** Doctissimus Emendator **

Topic: are the FMSM and EMSM selling you quality Putin products?

Quick, name the other “hero,” besides the manufactured Snowden character, whom the FMSM (Former Mainstream Media) and EMSM (Emerging Mainstream Media) have been touting lately. His name is a part of the subheading above, so it’s not much of a test.

The FMSM/EMSM are in a bind. Their parade of lies no longer works very well, yet they must continue to grovel to the NWO with make-believe news and green-screen “live reports.” The desperation has become palpable. The marathons have become movie sets.

Somehow, Vladimir Putin of the KGB has become a “hero.” He disagrees with Barack Obama. He pretends to disagree with Barack Obama. The FMSM/EMSM know that people are disillusioned with the one phony, so they reworked a standard election-cycle script to trick people into believing that the other phony is some kind of potential savior. It’s a one-world extravaganza of Hopey-Changey, during which — this time and for what the NWO hopes is the “end of history” last time — the main plot device promises to be a blue helmet.

The NWO handlers agree on a script behind closed doors, and then either hire or hijack talent to perform those scripted “hero” and “villain” roles. The actors themselves aren’t always self-professed leaders of so-called Nation States — sometimes important characters don’t even know that they’ve been scripted onto the Big Lie stage. Jessica Lynch comes to mind, as does David Koresh.

The scripted-hero-scripted-villain strategy is by no means a modern phenomenon. Conquerors always write their own stories for posterity, which is why revisionist historical scholarship remains so vital. Churchill? Lincoln? Others? Is it likely that Josephus revealed The Christ? Was Plato sincere when he insisted that aristocrats like himself are naturally inclined to hold dominion over other men and women?

In the same vein: is either Putin or Obama your buddy?

Sure, Putin doesn’t mind killing to maximize political mileage. He doesn’t mind stealing pensions to showcase continuity of government. He is a Barack Obama — or a Bush, or a Clinton, or any number of “leaders” whose phoniness throughout the centuries has been exemplified by consistency and completeness (recall that the terms leader and follower are nothing but temporal metaphors).

Here’s the playbook: the NWO stays ahead of you by first anticipating your reaction to scripted frauds known as media leaks, and then trotting out another handled actor from its stable to start portraying, as far as you’re concerned, an alternative, a solution. When people start getting wise to a front nicknamed Spookle, everyone starts hearing about how they simply must switch to this other site over here that is totally trustworthy according to people pretending to be in a position to steer choices. The NWO and its historical crime syndicate ancestors have applied a similar strategy to every government ever — it ends up being the broadcasters, the columnists, the criers, the courtiers, who enjoy a steady commission from their advantageous appreciation of laziness among seekers of news. The internet, however, allows people to become their own investigators, so the institutionalized systems of mind control are busy trying to remind everyone that they must continue to consider info-laziness as a virtue.

As any avatar doctissimus from any century could tell you, Vladimir Putin will remain one thing for life: a NWO stooge. Start giving the FMSM and EMSM all the ridicule they deserve.