The term Capitalist Nationalization is an oxymoron

Keep one thing straight in your mind: there is no practical difference between Soviet-style command socialism and “Nazi”-style zwangswirtschaft socialism. Socialism is about nothing more than the fantastical attempt (indeed psychotic) to use government as a tool for getting more out of economic activity than is possible without government intervention. As such, it doesn’t matter whether a person is calling for government to enact rent controls or so-called living wages or tariffs or bailouts — it’s all socialism, and it always leads toward worse economic conditions. Worse than the worse economic conditions, those responsible for enacting it all will eventually (when the long con becomes too obvious to conceal) try to kill two proverbial birds with one fraudulent stone by tricking people whom they designate as serfs into blaming everything on “others” (e.g. “The 1%” or “Foreigners”) while simultaneously mongering by way of slick propaganda for a serf cull disguised as revolution or war.

NWO operatives throughout the centuries have accepted the task of creating an artificial dichotomy among designated serfs before using kayfabe theater to keep them interested only in eliminating the “other” side of that artificial dichotomy. Donald Trump, for example, is a s-o-c-i-a-l-i-s-t (of the corporatist/mercantilist variety).

With hope that you will overcome your NWO-programmed ignorance,

The Intern
The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 850 of WWIII