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Topic: do they know it’s eugenics?

Twenty-nine years ago this month, one of the top songs on radio station playlists was “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid, a collection of British musicians that included Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. Citing the famine that NWO trade restrictions were causing in Ethiopia, Bob and Midge convinced a number of their friends, including members of Duran Duran, Culture Club, and U2, to record a song for the starving Africans. Not to be outdone, American musicians such as Harry Belafonte, Michael Jackson, and Lionel Ritchie produced their own Ethiopian charity song called “We Are The World.” Bryan Adams and David Foster then wrote a little ditty called “Tears Are Not Enough” for Canadian musicians to record. A shiny video accompanied each song, designed to make the adoring public go “Awwwwwwww” as they watched narcissists pretend to put aside their petty differences for one day.

In case the onslaught of holiday-guilt songs wasn’t enough to pry money out of the public’s hands [note: the doctor has since self-corrected historical misinformation regarding the nature of so-called money], promoters set up a concert for July 1985 to keep the [so-called] money flowing. Live Aid featured two concerts on the same day, one in London and one in Philadelphia, with many of the same artists from the recorded songs as well as others who wanted to jump on the narcissist bandwagon. The singles and concerts spawned an entire musical “aid” movement, including Farm Aid, Hear n’ Aid, Sun City and, more recently, Bono’s One charity (the name approximates the percentage of donations that actually go toward helping people). Twenty years after Live Aid, Geldof used the anniversary to promote Live 8, a series of charity concerts to be held around the world in conjuntion with a G8 summit in Scotland, all billed as a celebratory remedy for global poverty. Yeah, exactly.

Meahwhile, a subsequent investigation into the Live Aid concerts revealed that much of the $140+ million dollars raised went to purchase not food but rather weapons for a rebel group engaged in the Ethiopian conflict. Bob Geldof, “please address him as Sir” by this point after being knighted for his toady actions, was vehement about his denial of all accusations. Recently, critics also exposed Bono’s One charity, with revelations that only one percent of funds raised has been going to charity. The remainder goes to employee salaries and oh-so padded expense accounts, and that right there is how the non-profit game is played.

Why do massive fundraising scams for “global poverty/famine/climate” continue to swindle the public? The answer lies in the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control program. Starting in the 1950’s, the CIA began producing slaves with undetectable mind control programming by using many of the torture and trauma-based techniques they gleaned from the success of Germany’s National Socialist scientific experimentation during WWII. Spooks used mind control slaves for a variety of purposes: as assassins, as couriers of sensitive political information, and as sexual servants. Many of these slaves ended up in Hollywood, programmed to perform as propaganda-spouting puppets, completely under the control of their handlers.

USO shows entertaining troops overseas, which for many decades MI6 agent Bob Hope helped to produce and perform, are the most obvious examples of using Hollywood mind control slaves for intelligence activities. Hope not only carried coded messages between NWO agents acting as “leaders” of various nation states, he also controlled up and coming sex kitten slaves including Marilyn Monroe, Ann Margaret, and Brooke Shields.

Now that the NWO has fine-tuned its promotional engine for Celebrity With A Cause-Du-Jour, it bombards everyone with slicker and slicker campaigns to “save” all sorts of things. Bono wants you to hand over [so-called] money for climate change. Geldof insists there’s another famine in Africa. Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz want you to give up guns. Leonardo DiCaprio wants you to pretend that polar bears are sweltering. Angelina Jolie wants you to chop off your breasts. George Clooney wants you to save Darfur from … something.

Remember: each supports an agenda more sinister than what is being sold to the audience.