The doctor only e-scanned the piece at the other end of this post’s external link, but its thesis seems to be coming from a place that the doctor can e-describe as Yup

Any corporation is, of course, just a mechanism for organizing meatspace avatars that are working toward a paid-to-share-it goal — the nice & legal limited liability for a given corporation’s management is what amounts to socialist fraud of the corporatism variety (recall that the only ethical or efficacious market regulators are consumers … and recall as well that only a fool focuses on what everyone is doing to earn an income because each meatspace avatar experiences the vast majority of life — even while at work producing things for market — consuming things already available from various markets … and recall as well that the only way to maximize producer competition for both consumer expenditures and skilled employees is a free market … and recall as well that the thing which corporatists fear more than anything else they can imagine is becoming obligated to compete within free markets).

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