<sardonicism>Vendor lock-in is what consumers demand</sardonicism>

The doctor e-suspects that the company nicknamed Applebyte made a deal with one particular manufacturer of graphics cards to e-compromise competing graphics formats in exchange for discounts which will make Applebyte products seem less outrageously overpriced — which is fair enough as that goes, but developers facing refactoring or complete rewrites are going to have a snowflake-worthy fit (note that the doctor e-declined to offer a link to the originating news release because Applebyte … and note as well that the most cogent comment regarding the article at the other end of this post’s external link is “I deprecated Apple long ago” … and recall that within a healthy economy only consumers count for anything — which in this case means developers consuming under-the-hood resources e-baked into a specific computing platform).


The doctor posted this entry on Day 582 of WWIII