Yes, Mr. “Durden” — the so-called bottom of the pyramid is indeed trapped within a false dichotomy

The pyramid, by the way, is also false, imagined by those who can’t help but pretend that climbing atop material aggregation sets one above others. The pyramid is the pile of gold, the Smaug hoard, the ruthless relinquishment of self respect for the sake of maximized self esteem. Most of those who see themselves at the so-called bottom are desperate to believe that they are not affected by any kind of Mystery Religion grift but rather are justified in playing a victim-of-money card — and as a result they waltz right into their designated serf cage, and thereby end up suffering from a lack of both self esteem and self respect.

Still, Mr. “Durden” is correct about the implication that low self esteem coupled with low self respect leads to extreme and often violent outbursts (enabled by Mystery Religion lackeys known as politicians & pundits). When blood starts running through the streets, those currently on the underdog side of the false dichotomy call it revolution, while those pretending to be the current Top Dog Smaug insist that a Civil War is dividing what would otherwise be a perfect Union …

… and thus is the Mystery Religion cycle renewed like the Ouroboros, as designated serfs get culled while blaming “the other side” and self-styled Philosopher Kings/Queens pretend that Nature is doing its thing. If you want to break the cycle, never forget the most important lesson of your life: political activism is inherently immoral — only economic activism is ever justified or effective.

Addendum: don’t make the mistake of thinking that economic activism involves maximizing your return on investment by going along with financial grifts which are merely embedded within the Mystery Religion long con — invest only in those things which you conclude will counter the schemes of self-styled Philosopher Kings/Queens who pretend to possess the authority to create laws and define everyone’s medium of exchange and control the supply of that medium (e.g. got gold?).

With hope that you will overcome your NWO-programmed ignorance,

The Intern
The Intern e-posted this entry on Day 851 of WWIII