Who remembers this post?

The doctor must e-make a slight correction to e-state that the dump part of the pump & dump will come when millions of suckers agree to accept six-figure-per tulipcoin in exchange for their actual labor effort (bottom line: the Gold 2.0 disguise for Jekyll Island 2.0 is insufficient — so now all the hype is […]

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Who remembers this informative post?

Make no mistake: after enough middle-income earners (i.e. those who comprise the bulk of sellers on sites like craigslist.com and ebay.com) start pretending that they’ve become NWO-vanquishing (*cough*) cryptocurrency (*cough*) geniuses, millions will lose their proverbial shirt as the price of their precious plummets toward far less than they thought they were getting while engaged […]

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The NWO’s strategy for programming a new generation of Useful Idiots into doublethink is becoming clear

To paraphrase the repurposed agitprop: “Flee toward (*cough*) government-cannot-control-it (*cough*) tulipcoin even as you beg government to make your (*cough*) social media (*cough*) into a space that is safe from anything lacking government approval” (note as well the source). https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2017/12/the-government-must-wake-up-to-the-danger-of-fake-news-before-its-too-late

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Will you believe the bit-accusers?

Hey, all you bought-into-tulipcoin suckers, try actually auditing those ledgers instead of parroting hubris-speak about the supposed safety of auditable ledgers (imagine the transaction fees associated with regularly-audited blockchain currency). http://bitraped.com

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Here’s a better idea: ignore both libertarianism and early cybercurrency crops

To get a handle on the muddleheaded commonality within rhetoric such as that at the other end of this post’s external link, just recall that no one among “those who trusted in it [tulipcoin] early” is “enjoying the rewards it has been sewing” unless they have already taken profits and that no blockchain has an […]

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Straight from the And If You Believe That One files: “Bitcoin crushing US dollar & governments can do nothing to stop it — Max Keiser”

The tulipcoin marketing spiel is becoming quite desperate (note the source … and note as well the author whose so-called celebrity exchange was behind the curve of what the doctor’s closest meatspace avatar acquaintance was pitching in the early 1990s … and recall the fact that encryption cannot make a cybercurrency more sound than any […]

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An email to the doctor, citing this post, asserts tongue-in-cheek that “tulipcoin is too as valuable as gold!” (hyperlink e-added but emphasis retained from the original email)

Uh-huh … that must be why so many cybercurrency hawkers pretend that calling them cryptocurrencies increases their soundness as currency — and it also must be why so many sites dedicated to cybercurrency feature images of coins which look an awful lot like gold (bottom line: it’s a transhumanist scrip-grift — so don’t be a […]

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No, it ain’t (although that is in no way a Doctissimus @ Port Urla endoresement of tulipcoin)

Nothing stores value, for value is both subjective and variable — not only from meatspace avatar to meatspace avatar but also from each individual’s temporal moment to temporal moment (e.g. someone lost in the desert and near death from dehydration would value plentiful-elsewhere water over any currency whether sound like gold or unsound like cybercurrency-disguised-as-sound-through-encryption). […]

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 360 of WWIII