As the doctor was known to e-say, recall the origins of Young Turks

Get these two things straight: political activism is inherently immoral, and seeking power over other people is a sign of being a failure at life. Indeed, there is dangerous kayfabe crossover among actors (never trust an actor for they have literal training in getting audiences to suspend disbelief), politicians (’nuff said) and professional wrestlers (who are the kayfabe triad’s morality maximum since they admit to being all about superficial entertainment).

Note: America was indeed founded on colonialism — by the time of the NWO coup disguised as revolution there where thirteen c-o-l-o-n-i-e-s.

Special note: no person or group could ever possess the authority to create so-called jurisdictional borders — so all you nationalist failures at life need to either present evidence which proves that some people are authorized to create laws which everyone else must then obey (no one in all of history has been able to do that — instead inherently immoral political activists rely on rhetorical fraud by uttering risible phrases like “Divine Right” and “destiny”), or else get over your weak-minded desire for interpersonal power.

With hope that you will overcome your NWO-programmed ignorance,

The Intern
The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 856 of WWIII