Straight from the And If You Believe That One files: “Bitcoin crushing US dollar & governments can do nothing to stop it — Max Keiser”

The tulipcoin marketing spiel is becoming quite desperate (note the source … and note as well the author whose so-called celebrity exchange was behind the curve of what the doctor’s closest meatspace avatar acquaintance was pitching in the early 1990s … and recall the fact that encryption cannot make a cybercurrency more sound than any […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 397 of WWIII

An email to the doctor, citing this post, asserts tongue-in-cheek that “tulipcoin is too as valuable as gold!” (hyperlink added but emphasis retained from the original email)

Uh-huh … that must be why so many cybercurrency hawkers pretend that calling them cryptocurrencies increases their soundness as currency — and it also must be why so many sites dedicated to cybercurrency feature images of coins which look an awful lot like gold (bottom line: it’s a transhumanist scrip-grift — so don’t be a […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 360 of WWIII

No, it ain’t (although that is in no way a Doctissimus @ Port Urla endoresement of tulipcoin)

Nothing stores value, for value is both subjective and variable — not only from meatspace avatar to meatspace avatar but also from each individual’s temporal moment to temporal moment (e.g. someone lost in the desert and near death from dehydration would value plentiful-elsewhere water over any currency whether sound like gold or unsound like cybercurrency-disguised-as-sound-through-encryption). […]

The doctor posted this entry on Day 360 of WWIII

Now comes the cashless long con’s end phase known as the grifter sting (as in The Sting)

<sardonicism>Bankers are to blame for all your misery, and the “age of prosperity can be found in a Blockchain script”</sardonicism> … as if (take note all you tulipcoin marks that you’re aiding & abetting the NWO on top of being laughable newbies).

The doctor posted this entry on Day 350 of WWIII

Purchasing citizenship: is that how desperate tulipcoin marks have become in their risible attempt (aside: similar to Morgan-style propaganda regarding so-called new & popular Federal Reserve Notes) to call an unsound currency sound?

What’s worse: suddenly these Useful Idiots are doing even more than that to aid & abet the cashless NWO — namely, they’re trying to convince gullible meatspace avatars that purchasing so-called citizenship is laudable (recall that there are no such things as citizens because no meatspace avatar or group of individual meatspace avatars could ever […]

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Attention, gullible media consumers: tulipcoin most definitely does not have a backing of gold or any other commodity which constitutes the required real-wealth element of a sound currency

The hype-it-until-serfs-demand-that-other-serfs-follow-suit grift continues, just like it persisted during Earth’s era of collectivized inflationary fraud connecting that infamous Jekyll Island incident and the day of this post (note the source and recall that a so-called Gold Standard represents yet another collectivism grift designed to trick naive meatspace avatars into a false impression that they are […]

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From the department of Never Pile In Until So Many Others Are Doing So That It Looks Safe: “Fretting over savings, Mrs Watanabe turns to bitcoin”

<sardonicism>C’mon now, don’t let Mrs. Watanabe get the better of your investing genius</sardonicism> (note the source and recall that any tulipcoin hoard represents precisely zero savings because unsound currency — don’t let Keynesian scum use psychological manipulation against you … there are no fiscal animal spirits but rather there are meatspace avatars allowing the NWO […]

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