwodenFAKE-TM and Wikileaks — it’s called acclimatizing NWO-designated animals to their new cages because previous (*cough*) nurturing (*cough*) agendas were unsatisfactory for those who are the equivalent of the Stanford Prison Experiment’s role-playing guards (i.e. for the dialectics-programmed bureaucrats who […]

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This is mostly good stuff

Go ahead and ignore the author’s suggestion that The SnwodenFAKE-TM has ever been anything other than a NWO attempt to fabricate & entrench a stooge as a make-believe savior of the masses that is in actuality a front for future EMSM (Emerging Mainstream Media) disinformation tactics (i.e. is in actuality a “Since you’re awake enough […]

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Speaking of The SnwodenFAKE-TM

Note the avatar st jimmy’s supplemental thread comment regarding apparent coverup operations at a forum associated with the Paul political dynasty (try to forgive the source thread’s choice of thread-hosting domain … and recall what a character named John Yossarian had to say about witnessing a Snowden spill his guts). https://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?p=1062898952

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Here’s another duh-level faux revelation from the media fabrication known as The SnwodenFAKE-TM

It’s a bitter lesson: the vast majority of meatspace avatars are IT newbies parroting NWO memes like “Google it” and “Skype me” while pretending — again because of NWO programming — that it’s possible for a meatspace avatar to exist in cyberspace (note as well the source). http://investmentwatchblog.com/snowden-bitter-lesson-when-any-government-conceals-knowledge-of-vulnerabilities-in-common-software-those-vulns-will-be-found-and-used-by-enemies

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<sardonicism>No one knew any of that, of course, before The SnwodenFAKE-TM blessed the world with another sagacious revelation</sardonicism>

<sardonicism>In fact, each of those three heroes is totally awake and trying to warn you about Deeeeeeeep Staaaaaaate</sardonicism> (note as well the source). http://investmentwatchblog.com/edward-snowden-on-twitter-right-or-wrong-if-a-spy-agency-via-any-method-intercepts-copies-or-otherwise-reviews-your-communications-they-have-spied-on-you

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From the department of Who The Fu*k Didn’t Already Know That?: “Leaked CIA Documents Show Government Intentionally Creates Digital Vulnerabilities, then Intentionally Leaves Them Open … Leaving Us Exposed and Insecure”

Anyone who thinks that something isn’t officially believable until a Wikileaks/Assange or a The SnwodenFAKE-TM pretends to reveal it is quite lost in life — lost enough to buy into the very one-world agenda for which the NWO sets up such disinformation agents. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2017/03/leaked-cia-documents-show-government-intentionally-created-vulnerabilities-intentionally-left-open-exploited.html

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<sardonicism>Will wonders from The SnwodenFAKE-TM ever cease to amaze?</sardonicism>

Such (*cough*) genuine heroes (*cough*) also urge you to use your words instead of your fists … because, you know, <sardonicism>no one ever considered that before</sardonicism> (related: how can meatspace avatars access their faculties of critical thought when the Age of Aquarius demands that everyone abandon their ego for the sake of We?). https://www.scribblrs.com/snowden-censorship-not-answer-fake-news

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