She “… didn’t have any money [sic] to make a choice”

She blames markets, though, when the actual cause is socialism — typical for someone who has yet to overcome their NWO programming (note the reprehensible source … and recall that the only way to maximize employment opportunities is a free market — anything else amounts to Keynesian make-work fraud … and recall as well that the reason why poverty & homelessness have been worsening most decidedly ain’t due to markets getting all the time freer & freer — because the exact opposite of that has been happening … and recall as well that a key NWO swindle is to trick designated serfs into a false impression that the way toward improving their standard of living is to beg bureaucracy for an allowance as a child would beg a parent … and recall as well that anyone who believes simultaneously that mercantilists/corporatists love free markets while despising the market-hampering regulations which their supposedly owned goverernments pile up by the thousands is immersed in Orwellian doublethink … and remember to boycott as consumers any business whose management you think is treating its producer-employees like crap — no business manager is entitled to be an abusive consumer of employment contracts any more than a diner is entitled to be an abusive consumer of restaurant services).

The doctor posted this entry on Day 641 of WWIII