Wow, what a bunch of horse sh*t

This second-hand garbage almost merits a domain demotion into Doctissimus @ Port Urla’s note-the-source category — just ask North American descendents of Europeans, many of whom are screaming for walls to be built, how bad it was that their ancestors were able to migrate (recall that there is no such thing as either immigration or emigration because no meatspace avatar or group of individual meatspace avatars could ever possess the requisite authority to create even one necessary-for-jurisdictional-boundaries law … and recall as well that only socialism and its corollary conditions of institutionalized parasitism could ever negate the positive effects of unlimited migration for the sake of economic liberty … and recall as well that NWO operatives are fond of lying about so-called population bombs … and recall as well that a psy-op featuring forced marches & spook assets & agents provocateur & stats-inflating bureaucrats & complicit media does not an invasion make … and recall as well that under conditions of 100% free markets very few meatspace avatars would choose to relocate to a region of the planet where they don’t understand the prevailing language because they wouldn’t need to … and recall as well this Friedrich von Hayek quote: “To be controlled in our economic pursuits means to be controlled in everything.” — the “controlled” part signifying the We-danger which is always against “our” individual interest).

The doctor e-posted this entry on Day 703 of WWIII